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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nala777, Mar 30, 2020.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. escalonilla

    escalonilla Forum Commissioner

    Just a reminder:
    Arthropods and mammals badges will be needed in May's breeding event.
    And we got Black Friday this weekend! :inlove:


    May will also bring two new trees.
    Both have in their names "taste-y" words. Any ideas?

    edit> As elderberry has a fruit in their name, I am looking for trees with one of the basic tastes in their names

    edit> what red pens are these?



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  2. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Ambassador

    [​IMG]:inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:Thanks SahraB
  3. SahraB

    SahraB Count Count

  4. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The giveaway of red stables for the animals shown MUST happen unless game direction is changed.

    (Using the same line of reasoning, there is an even more alarming concern on the horizon.)
  5. SahraB

    SahraB Count Count

    No Neon, no colored animal, just red? No, not interested, thanks BP! 8)

    You have a point, these recent events seem to me just like baskets and BBs traps.


    and for the Mother's Day event (probably) :)

  6. ol.timer.broke

    ol.timer.broke Forum Greenhorn

    I understand "not interested." Some will participate in the breeding event regardless of the reward. BP must get the red stables in farmer's hands. The present feed price to produce a single animal is getting to the point where one is better off not producing that animal. The red stable will give 2 animals for a single feed. (And there are other animals in line for this or a similar action to take place.)

    Indeed the events are and BP will not abuse players with these gimmicks because anyone using any common sense will not spend if abuse is felt. BP is a for-profit organization and MUST gently get funds out of this penny-business just as any other online gaming organization does.

    Consider feed price, animal prices and the related product price and you will find the colored production workshops on the horizon. Perhaps think of time to production, the cost to produce and TIME to finish production given output. (Recently a baby farm has won one of those workshops on the wheel.)

    When farmers will trade 2 .... 3 and even 4 Neon stalls for a single ep giver during G&T then I know game direction has not been thought through. (hahaha All I think when trades like this are made is: thank you very much and happy ep to ya.)

    The broke farm will not play with red stalls but maybe a baby farm will tinker with the event and be happy with the red. We'll see.
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  7. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Overlooker

    :) So nice of you, OneTwo. :inlove:
    Thank you @escalonilla for the reminder. :inlove:
    Thanks to @SahraB and @12ss12 for all the info/rumours/news :inlove:
    Stay safe, friends. :)
  8. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Emperor of the Forum

    Wow! what a lot of information :D It looks like we are going to be busy.
    escalonilla for the reminder.
    Thanks to SahraB and 12ss12 for all the info/rumours/news
  9. PeepsPlace

    PeepsPlace Junior Expert

    Whew!! Leave the game for a short while, and it's like coming back to a whole new game!!!o_Oo_O
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  10. SahraB

    SahraB Count Count

  11. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Demigod

    Thanks, all you well informed friends. :) I need more of the 4 new breeding animals. The Spring Season snatched them away. :music:
    Spring finished here... now on to summer. :p
  12. 007Farming

    007Farming Forum Ambassador

    Did you play under another name prior?
  13. SahraB

    SahraB Count Count

  14. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

  15. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Emperor of the Forum

    I really dislike the weekend quests. I really loathe having to rip up all of my fields. >:(>:(
  16. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    For the 5 Weekend Quests in month of May

    1st quest - orange" seed - with a pink flower - event crop - no event drops - Rainforest
    2nd quest- yellow plant with a blue flower - event crop. No event drops - All 3 fields of Baha
    3rd quest - Event drops - coconut- No event crops - All 3 fields of Baha
    4th quest - blue crop with white flower - event crop. No event drops - All 3 fields of Baha
    5th quest - event drop - may be from breeding - fish (drop item) - Any breeding.üchteküche-zum-plaudern-und-spekulieren.95404/page-24

    Mothers Day Event - Bear Family


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  17. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Demigod

    Thank you 12ss12. :)
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  18. PeepsPlace

    PeepsPlace Junior Expert

    Hi, 007!!:D Glad to see you 'back on the farm'!!:D
    Yes - to answer your question....I am a baby farm of farmlily3. (watch for an igm soon, btc):)o_O

    Thank you 12ss12, for all the information, and for all the help, y'all!!;)It is going to be busy around here!!o_O

    Is anyone really going to rip up their entire Baha - every last field - just to do a weekend quest???:eek::wuerg:
    What kind of rewards can equal that??o_O

    (Just curious...I think my FOCD was cured when they buried us in way too many events-stacked-on-events!!)
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