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Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by SuzeeRabbit, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    Mir85, Thank you sooo much for that info! It seemed ridiculous to me that this was the only way to plant those -edit-. You are truly a bucket full of knowledge xDxDxD
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  2. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    I too doubt that one gets partial credit for a level in the animal trophy. We don't for any of the FSQs do we? And if you have the LL rune then you have to add the new trophy level to it before it counts.

    I was laying here around the time I had my surgery looking at a few million CCs gathering dust and decided I want to spend it to finish some FSQs during treatment. That was when I decided to use it to finish the last 1.5-ish levels on the animal trophy. It cost me far more than that. So I looked for ways to make money then spent down to one million CCs until I finished. It gave me something outside of treatment to focus on. I finished a couple of months ago. While I was working on it... dogs were usually a good buy. Cats were usually not. That is based on the three farms I was doing at the same time. Baha and rare animals were the worst buy. I did the math on each critter to determine a threshold I was willing to pay and would only buy animals below that price. It varied day to day, day of the week and over the months I worked on it.

    Between events I used to stock up on low items. These days a take a sanity break and invest in real life instead. I log in once a day to send gifts, collect EP and "reset" the farm.
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  3. baw815

    baw815 Forum General

    I do have something which I forgot about, it's real important for events I think. If you move your trophies for regular farming too, then it's beneficial. I got this tip from horsecrazy, sorely missed, harvest your crops with trophies in place, do whatever you need to make sure they are set, refresh, etc. Delete trophies, go to next land you will harvest, place your trophies. Go back to previous land you just harvested, seed or plant your crop, go to land trophies are on then harvest. Repeat process as needed till done with harvests. It keeps you from refreshing if you may have an older machine and if you do it manually, it gives time for the trophies to set on the field. Just my two cents. ;)

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  4. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    My strategies (apologies if these are in earlier posts):

    Work out what is achievable. Especially for lower level players (though this applies to poor higher-level players too), events are simply unachievable in their entirety. Work out how much of the event you can actually achieve, and set that as your target (rather than looking at the event as a whole.)

    Perform your calculations and make your plans before you do anything. Especially if you're planning on completing the whole thing, you can often find necessary calculations on the forum from other players. Alternatively, you can do your own based on your own circumstances (buffs, schedule, level, using vs not using RL money, completing whole event vs completing part thereof etc.) but either way, make sure you know and understand the calculations, what they mean, and what you're required to do. It is a waste of your time to plant a 4 hour event crop on 2x2 plots if you realise afterwards that you would have been better to plant them on 1x1 plots. It takes less time to think about your time management and your farm management than it does to recover from mistakes borne of unpreparedness.

    Make a list of your total requirements. This may be for the whole event or, if you're planning on only doing part of it, the total requirements up to a certain point. I often find it useful to have a visual reminder of what I need to achieve, because especially in long events, I can track my progress and make necessary alterations depending on what I need to improve. This will also make sure you don't fall short of anything. I find it easiest to track my progress by calculating my daily target. This is essentially how much I need to make each day to finish the event. For example, an event requiring 7000 of one crop that lasts 7 days means I need to make on average 1000 of that crop each day.

    Do not donate event crops until you have replanted your fields. If a level requires 2000 of one crop and you donate as soon as you have 2000 in your barn, you will not have any left to replant for the next level of the event. Whilst we are replenished with 5 seeds every few hours or so (or is it once a day?) 5 seeds is not a lot and especially for crops that take longer to grow, it will be a while before you can plant full fields of that crop.

    Figure out whether or not the event is worth it. Often these events can drain the barn (if not your time and pantry) quite a bit. Make sure the reward you're getting for giving up your time and your produce is worth the effort and the loss. You need to be making a profit. It is up to you to decide what a profit is. Profit is also not universal - what is beneficial to me is not always considered beneficial to others.

    Again, sorry if any of this has already been mentioned.
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  5. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Then I won 20% EP 1Hr from the Farmwheel. Then activated my 5 Owls, 2 Crows, and 2 Dragons. Then activated the timer.
    Then spinning flower decided to spin itself for 14 minutes...

  6. starxx71

    starxx71 Active Author

    Thank you for all the info, only problem is I guess I am not that far as no idea what these trophy's are??
    I can't have got any :( lol
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  7. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Starxx71 -

    In the Farmer's Society there are two quests, one called "Country Baker" and the other called "Farming Contest". You need to donate your produce (crops for Country Baker or animal for Farming Contest) until you have donated a specific amount. Once you complete the first level you get a trophy, and every level from that point onwards is an upgrade which can be applied over the base trophy. Each upgrade will give you a higher percentage chance of receiving drops from your crops/trees/animal pens. For example I have completed Country Baker and the final upgrade gave me 15% higher chance of receiving drops from my harvest.

