How To Improve/Get Better Drops during Events

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by Mooboy, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    Drops Facts

    A Middle Level Farmer can actually get better drops during an Event compared to High level Farmer. One of these reason is able to harvest it farm on more regular basic, as oppose to high level farmer, whom can harvest it farm bit lest Frequently !!

    Suppose a Middle Level Farmer has Prepare a Farm to get best drops on first harvest of new Event. Prior to an Event which is about to start within 24 Hours, so to speak !! Having an Ill Prepare Farm, Prior to New Event Starting. It most likely to have huge implications, on the Truthful Fact that any given farmer in behind the Daily Drop Average required per active event.
    Therefore it is vital to prepare your Farm to get best of drops. Even if it means Stripping up your farm as many farmers do dislike to do this. In order to change your farm Layout or game plan to be able to get any many drops as you can.

    Therefore do not assume a High level farmer to do well in high amount of Drops based Events. There is several reasons why. Middle Level Farmer might have higher Level Crop and Animal Trophy Percent and might be able to move them around the farm without Living Legend Rune Unlocked As oppose to higher level farmer.
    Having a Living Legend Rune unlocked it a God Sending Feature. But have to work hard to unlock it in Magicial Glade Tree !!

    It is must to get Animal and Crop Trophy upgraded as soon as you can. Also Moving them around your farm if not got Living Legend Rune unlocked...But Sadly it now quiet costly to upgrade both the Crop and Animal Trophy. :p

    In my Strategy and Game Plan for Events I no more struggle to get Event Drops during events. But It does mean you need to work on Crop Refinements. Which helps boost your drop rate at every harvest. At times event crops can give you poor drops. So Alternatively you have to rely on Refined Crops to Boost Drops.

    Some Crop Refinements can give you Instant Harvest of Drops using Super Grow/ Super Grow Buffs... Or also near Instant Harvest of Refined Crops. I suggest to kept some Super Grow at times of Need. I also would refrain from using BB or Real Money to get shortful of Drops using Super Grow to Nuke Crops has always been every Effective and Efficent in my Style of Gaming to do well in Event. It has not let me down at all. As i always end up with quiet a few Surplus Drops Items.

    I did produce an extensive posting on how to prepare well for Events that need drops and also how to get good drops during events but it got lost in Translation as it was done in old Forum !!

    As I like to see all Farmers to do well and Enjoy Events ;)

    N B I will add all useful Info here. Only at Farmers request as i am unsure how many farmers do read my postings. Plus my insight it actually making a Difference to All Fellow Farmers to make Farmerama Better and more Enjoyable. Not to mention to do well in Events in Terms of Rewards too. Lack of Foresight, Understand, Poor Game Plan/Strategy, Lack of useful Info Actually a Contributing Factor to do Poorly in Events..:sleepy:
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    I read your posts:D:D
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  3. MsLady

    MsLady Forum Greenhorn

    I read your post and I'm very grateful you took the time to share. I have been very lost & overwhelmed in this game. I'm going to save this post and return with my questions after I review more of the forum. :)
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  4. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Count Count

    I don't think you can get the instant harvest options unless you have that CR with all the chestnut items on it. I can get roses down to around 3 hours with refinements, SG and buffs but I can't get them close to instant without that CR. I continue to hope they may decide to put it on sale but I've not seen it so far.
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