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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by EssaB, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    I made some Lures I am unable to get green circle few times had a thinker yellow circle it does not seem to go green or part green and yellow as shown in the video clip or in Practice Link. Something Odd here is seem all hyped. Many of us have hit the Target but getting Target or Golden Box Prizes.

    In the latest update the first Fantantic Reward should be Cloud Row by Default but this does not seem to be happening. Many of us is saying if you do it badly you get better prizes or if you do it right you get a lessor prize something not right here. It is seem to be Random to me but if you used Premium Lure you are more likely to get better prizes no matter how bad the rings mismatch was Huh !!!:cry:
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  2. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    One good point is that the stickers are extra prizes, in addition to whatever else we would have won... and no, they don't come more than once.
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  3. NanaLyn

    NanaLyn Active Author

    My strategy is the same as BP ... randomly plant crops & randomly put out stables to see how randomly I get the drops of gummy worms & feathers.

    Awards from 3 premium lures & 5 normal lures:
    The cloud row(golden-1 cast)
    8 Turbo mulch(golden-1 cast)
    sticker + 60,000BEP(silver-2 casts)
    2 Dawn Wonder Stables(Bronze-4-casts)

    I call this as I see it ... game of "randomly" luck; currently not impressed with the event but I can randomly change my mind.
  4. -poppyseed-

    -poppyseed- Forum Connoisseur

    I just noticed that if you hover your cursor over the status bars of the fish, it tells you have many times you've caught that type of fish.
    So far, I've gotten 9 minnows :oops:, 3 bass, 3 rainbow trout, and 2 golden trout. Obviously, it's "randomly" more likely to catch a minnow.
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  5. cpeterson

    cpeterson Forum Inhabitant


    I just harvested six animal pens (5 orange turkeys, 1 butterfly) that had water only and got 6 feathers out of it (no Howie Donuts, LL rune is at 27%). Maybe it's a case of pens that are too short/too long give too few?

  6. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    With short stables it is bound to vary a lot, since the probability is so low. Harvesting fields of orange chickens I have gotten 0 lure feathers a couple of times, but also as many as 8 o_O
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  7. acme

    acme Forum Apprentice

    The best luck with pens so far has been Orange Rabbits, gave 1 feather each.
  8. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    If it were a matter of timing, then pens longer than org rabbits or turkeys or whatever should have 1 lure feather guaranteed. But that's not the case, and that's exactly why it's so difficult to figure out a configuration of pens that works. For example, I've gotten 14 out of 21 org horse pens, but 2 out of 3 red beehives, or 11 out of 20 org rabbits and 9 out of 14 org turkeys. Impossible to tell with these results what's best.

    EDIT: And another thing: no matter what they answered to Mir in the "General issues" thread, workshops do yield lure feathers, almost always, as I could see in my lower level farms and other players have already reported here. Yet another thing that was and continues to be informed incorrectly by the development team, along with the hoax of the catch the fish rings thing. I'm absolutely ~edit~: it's outrageous that they devise such a difficult event and don't even bother to provide the mods with a single and flawlessly correct version of what works and what doesn't, what is just chance and what is not.
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  9. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    I have had parrots I mostly II a few and in the harvests the amount of feathers has been different every time, the same goes for trees, it does not matter if it's 20 hour or the cork the feathers are random #'s per harvest.
    I have been trying different crops, but found if I do the same 3 times in a row, it ranges 1 - 9+ feathers, I can't find a steady combo.
    LL at 24%, water, manure, stalls all rare. island parrots monkey elles.
  10. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    The first time I did the game, I utterly missed the ring mark on the first shot or two, and then had 100% success in getting the highest level. The second time, my aim was much better, but the results were very poor. Two is very far from any kind of really viable sample, but since others who had perfect aim have reported bad results, I wonder if the "secret" is to miss at first.
  11. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Count Count

    From 8 orange rabbits
    1 pink rabbit
    1 red chicken
    3 orange chickens
    I got 1 feather total
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  12. EssaB

    EssaB Junior Expert

    I have to admit, while I'm not getting very many feather lures, the few prizes I've won so far have been nice. The first time around I got the cloud row. The next prize was 250K CC. Then 2 CAC and then 5 wonder stables. (I didn't keep track of what level each of those came from, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out.)