    You move them from field to field because the trophies are only valid on the field in which they are placed. That is, a trophy in the Main Field will only provide the benefit in the Main Field, but does not apply in the Green Meadow, Magical Glade or Bahamarama unless you move the trophy/trophies yourself.
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    IVANCICA30 Regular

    thank you Suzze for so great help :inlove::inlove: it help me so much and i did find all i need to be happy farmer :music::music::music:
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  9. OneCrop35

    OneCrop35 Someday Author

    yes this is nice but I can't use the products yet. so...I wish it was more direct what to grow or stable to have to get what i need. or beable to buy what i need. I don't have 87 bb's to complete it I just get the free ones with the movies.
  10. abubadi66

    abubadi66 Old Hand

    I guess you are level 40 or 41, that's from what I saw from your post in the newbies section, I remember when I was there at your level and opened my first trade it took me around 2 weeks or more to finish that and start production, and I never paid BB to finish a quest, even I can afford at the time, these feature needs a lot of time and patience, if you get hasty you shall find the requirements add more burdens on you, so here some tips for you if you like to try:

    1- Set up you priorities first, what is the most important first then the less, and in your case leveling up should be your first priority, it helps more and gives you access to more things, since leveling up is relatively easy at this stage.
    2-Go to the farmers society quests and try to finish what is open for you that will help you level up and get stars to unlock more runes, and there is some quests that rewards BB, look for them and try to do what you can.
    3- do not open any rune or feature that comes in your way, take your time, and think it over and then open what gives you more benefits, there is no point for opening a trade when you do not have the space to grow the required crops, things here need balance.
    4- It may be hard to complete events now, but try to do as much as you can and target the steps that reward you with EP givers, or cloud rows if you can, soon you will find your self doing a remarkable progress.
    5- this game is huge and there is many features, many animals and crops, and it is designed for long term players how have patience and time, do you see your self a long term player, are you willing to stay and spend time, if so prepare yourself because the first year is hard, I have been playing since June 2012, now I am level 92, there is still many things for me to do, but I achieved a big deal and happy about that, with the help you can get from the forum you may be able to do better than me and cut the time short and progress more quickly, so keep you eyes on the forum, especially the players strategies section, where you will find a remarkable players who input their best there and you can benefit from that.
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  11. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    I just donate 1-2 of whatever is selling the least, when I feel like it. Its mostly tree fruit for the crop trophy, animals vary.. right now eagles are rather low compared to EP in my market (definitely may not be the same in your market or even my market on another day! Its certainly not the fastest or best way to fill the trophies. I am just working on level 11 for animals, and on level 14 for crops. Still, it adds up over time. Naturally I am really donating the same resources as everyone else, but I notice the losses less, doing it gradually.

    I definitely don't use BBs or anything for the trophies. (only for events)
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  12. bwraven

    bwraven Someday Author

    I only skimmed through the thread so I apologize in advance if someone already had a similar suggestion.

    Since I regularly see a lot of people posting in Screw up of the day I would like to share what I do with most events, in particular with the more convoluted or time critical ones. When the FAQ for the event is posted (eventually after the event strategy suggestions thread is posted if you feel the need for some input) take some time to plan how and what you want to do, then open any type of notes app and write a script. Refer to it every time before doing anything event related. It helped me a lot with cutting down errors made during middle of the night event crop planting or in instances when I need to do something on the farm while at work and having to connect to my computer via mobile.

    An example I use (or used, since I am over the most critical parts) for the current event:

    1.start cockoo feed
    2.start 3cac + innocence + chestnut row + pie pie
    3.prep both crops in paralell
    4.plant watermelon (DO NOT HARVEST YET !!!!)

    5.delete innocence
    6.start zab + 5 carrot bread + 2 easter marm + pie pie

    7.!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTIVATE PETS

    8.!!!!!!! AND START TIMER

    10.carry on with pumkin until all 13.000 !!! ACTIVATE PETS EVERYTIME !!!

    11.make 4 moustacheries
    12.make 26 moustaches
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  13. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Thank-you for this, it is vary helpful.
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  14. Sister3

    Sister3 Regular

    OMG SuzeeRabbit!

    That avatar was from my actual cat. She had a good long life, and then at 18 years old just gently passed away.
    No we haven't another cat.

    I can bearly believe you actually found a fairly sensible quote from me.
    Lots of bloopers, but Enjoying being back to the Farm Madness.
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  15. jumbo782

    jumbo782 Someday Author

    I like this advice. Will be trying it shortly. Thank you. :)
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  16. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Duke

    Sorry to hear your sad news Sister3.

    Happy you have awaken this old thread! Many fond memories of friends long gone.

    But advice given by Suzee then are just the same today. Fantastic work!!
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  17. RowSie

    RowSie Regular

    Aha! Now it made sense... I have always wondered what I was doing wrong, until I just stopped moving Howie around and left it in a busy piece of land.
  18. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    Thanks everyone!

    BP definitely changed things with this event, The Great Chase, November 2018. They must have tweaked the drop rate so that the best drops came from critter pens, historically low drops from pens. Plus we're limited to 40-44 drops per field per harvest in addition to the 1x1s on the edges.

    I suspected it would happen at some point. Surprised it took so long.

    It's difficult to give specifics because it depends on one's resources, based on Farm Level, real money spent, time to invest in game, etc. I don't have time to break things down for all the possible permutations. That's why I titled it "General...". If you need help don't be shy about asking.
    No doubt you miss your pet as much as I miss mine, Sister3.

    hatzeva, I was thinking the same thing about missing old friends. And thank you!
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