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    There are a number of ways to obtain Barnyard Bills (BBs)​

    Earned BBs

    You will start the game with a few BBs and each time you level up on the main farm you will get 1 additional BB.

    You can also earn small amounts of BBs in the Farmer's Society quests, as well as Event quests.


    The most common way to get BBs is to buy them, you can buy various amounts in various ways from the Bank. You can access the bank from the city or from the bottom button of you menu bar.

    You can purchase them with credit/debit cards, PayPal, Pay Safe card, Money Bookers, U Kash, Western Union, Pay by Cash, Faster Pay, Wallie Card, Bank Transfer, Click and Buy, also by cell/mobile phone and Landline - however, these are country dependent, etc.

    Cash for Action

    This can be accessed via the bank in the city, it is a system in which players can sign up to offers, surveys and deals etc with third part sites in order to obtain BBs.

    When giving out your information to third party sites, but sure to be vigilant, make sure the site is trusted etc.

    Most of the deals have time restraints on when you will get your BBs, make sure you wait at least this amount of time before reporting the BBs as missing.

    Most of the deals require you to jump through certain hoops to consider your sign up as complete, make sure you do everything asked of you before reporting your BBs as missing.

    If you fill out an offer and do not get your BBs, the the first course of action to contact the company that you filled out theoffer with, if you get no response from them or are not happy with what they are telling you then please contact the Big Point Support Team.

    Note: BP can not be held responsible if these partners delay in delivering your Game Currency. In cases of problems, you will need to contact the partner site support to request your BBs.


    Sometimes we run competitions here on the Forum.
    Top prizes could be BBs.

    There will usually be an announcement when a new contest has started.


    The Cinema in the city gives movie points for watching films, which can be exchanged for Barnyard Bills. This is not available in all countries.​
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