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Dear forum reader,

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    February Preview Calendar

    1st - 7th February: Firefly Event
    1st - 16th February: Season 39 (running)
    2nd - 5th February: Gift and Trade
    8th February: Permanent Shop Update
    8th - 14th February: Valentine's Event

    9th - 23rd February: Valentine's Calendar
    15th - 20th February: History Breeding Event
    15th - 21st February: Carnival Event
    21st - 23rd February: Pick-A-Tree Spree
    22nd - 28th February: X out of Y Event
    23rd - 26th February: Wonder Stables
    29th February: Fullmoon Layer Event
    29th February: Moonlight Mania
    29th February: Farmwheel Jackpot Update
    29th February: Season 40

    Disclaimer: Of course, being a preview, anything (dates or events) in this calendar could change slightly.
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    Thanks Nala777 for the preview Calendar!
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    Anyone know what animals will be bred for breeding event?

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    zzle stable Ladoga


    Watch out! Treat yourself to the “Ladoga” tiki puzzle stable in the shop now and with a little luck win the new chipmunk stable or upgrades for the porcupine stable.
    Supersquill Bros


    "Jump on the head! Jump on the head! Shit, wrong!" Patchflax stops in his tracks. What on earth is going on in the barn? Curious, he pokes his head in and sees a group of children sitting in front of a huge screen.

    From 3/2 once again:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Build candy sculptures!
    Plant honey flowers on the farm and collect fruit syrup and candy wrappers during harvest.


    Then make honey candies in the mill. You need them to build statues!


    Now it's time to choose a candy type -
    each one has different requirements and rewards. Then start building.

    If you haven't delivered any items yet, you can still change the candy type!


    Each statue consists of five vans.
    Deliver each of them and get rewards!


    See the requirements here and deliver the items
    by clicking the button.

    When the sculpture is done, you can move on to the next one.
    What kind of candy are you using this time?


    Are all the statues finished? Fantastic!
    You have completed the Sugar Rush event and won all of its rewards. Great!



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ************** *********** ******** ******** ******** ** ********

    [​IMG] *******
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    Thanks 12ss12!
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  6. 12ss12

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    Snowshoe Season



    During the season, your seasonal trophy has a special bonus effect. Once the season ends, this seasonal effect will disappear again! The better your seasonal trophy, the stronger the effect!


    But there is more! At the end of the season, everyone who owns the Snowman Souvenir will receive additional post-season bonus effects for a week.

    It is still snow for us in Farmerama, it seems.


    Farmerama Email

    Ghosts and ghouls have heard of Inky’s mad babysitting skills and persuaded him to babysit their monstrous kids for a night! How will the friendly octopus fare? Enjoy cuteness overload and a pinch of horror in the Octo-tastic Monstercare event.

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    Thanks 12ss12!
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    The ghosts and werewolves learned of Tinti's talent as a nanny and convinced him to take care of their monstrous children for the night. How will the friendly octopus cope?



    Help Tinti take care of a gang of cute monster kids!

    Grow Woodoo flowers


    and collect baby rattles


    in scary fields.

    Deliver required items to the event and earn cute rewards!


    Complete the event and progress to


    the event quest


    * * *
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    edit *************

    Hello, I found in my e-mails:
    Coming soon:
    How does the friendly octopus cope with the task? There will be no shortage of cuteness at the Eight-necked monster sitter event, and a hint of horror is also expected.
    Dear Merilin, this is the announcer of the end-of-snow full moon event, am I right?​

    Yes, well.

    Although the sky will be quite dark from the cloud... the sky will clear in 1.5 days...
    A stack will affect everything (wood, shed, decor, etc...)

    We will get two (+) decors, the one will do the dragon's hairstyle for us a couple of times, the other will sprinkle some fruits for us...

    I also saw a flute as a prize, among other things.

    You might want to review the period ahead:
    The 8-armed in the meantime, another season is starting, there on the 34th floor you can easily get a flute player who likes his "sound" without even having to buy a season ticket. ;)

    Even our dearest neighbors can get something like this from us, the price has not been inflated, as far as I can see. xD:music:

    We can herd a variety of animals into the hearty house...

    We will also be able to wander into the rarely visited area for a while..

    I saw 3 doors... :music:

    Maybe I'll get bored even with so many events... I was thinking of getting a box puzzle and I'll play with it a bit...;)
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    Thanks 12ss12.

    (you can safely post again. :) )
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