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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by shooger.sweet, Dec 9, 2020.

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  1. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    I'm surprised the standalone client isn't available on Mac given how popular Apple products are. Why make something only available for half your players? Unity hasn't worked well for me so I'm hanging onto Flash until it goes and then I'll be using up my harvest helper coupons. Once they're gone, so am I if Unity isn't working properly. It's disappointing that so many people seem to be having success with the standalone client when I can't even get access to it and therefore may have to leave the game after 11 years.
  2. BluetoothSK11

    BluetoothSK11 Forum Apprentice

    It's not on Linux either and it's also quite popular + it's superior to any other OS
  3. BlackCaviar

    BlackCaviar Count Count

    Only doing minimal stuff on my farm now. Gift giving to neighbors is a hassle. Magic tree shows up with the ready to harvest triangle but looks as if it has already been plucked. Loading time is long per page and often results in a game that does not respond correctly. Having the game "pick up" to move a tree when all I want to do is harvest it is a pain. Having to click on a map locating twice to get in is a pain. Cloud rows load extremely slow. I haven't even tried some of the things others are having trouble with because I don't need that frustration to "play" a game.
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  4. Laurelei

    Laurelei Forum Connoisseur

    Can't open crates. My crates are stacking up because there doesn't seem to be a way to open them. I click the button and nothing happens. If I leave the window open and walk away and come back, sometimes it works but I can't wait minutes for each crate.

    Gift Giving is a pain with the new format.

    After the latest update and since a new event is starting today, the game seems to have crashed entirely. Is this going to be how every event and update proceed, with all of us locked out for several hours while devs figure it out? Stellar job, not.

    Now that Flash is gone, these kinds of issues are becoming largely annoying very quickly. I'm seeing neighbors drop like flies. Epic Fail.
  5. nm56

    nm56 Forum Duke

    If you try to buy anything in the market you will probably experience the same thing. When you click on the item you want to buy it appears to do nothing because the game is "developmentally delayed". I saw some things I wanted to buy to donate to quests but gave up because of the amount of time it took.
  6. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Exceptional Talent

    Gifting is back the way it used to be! How wonderful!
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  7. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    The Standalone client has improved. It feels and looks more like Flash than Unity in any browser I try. I appreciate the F5 refresh option rather than multiple log outs and in. The number of times it has frozen has significantly decreased :) It remain my best option to play.

    A few tweaks would help it tremendously:

    It often takes multiple clicks to do anything, i.e. opening fields on the farm map, opening gift log, sending gifts, cloud row harvest, etc

    Please restore the ability to use the Enter key to confirm actions. There is way too much clicking and it is not only time consuming but also hard on my hands ;) Donating to farm orders is particularly aggravating as each customer has 4 deliveries to make.

    Please restore the feature that when you are inventory to use trees, stables, decorations or consumables that it returns to where you left off instead of back at the beginning. More clicking :( The speed at which the tabs advance when clicking to get back to where you were is so fast that it hurts my eyes and also means it is easy to overlook where I want to be and can go too far prompting me to have to click more to backtrack :(

    Please consider a customized zoom feature so we can opt for the perfect size for our screens and playing preference. One size is too small and the next zoom % is too large and the bottom of the farm is cut off.

    None of these things are deal breakers for me but they are uncomfortable and the repairs would enhance my enjoyment immensely.
  8. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Exceptional Talent

    I second the request for the Enter key. Everything else I can live with, and be patient about, until bigger issues are fixed, but not having the enter key is a MAJOR deal.
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  9. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Veteran

    I have been using the client exclusively since the beginning of the new year. It has improved steadily. THANK YOU! to the techs for all they have done to fix things! Especially helpful is the restoration of the F5 key.

    If I were to choose my one 'grrrrrr' moment that remains, it is that when you click on an item in the farmer's market and the purchase window pops up, if another farmer has beaten you to the punch and purchased that item, the window says the item has been sold (okay, fine), but then the window will not go away and the "loading flower of death" will not go away and now you know why I'm so very thankful for the F5 key's restored functionality, because a complete reboot is necessary to get back to the business of shopping for the farm.

    Oh yeah, a second THANK YOU! is in order to whomever restored the gifting window to the Flash one. So much easier to read and to send gifts, etc. Much appreciated.
  10. BonbonQueen

    BonbonQueen Active Author

    I wish I could refresh the stand alone, without having to close the game (and reopen). The standalone doesn't stay active to clear all fields. I have to go in and out to get it done.

    When I am opening crates, the game kicks back to the start of consumables after each crate opening! Click click click click click click so tired of repositioning to a place where it used to stay in the old adobe.

    I don't like that there is always a text box floating on top of what I need to see. If my mouse is anywhere on the field there will be a text box. I had it set not to do that and it seems I don't have a choice in the standalone/unity. SO BUSY!!!!

  11. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Exceptional Talent

    There have been so many improvements, for which I am very grateful! But now, when typing an IGM, the cursor moves about halfway down the page, and it is impossible to see what is being typed. Thankfully, the ability to edit is back, so I can go back and fix any typos, but it's disconcerting. Certainly not high up in the list of "please fix" but it's there.
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  12. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Junior Expert

    If you hide the event clock bar it leaves a white circle behind.
  13. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Pretty disgusted actually that they've just straight up stopped development on a Mac standalone client.

    Who exactly were they talking to when they decided most Mac players "could play"? Being able to get into the game isn't the same as being able to play smoothly and effectively. Sure, I can harvest my farms - if I have a harvest helper coupon and an hour of free time a day. And the audacity to blame it on old hardware - funnily enough, my hardware works just fine on every other website, program, system, whatever.

    I've been here for 11 years. I'd say it hurts ~edit~, but after a while you just don't feel the punches any more, and BP have been hitting away for years. I'll use up my coupons and then I'm out.

    Funny, u completely killed our fun farming, BP.

    Edit: genuinely not sure what the edit was for. I can't see a single forum rule I broke. I've been very careful the last 5 years to follow the rules to a t. Guess I won't miss the censorship, either.
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  14. Lily1990

    Lily1990 Forum Greenhorn

    I have a Mac, I can't play either and everything is up to date. I was waiting for the standalone client. I logged in whenever the game let me so I could keep my neighbours but it has been too hard to play or enjoy playing this year. I am going to have to stop playing too. I will keep sending neighbour gifts for awhile so you get a chance to get a new neighbour. Thank you for for the good times. You are a fun community and I will miss playing with everyone.
  15. m_adele12

    m_adele12 Forum Apprentice

    For BbQ: When opening crates, I first go to the inventory for decorations and then consumables. I have my sort (upper right corner) set to A-Z. I then type CRA in the search field and I have isolated all my crates. When I open one I remain with all my crates displayed. I doesn't help all that much for other situations but 1 less aggravation. Also, to refresh, press fn + f5. Its still not quick and won't automatically take you back where you left off but is faster than logging off and back on.
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