    I started out with a mix of stables/workshops to see what would work best. My handful of pink/red stables are out, a bunch of donkey and chams (along with their workshops), one each of a variety of wonder stables, and some other animals I wanted to stock up on. I can't make heads or tails of the results. The first harvest of geese brought in 4 feathers out of 6 pens; the beaver classic IIs had zip. The next round of geese had zip. The sole orange chicken pen is alternating; it gives a feather, it doesn't give a feather, it gives a feather ... None of the donkey stables have given a feather, but the pink rabbit has. I've pulled out a lot of plots and added more stables; I'm just picking them at random, having no clear idea what will work best.

    Oh, well. I don't know if I'll get the givers for the cloud row or not, but I'll keep fishing as I get bait. And maybe we'll get lucky and the upcoming geese workshops will need a lot of machine parts as one of the tools! We'll all be set on that count.
  13. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum Demigod

    I just about fell out of my chair when I harvested 9 or 10 monkey, yellow monkey, and classic monkey I and got 13 feathers o_O...until I realized I have 12 magic trees on Baha-.-.
  14. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    Hi guys!

    The last day or so I have been growing refined lily of the valley in preparation for any extra machine parts I might need. I used the machine part refinery, as well as the Early Bloomer -1.88% time refinery, because that made it so bamboo and lily of the valley were really close to being the same time lol! ;) Kills two birds with one stone... it gave me bamboo to mill and machine parts for the event.

    From my initial harvest of 3 fields of spelt, I got 110 machine parts and 86 gummy worms. From my initial harvest of lemongrass, I got 15 machine parts and 15 gummy worms. (All 4 fields have minimal trees - just enough on the edges to make it easier to convert back and forth from pens and crops). I have full farm trophies and the 10% tool tree rune activated. I currently have no animal pens out - I plan to switch to them after a day or so of growing crops. I will see how my flower cloud row and CAC (and harvester coupon) times out for when I switch.

    In replanting once the event started, I activated my flower cloud (for the first time!) :Dand in between cleaning house and prep for packing, I have been growing flowers... mainly lily of the valley and hibiscus. I also decided I wanted to use some time to work on a spreadsheet for the flower cloud times (and their refinements). Here it is... I don't know if Arrouquelas's refinement thread has something like it or not, (I'm a bit behind on my reading at the moment), but if not, my theory is, "Share one share all." So anyone please feel free to copy and paste it as needed for future use.


    If nothing else, the above might help those wanting to maximize gummy worm crop drops when trying to plan out how best to use the flower cloud row with the refinements. As a side note.. activating the Early Bloomer time refinement for lily of the valley really isn't necessary, as it only saves you 3 minutes of harvesting time... :p It's better to save that refinement slot for something a bit more helpful. (Says me as I go off to delete mine so I can use that slot later for something more helpful lol!)

    So my plan for today is to continue to grow mainland flowers and island hibiscus in order to maximize gummy worm drops with my flower cloud and the Early Bloomer refinements. I will most likely grow carnations or begonias overnight. After growing crops for the first day or two, I will switch to animal pens, based on other farmers' results and will focus on gathering lure feathers to match my gummy worms.

    At the moment, I am toying with the idea of switching back to crops on the last day and doing instant roses or carnations with super-grow on 2x2s. That would let me quickly get any last minute gummy worms needed, so I could make the most bait possible. I still haven't decided if I want to do that or not. I don't buy super-grow and as I hardly use it, I have accumulated quite a bit. My reasoning for doing this is that this event gives seedlings and mystery stables. To me, that's kinda like BP giving me free BBs!

