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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Farmers.Almanac, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,


    Please post your constructive comments, positive and negative, regarding the "Hop Around the Clock" Event in this Feedback thread. We are looking forward to capturing your initial reaction to the event, as well as the final opinion after participating in the event.

    Please be sure to bring arguments for supporting your statements, simple comments saying you like it or hate it will not help the Team understand what goes great, and what needs to be looked into, when planning future events.

    The FAQ of the Event can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Issues section or the Technical Issues section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    All those colored animals for that cloud row? This is one clock I won't be hopping around o_O
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  3. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Make that two.
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  4. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Great Master

    In the past, the donations have usually been "x amount of" a category, so we could choose how we wished to fulfill the requirements. This new format has high requirements for low reward. For this many colored animals, the prizes, and the main prize, should have been spectacular.
  5. EssaB

    EssaB Someday Author

    There have been many events I skipped over the years if I didn't feel the rewards matched the requirements. I don't recall ever posting that I wasn't taking part in the event before, but Holy Hollyhocks! this time is different. Those rewards are pathetic for what is required. It is seriously unbalanced.
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  6. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak

    The tiny rewards for each step in this breeding event and a crappy CR as ultimate reward would have been a good joke on April Fools Day. I seriously hope the Game Team is aware it isn't that time of year yet.
  7. Lea2191

    Lea2191 Padavan

    I did the event although the rewards were less than probably not worth the expense. However, I did it because it was fun, and it was fun to complete the event. That is the whole point of the game afterall.

    One thing that made the event worth it was the ability to use the deluxe phermones. In addition to those the breeding I needed to get the required animals, I bred my more advanced animals hoping for a skip. I did end up with a nice skip at the end with a ballet ostrich

    I also was able to bred my mammals that I needed for the regular quests. This is because I already had most low level breeding animals needed for the quest.

    Also, having a lower level need for powerfeed was really refreshing. I could have skipped the quest and used none and still been happy there wasn't a "must do" high cost breeding quest this month.

    Overall, it was a good event.
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  8. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I enjoyed this event - I thought the amount of PF needed wasn't too excessive to the extent I did a bit of "fun" breeding after I finished as I had a bit of spare PF! :music:

    It was good to have two separate sides to work on so that if one side didn't suit, at least you didn't have to skip (pardon the pun!) the whole event.:)

    I didn't mind that the breeding animals requested were nominated - didn't make much difference to me. I did have to breed some of those of which I didn't have enough but that was okay. There were no high quantities. :D

    The only thing that is disappointing is the number of skips even when using the Deluxe Pheromones. Nothing more than one or two step skips. -.-
    More positive than negative points for this one from my point of view.:inlove:
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  9. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Greetings lovely farmers,

    Thank you for all the feedback. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts so we can pass it along to the Game Team.

    Closing thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
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