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Dear forum reader,

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    # 2

    You must visit Sister Helgrid. For which the most popular Viking goose Ingrid must get into the underworld with the help of magic. Collect various items during haunting events in full swing.
    # 6246

    To unlock the fields, you must play various events during October and win the required items. Watch out for these events: "Midnight Race", "Pastry Emptiness" and "Spooky Beautiful Game Night"!
    Deliver the items needed for the Underworld Games event to receive rewards and cooking witches. Tip: Win dark crystals in a minigame wheel.
    Take part in a magic mini-game with Witch Brew. Make different types of magic wands and get great rewards!
    # 4087

    # 16

    # 5
    , # 10

    Does that look like an egg? About the new pet?

    # 6441

    New pet # 4112

    After 60 hours Ingrid moves into her haunted castle and enchants your farm: every 13 hours you receive 13,131 EP or TEP and 66% more EP from your full moon field for 13 hours. # 4121

    "all 13 hours or even to see three boxes ..." # 6290


    November visions on the horizon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I don’t see anything new in this event, but I do see the glitter of older neon lights.
    Completion of the event may require specified base animals or designated breeding animals within the affected categories, in addition to badges.


    The favorite event for object-finding lovers is also set to return in November.
    In this event you can also see older and brand new (now) neon lights, almost 1 dozen.
    There are currently seven tracks to see, one of which will be new.

    The farm has slowly come to nyitogatós period.


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    ooooh, such spooky fun!:inlove: Thanks Nala777! I just love MM and Halloween events!
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    Looks like the graphics peeps at BP have fun with them, too sanddollar15!! :music:
    Thanks Nala777 and escalonilla for bringing the fun. :p
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    oak creepy pasture
    In 2 steps there is on October 14th and 28th. probably a small update on the full moon area .

    New game items such as two new trees (with XL and XXL versions), yellow and orange fairy cat, Trollophan. # 10

    ................................................ ..............................................

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    fairy cat + slime in yellow + orange
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    # 4100

    Trollofant (new)
    # 4112

    The food will probably consist of glowing mold and glow mushrooms. # 6037
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    Thanks for the info Nala and escalonilla
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    Hi Nala!
    Is that four badges I see or it is that I cannot count just yet?

    (for Nala: Oh my! Nala-the-otta (otter) is now at the bottom of page one in the broke barn with 74,068 friends. :inlove::) You must have fine meals for your friends. xD)
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    New Jackpot Prize


    New workshop
    (edit: I think it's just a giver)

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  13. farmer_broke

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    A top 1,000 a while back
    then a top 3,000 ... not long ago
    now a top 5,000 ... on the way

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  14. Mooboy

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    when I first played Farmerama at the Beginning is was Top 500o_O
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  15. 12ss12

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    November breeding



    They do not take the small things, catwalk show themselves even in the illustrious animals.: music:: D





    For those who are not familiar mechanics in the picture? : music:
    That’s right, the event mechanism will be that of the Farm fashion show that took place in August
    : music:;)


    I am believe a deal could be.: music:

  16. farmer_broke

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    I remember the Top 500 too.
    I watched and thought I could make it and make it well.
    I will always remember watching Debbie1725 have fun, try and fail to make it. Debbie1725 blazed a path for me to follow.
    (There is Debbie-the-Monkey in the broke Baha animal barn. Debbie-the-Monkey has remained #2 for a very long time now with 106,452 monkey friends)

    Thank you again for us all Debbie 1725.

    Best wishes to all preparing for the TOP5000 event this year. :)
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