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    Purpose of SOS Thread

    The SOS thread is meant to help players that are struggling with events.

    If you are a new player or perhaps below a certain level, some events may be almost impossible to finish. You can ask for drops and help in this thread but please bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will be able to finish them for a while. Farmerama is not a game that is won in a day! I do hope that I can add more and more links to help newer farmers to be successful in finishing events and will update this thread as and when I can.

    You may find current strategy events useful.

    The main focus for this thread lies on players that have the potential to finish (or achieve a personal goal within the event) and just need a little helping hand to do so. Of course, new farmers and those of lower levels are quite welcome to post for help here but as many events are very difficult to achieve - even for some long term players - please set yourselves a realistic target and do not expect to receive the majority of your drop items via this thread. You can only receive 20 gifts per day and even an event over one week will only net you 140 drops in total which would be nowhere near the total requirement for an event.

    An SOS thread will be opened after an event has started (if appropriate) and is intended for those who are having problems achieving the requirements for an event (work, real life, computer downtime, etc.).

    Helping Others/Getting Help From Others Needing Help/Neighbours

    If you request help, you can also help others in this thread. You may even find new neighbours too. But it is important to remember:

    Do not think that if you send a gift, that you will automatically be gifted by the same person.

    By all means, feel free to work out agreements among yourselves! (If I send you XXX, can you send me XXX).

    But please do not expect or demand a gift in return.

    It is important to keep the thread lighthearted and friendly.

    If you ask for help, you will get help from lots of other farmers, so you will not lose out.

    If you need more neighbours, see the links below.

    Please do not IGM farmers in advance or during the event to ask for help, use the SOS thread for requests unless they specifically ask you to do so in the SOS thread.*

    If you use the SOS thread, those who want to give can see who needs help and can send gifts if they wish. (Remember, they have their own farms to run too with their own neighbours and being overwhelmed with lots of In-Game Messages [IGM] requesting gifts is very time consuming).

    * The exception to this IGM guideline is that you will receive an initial IGM from a person who sends a gift for the first time. This is needed so that you can be added to the sender's buddy list. Perhaps at this point, you can show your appreciation by replying to this IGM to say thank you.

    How To Make The SOS Thread More Successful And Achieve Your Target

    Do not panic unnecessarily. We will try to work out the estimated daily average for each event as it occurs. (See actual SOS thread for estimated daily average requirements).

    Only ask for help if you are falling short of the estimated daily average given and, of course, nearer the time if it is obvious you are not going to get the required items. If you ask for help too early and finish very early, you may prevent someone else (who really needed the help) from finishing.

    You will get most success in your request if you let us know a few details

    I have included this example of what would be useful for givers to know:

    Farm Name: illy1996

    Farm Level: 999**

    Number of Drops so far: 849

    Number of Drops required to achieve personal target: 1

    ** So we know what your highest level crops/animals are which has an effect on your drops.

    Event Status:

    * Need help with event drops due to upcoming family event
    * Work commitments
    * Computer downtime

    Personal Target:

    * Products reward
    * EP giver
    * Finish the event

    Also include any other information you wish to give regarding your problems with achieving the event requirements.

    Keep Us Informed!

    A regular update is absolutely vital.

    Post as many times as you like to let us know how you are progressing. (If you just edit your original post, we might miss this even if you put it in a different colour.)

    And most importantly - tell us if you finish so we can gift others still working on the event.

    Keep SOS Posts Short

    It is very time consuming to the gifters to read through everything in order to figure out who is still in need and who has finished the event or no longer needs help with event drops.

    On the other hand, rejoicing and celebratory posts are more than welcome!!

    Please Keep Names of Gifters Anonymous

    Please do not thank gifters publicly on the forum. Most of the gifters wish to remain anonymous - mainly because of the backlash of IGMs asking for help that may arise both during the event and afterwards. A general thanks to all who helped (without names) on the SOS thread might be more appropriate) This way, those who give make their own choices on what to give who and when.

    How To Gift Someone Who Is Not Your Neighbour

    First, write a quick note to the person and send it.
    Then you can go to your Outbox, click the tick beside the person's name.
    On the bottom of the Post Office menu, click on the green button "Add as a Friend".
    Then you can send them a gift in the normal way you send a gift.

    Useful Threads

    The following threads will give you lots of help in perfecting your event strategies, improving your success rate in finishing events - and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice events!

    At the moment, these threads are yet to be created (or I have yet to find them!). As and when they are available, I will post them here.

    Neighbour Requests Section
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