    After reading some of the posts, I haven't decided if I want to make normal or premium bait or not. :eek: When I have more time to read how things are going for others overall with the two baits, then I will decide. In the meanwhile, I am also waiting to see if BP tweaks the fishing game mechanism. {{crosses fingers}}

    My other growing results:

    I field of bromeliad: 3 gummy worms, 5 machine parts

    Lily of Valley with machine part refinement: (Each number is one field harvested)
    Gummy Worms: 5, 10, 6, 3, 4, 7, 8, 6, 6
    Machine parts: 14, 6, 6, 8, 0, 7, 7, 3, 5

    honey + other similar "edge" trees: Worms: 4, Machine parts: 3
    partial edge harvest of sugar trees: W1, M:4
    partial edge harvest of island trees: W:3, M:8

    9 gummy worms, 10 machine parts

    Happy fishing all! I hope you have wonderful catches!
  15. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Master

    I just harvested 2 orange chickens, 4 yellow goose, 5 goose, 1 pink rabbit, 1 red rabbit, 1 red duck, 1 pink duck I managed to pull a total of 5 feathers. I got 5 this morning from a menagerie of pens on the mainland and pens on the island and 5 from pens during the day. 15 feathers. I made 1 regular lure and need 2 more feathers to make my first premium lure. At this rate, It will take forever. But on the bright side, I have 174 worms.
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  16. crzyjoyce

    crzyjoyce Forum Expert

    In my opinion this event was overhyped, The feather lures are almost non existent drops. I didn't count them but in comparison to the other drops the lures are bottomed out.
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  17. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    One note, I see a lot of people putting "random" in quotes. Of course, the catches are not fully random. The point is not that they are truly random, but that they are unpredictable. In truth, we probably would be very unhappy if the results truly were completely random.. just saying.
    The results are weighted. How they are weighted is what we don't know, but that is normal for a game like this. Its just a lot easier to say "random", rather than say "stratified random" or some other more accurate descriptive.
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  18. LDCrow

    LDCrow Forum Baron

    I've come to the conclusion that this mini-game stinks. :( Not just because I can't seem to get more than 1 or 2 feathers out of a field of stables and not because my field of roses that I planted this morning yielded exactly 0 worms. It's not even because once I did manage to get a grand total of 5 lures to fish with all I caught were minnows regardless of hitting the circle or not. Nope this game stinks because it's NOT fun. -.- Good idea that so far has been very poorly executed.
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  19. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Updated Conclusions:
    • Trees are not giving us that many Gummy Worms not in Machine Parts on basis of Tree Growing time of 12 or 20 Hours
    • Many of us are struggling to Reap Lure Feathers to Make Normal or Premium Lures
    • We are hardly getting any Lure Feathers from Parrot or Chicken Pens or Even using Coloured Pens too.
    • Long Timed Animal Pens or Geese Pens are giving us a Decent Amount of Lure Feathers
    • Elephants Pens or Higher for Island will Give Us More Lure Feathers
    • Grow Mid Time or Long Time Crops around stables rather than using Trees using 1x1 Fields
    • Need to Upgrade Animal and Crop Trophies to Get Better Drops Rates
    • Need to Move and use Howie Donuts, if you have them when reaping your Farm Fields
    • If you not got Living Legend Rune unlocked need to move your Animal and Crop Trophies around your Fields
    • The Drop Rate of Machine Parts seem to giving us more Machine Parts than those Machine Part Refinements Especially on Mid Time to long Timed Crops
    • Constantly need to use Cheese Balls and Valentine Pots to Speed up Stable times to Reap those Needy Lure Feathers
    • Nuking Comfort Fields of Refinements of Supergrow reaps only Gummy Worms and Machine Parts, Therefore we need to focus more on Stables. If Seems that Rare Animal Stables Giving use better Drops of Lure Feathers than Normal Stables.
    • Both Normal and Premium Lures are bit of Hit and Miss at the moment just Randomness of Luck !!!
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  20. DBAYES

    DBAYES Count Count

    Having a hard time catching the Golden Fish, not sure where the rings are supposed to be??? I did catch two but to me, the rings look the same everytime:cry:

    Update, Just caught one and now my Cloud Row is complete!!!xD What Luck!:p
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