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    Thanks 12ss12 and yusufca, for your latest rumors!;)
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    Thank you Nala777, ctindaldavies & 12sx12 for the information in this thread.:D
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    Whew! Thank you for all the input information throughout this whole thread!! Soooo much going on!

    I like some of these events a lot and would like to play them......
    but, sadly, I do not think I want to tear up my farm to do them. When I started playing this game, it was a farming game, not an 'Event' game'...and so I built a f-a-r-m, which is what I love to keep improving and 'growing'. It is traumatic to have to tear it up for just a few days and lose all the progress of its animals, trees, etc., even with Premium play.

    It is not viable for this farm to grow all those h-u-g-e amounts of crops. So, though I'm very disappointed, I'll just have to forego these 'crop' events - and hope that BP will come to their senses and either 'stop-the-crops'-running-rampant or......Best solution: Give us that Event field (that sits there in shambles most of the time) exclusively for growing Event Crops, so we don't have to ruin our farms to join in the Fun of Events, as they used to be...(they are supposed to be fun, right?!)

    :inlove:Meanwhile, my BEST to all of you who are doing these events!! "May you farm long, and prosper!":D:inlove:
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  6. yusufça

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    Thanks 12ss12, this looks like a very interesting Christmas/holiday calendar!:inlove:
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  9. 456farmer123

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    the piggy bank looks interesting!
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    Thanks to all you hard working seekers for all the happy info finds. :p
  12. sanddollar15

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    Thanks for the latest rumors!
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  13. yusufça

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    This event is worth preparing for:

    Crops: Carrot, Strawberry,Blackberry, Potato, Hay, Oat, Corn, Soybean, Celery, Cucumber, Sorghum, Tomato, Rosemary or Lotus Flower, Mushroom, Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Grape, Pineapple, Cassava, Meadow Grass, Zucchini, Cinnamon, Bamboo

    Trees: Apple, Elderberry, Pear, Sea Grape, Date, Walnut, Angel's Trumpets, Mango, Papaya, Fig, Kumquat, Mandarin, Peach, Dragonblood Fruit, Acai Berry, Yellow Pear

    Products: Eggs, Cheese, Parrot Feather, Shark Tooth Necklace, Honey, Truffles, Flying Carpet, Ear Warmer

    Animals: Cuckoo, Monkey, Fish, Reindeer, Panda, Toucan, Llama, Anaconda


  14. farmlily3

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    :DWow! Can hardly wait for more info on that cloud row with BB's and Party Tickets - my favorites!!:D

    Thank you yusufca, 12ss12, and all who contribute, for all the lovely info!:D
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  15. nlm24

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    Too good to be true. Baskets give BB and tickets; CR gives exp. points.
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  16. farmlily3

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    :(:( I'm sooooooooooooooooo disappointed! But it sure was a nice dream.......:p:(
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