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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by teddy.bear, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. R_m_k

    R_m_k Forum Greenhorn

    There should be an interface where we can see the type and number of barns and trees installed in our farm.
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  2. Laurelei

    Laurelei Forum Great Master

    As near as I can tell, I need to finish the Eerie arboretum quests to get what I need to upgrade my new arboretums. Therefore it is particularly annoying that we have to wait a month and half since the last Moonlight Mania.

    Moonlight Mania should be a monthly phenomenon.
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  3. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Expert

    The builder has been ruined. It used to remember my choices so if I wanted to put, eg. rare trees or searched for a specific word it would remember that as long as I close the builder . But now if I want to plant, say, magnolia trees, I search for magnolia, find the base trees, plant them, the builder closes automatically. I have to open the builder again, search for magnolia, to find the upgrades and plant them.

    The same thing happens with the menageries and arboretums. It used to remember what I search for and you could put several stables in from the same search. But now I wanted to put eight guinea pigs in the menagerie. I search for guinea, plant one stable. It has forgotten I searched for guinea, so I have to search again. I plant stable two. It has forgotten I searched for guinea, so I have to search again. I plant stable three. This times eight gets REALLY annoying.
  4. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Expert

    Today the builder is broken in yet another way. I searched for elm trees, then I searched for three other sort of trees, including filbert trees but it still remembers the elm trees and shows them to me by default. I closed the builder and opened it again, now it shows me filbert trees no matter how many other trees I searched for after filbert trees.

    Edit: I went to the builder on the Bahamarama side and now it remembers sakura trees although it's not even a bahamarama tree. It also remembers the sakura search if I go to the stable builder side, or the decorations builder side.
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  5. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Expert

    Today I wanted to put pear trees in three arboretums and I had to search for pear 24 times. WHY was this changed? Who thought this would be a good idea?
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  6. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Master

    I agree that the builder function is getting worse to work with. I have had the same problems . . . it is especially annoying that it remembers a previous search, but not the last one. I was expecting that there would be continuous improvement when Flashplayer went away. Instead, it seems like different/new problems keep popping up. I doubt many new players stick around with all of the glitches. I wish the developers would focus on fixing the glitches instead of anything else.

    In the old Farmerama, I obsessively tried to finish every event. In this version, I am bothering with them less and less, and spending less time on my farm. Maybe I should thank you!

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  7. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    The Builder feature been having several Issues for a while now i am disappointed that it has not been fixed yet, it is more trouble than it worth so cumbersome so annoying spoiling the fun of Farmerama

    We not had any postings or apologies when this will be fixed we all entitled for some compensation, Big Point normally award us with Bonus Code....I having to notice we not had a Bonus Code for some time now .....These issues seem to be getting worse

    There are still quiet a few other glitches we have to Endure :oops::oops:
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  8. Laurelei

    Laurelei Forum Great Master

    For me the last few days the client in general has become completely useless again. If this was supposed to be the saving grace over the clunky, slow web based version, it is getting worse not better. Today I can't even see how long my crops have left, the gift popups are weird and glitchy, the farmwheel is super slow, F5 isn't even doing anything and, as stated by many here, the builder, search, gifting and other menu functions are inconsistent and often don't work at all until you reset, sometimes multiple times, which I can't seem to do today at all. It's been a rough year without much compensation, explanation, communication or concern for your clients, BP.
  9. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Expert

    Things are not getting registered on the client today. I click something and nothing happens, or maybe the sunflowers happen. If I log out and log in again it may or may not have been getting done. Everything is super slow and I can't get in the map to go anywhere but the main field.
  10. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Active Author

    I just want to say THANK YOU! to BP for today's daily gift: 25 green wheel spins! Very much appreciated.
  11. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    It is Very Silly how, during 'Happy Workshop Day' some workshops are Increased to Nine Hours!
    This is especially bad for the Moonlight Workshops!
  12. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    David, I Agree it makes no sense to increase All workshops under 9 hours to be increased to 9 Hours

    All Moonlight Workshops should be exempt from Happy Workshop Day.

    In general view using Workshops Specially non Moonlight Workshops, During Happy Workshop Days, that Many Workshops require 1 Animal Feed + 2 or more Animals

    if you taken into risen cost of Animal Feeds and Animals in the Markets, The cost of producing Workhops exceed the cost of Products you buy in the markets, if you do not use or take advantage Workshop or Harvest Boosters that boost Workshop Productivity .....Then Happy Workshop Day Event is pointless otherwise :p

    I dont have any Pink Workshops in my Barn, they are very hard and expensive to build I do not see the point of them in my Farming Tactics

    I am currently stocking up Spooky Goods to Build Spooky Workshops such as Slime Mill or Fairy Wand Boutique the more of these you have the more effective is Workshop and Harvester Booster Buffs
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  13. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    Re the Pink workshops: TWO items produced. In the case of certain animals (for me, specifically, it's cuckoos), I never plunked down a workshop (or rather, filled a spot in a manufactory) until I got the pink upgrade. The sheer number of animals required, seemed to demand that I at least harvest TWO items, rather than one.
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  14. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Master

    THANK YOU TEDDY BEAR for the index. I know that was a huge amount of work and it was something I had really missed from the earlier forum.

    Don't get your face too messy from all the treats I'm leaving you . . . chocolate, gummi bears, chocolate, cupcakes, chocolate, anything your heart desires!
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  15. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend


    And thank you Solatido for making me look for the Index you mention. Thank you Teddy Bear! :inlove:
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  16. elimeno

    elimeno Forum Overlooker

    I have said this before that certain prizes dont belong on the party wheel. The party wheel is supposed to be high level prizes. I am very hard-pressed to buy those tickets when I have gotten 8 in a row of yellow and orange stable. At level 225...that's absurd. Not to mention I can plant an entire walnut forest.
  17. Shimmer

    Shimmer Forum Veteran

    I just want to say THANK YOU to the game team for the museums. I have long since run out of space for EP givers, this will help.
  18. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Duke

    Thank you for the engaging Moonlight content! The Squidling is adorable, and the title of the new quest, This is Spinalwood, will bring a laugh to those of us who are of a certain age. Someone has a great sense of humour!
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  19. Noelle20001

    Noelle20001 Forum Duke

    I can't say I'm enthralled with the "Magic on the beach" neighbor gift. A limited charge item worth only 2688 EP each of the 20 times it can be harvested. If any of my neighbors read this, please send me pheromones instead.
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  20. elimeno

    elimeno Forum Overlooker