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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Oct 25, 2022.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,


    Please post your constructive comments, positive and negative, regarding the "Halloween Monster Hunt" Event in this Feedback thread. We are looking forward to capturing your initial reaction to the event, as well as the final opinion after participating in the event.

    Please be sure to bring arguments for supporting your statements, simple comments saying you like it or hate it will not help the Team understand what goes great, and what needs to be looked into, when planning future events.

    The FAQ of the Event can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Issues section or the Technical Issues section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. upa70

    upa70 Forum Inhabitant

    the main game looks fine, join up the monsters, the more monsters you join up, the more points earned. got it :)
    the bonus...encircle monsters by joining up other same coloured monsters to enclose them and earn bonus points for the encaptured it;)
    the bonus bonus...????? game points reward:eek: not very clear explanation in the faq for this event!
    am i to take it, that this is bonus given for each game played? therefore if i scored 90,000 in one game i would get a crabby treasure but if i scored only 50,000 points i would get some bb's? this applies for each game played? so theoretically...if i played 100 games and scored 90,000 in each rewards per game would be a crabby treasure meaning i would then have 100 crabby treasures in my inventory as prizes????

    a little clarification from a mod would be appreciated;)

    so played the two free games offered...still confused to the bonus scheme.
    i did as the event faq said, linked up the monsters, surrounded lots of different coloured monster in a circular trap...the monsters joined up in a circle disappeared and gave me points...the monster inside the circle which according to the faq should have exploded and given me bonus points...well, they just dropped down to fill the space...didnt bonus points:(
    think either there is something wrong with the mechanics of the game or the event faq is just wrong!!
    did it lots of times, both games, same result...encapsulated monsters just drop bonus!
    think thats it for can keep this stinks!
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2022
  3. Shimmer

    Shimmer Forum Duke

    Upa, as far as I can tell, you win each bonus only once. You have to have both won the previous bonus and also scored enough points in a single game to qualify. If you played 100 games with each 90,000 points, you would win each special bonus once ending with the Crabby Treasure.

    You have to link back to the first monster in the chain for the bonus to work. It has to be the first monster and you have to make sure you've linked back to it at the end of the chain. If you've done it right, the encapsulated monsters will each display the bonus they're about to give, before you release the mouse button and collect the points. It works fine for me.

    Personally, I'm really enjoying this event. The FAQ is a little confusing but I figured everything out just fine. I'm aiming to get the BB tree!
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  4. upa70

    upa70 Forum Inhabitant

    ah, thats where the faq falls flat on its face! it doesnt stipulate that it has to be the first monster you start from that you must return to, just that if you make a loop the monsters inside give a bonus. i have been making lasso shapes believing that as long as you encircle some monsters they will give the bonus.
    suppose somewhere in translation from the german game concept, the english instructions have got a little "fuzzy":eek:
    never mind, ive written this event off now anyway....concentrating on restocking my barns ready for the next events.
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  5. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Pro

    I like the event, but am not doing anything special to play - just planting the crop over and over. Didn't clear my fields or plant long-grow crops.

    I figured out the bonus part while doing the first two free games. My issue is personal - my eyes are quite fatigued when I'm on the computer for any length of time, so it's been challenging in that regard. It takes me several minutes to work out the 'best' path and exchange of monsters. No complaints overall game-wise and I'll do as much as I can at a very relaxed (slow) pace.
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  6. ag56

    ag56 Padavan

    For me this is totally ridicules event. The new game is OK but requires so much time that the rewards are not worth the effort. Played 20 games and my average is 40,000+ per game. This means that I need 125 games just to get Piccolo box. Impossible without buffs, SG to grow the crop and then BBs to buy drops... absolutely not worth it. I'm out, don't even care about CR.
  7. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    I like the new mini game. But the right side rewards and the number of games it take to get the right side rewards is totally irrational and not proportional.

    Connecting 5 or more same coloured monsters adds 1 monster into the inventory. Instead it should have been 1 monster for every 5 monsters. So if I make a chain of 10 monsters, I get 2 monsters added in the inventory. That would have been helpful in making bigger shapes. It might have made us score more and get the right side rewards. It would have given us a more sense of satisfaction.
  8. BlackCaviar

    BlackCaviar Count Count

    I was thinking the same thing. As it is now, a chain of 5 or a chain of 25 only gives one free monster. There must be a better method.
  9. TommyBurns

    TommyBurns Someday Author

    Sorry BP but this event is a fail from me. I had lots of resources in stock so had no problem growing enough crops and getting enough drops for extra game but the mini game is way too slow if you're trying to earn the extra points to complete the right-hand side. Each game took me about 15 minutes to complete and I was averaging about 65,000 points per game. I worked out I'd probably have to play about 130 games to finish (if I was lucky) so that's 32.5 hours and I was trying to actually do three farms (probably should have just done one). It's too many hours and I do have other things in my life that I need to attend to as well. And even though I liked to the new game I also just got bored with it after three or four hours of playing. I really don't believe any mini game should take longer than about 5 minutes to play so at least you feel like you're progressing and that keeps you interested.

    I'm disappointed I couldn't even get close to finishing and I'm disappointed that I wasted so much of my resources on the event (but that was my choice). Think I'll have a rest from the next few events.

    TB :oops:
  10. tlcsquared

    tlcsquared Active Author

    I did like that there was a new game to play, but as others said, the points needed to complete the right side was awfully high once you got past level 11 or 12. The prizes weren't in line with the effort needed to achieve them. I would have liked to gain extra monsters in line with the number of monsters I had linked as 12ss12 said. It was nice though to have a new game though, thank you, for coming up with something fresh and new.:)
  11. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Overlooker

    The game was interesting but did take a long time to do.
    Prizes on the right hand side needed too much for very little effort. I did not mill my last 7 as I could not guarantee I would get to the next prize level which was Season Points which I do not do!
    With a bit of tweaking this could be a good game so I hope to see a new-improved version next time.
  12. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    I chose to skip this event due to there being little, if any, chance of getting the main prize let alone the CR without spending far more time on it than I would wish to. There were few prizes that I considered appropriate to the requirements. o_O

    I thought the mini game was a nice change and would be quite enjoyable - at first! But I could see that it would become nightmarish as the event progressed. :wuerg:
    For me, I would prefer to use more crops and drops and have less mini games to play. :p

    I have participated in many events of this type and there is always a huge disappointment linked to them - I know people do finish and get the good prizes but they have to work hard to do it and (probably) spend real money to achieve their goals. While I don't mind spending money for the harvest functions (an absolute must these days, for me anyway!), it would be the thin edge of the wedge to start paying to complete these events and I would rather miss them and concentrate on other projects around the farm than start buying to complete. :music:

    I hope I have given some feedback as to why some people just look at an event like this and don't think it is worth the hassle. I have also been one of those who in the past has started an event like this and regretted it. :oops:
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2022
  13. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    I am same as you Illy1996, I tried to figure out the Mini Game to improve my score, but it was too stressful and time consuming to play lots of Mini Games :eek::eek:

    So, it took the fun out of doing this event for me if they make mini game for simple and less time consuming with my current mental health just added more stress :wuerg::wuerg:

    Also, needed a decent score to get those rewards too :(:(

    This has been my most hated event as i did not get very far :cry::cry:
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  14. snatchsquad

    snatchsquad Someday Author

    I enjoyed the new mini game... once I got the hang of it. It took about 20-25 games lol but thought it was a good brain tester. The cloud row was easy enough to get. The right side prizes were a tester for better players, I did manage to get to 5 000 000 with my last pillow and get the " Box " :music::music:
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  15. Shimmer

    Shimmer Forum Duke

    I finished the whole thing and got the BB tree. It took me 83 carefully played games.
    It was definitely a challenge, but that's what I expect a BB tree to be, a real challenge. I also enjoy a challenge and I thought this one was set just about right for the prizes available.
    I also really liked the graphics, especially the dark blue monster with all the eyes. Overall, a really pleasing event.
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  16. elimeno

    elimeno Forum Overlooker

    what a horrid game. the cost for leveling was ridiculous. I wouldn't play this game again
  17. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Commissioner

    Like many above, I really liked the mini game, both because it was new, and because I like that sort of game. It was a bit long, but since each round was different, and it involved thought, and most importantly, was not timed! I was happy to do it. I enjoyed trying to reach the right side goals. What I did not enjoy, however, was how difficult it was to make any progress on the cumulative points, and that it was so driven by luck, rather than skill. I got over 100K points on several rounds, but then I'd not get good monster arrangement and end up with only 20K points, just because the setup was not there. It *should* be a challenge, for something like a BB tree, as said above, but luck is capricious and takes some of the fun out of it. I would like to see this again, but I agree that we should get more than one monster if we make a long chain, because often, there was no significant option for the first move, other than to get a single monster. All in all, though, this was a good event and I enjoyed it. And the graphics were great, loved the way the eyes lit up when you had a monster selected!
  18. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Inhabitant

    This minigame was a bit glitchy to me. Several times it just stopped responding and froze the entire client.
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