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    I've done the survey after being 5 days away from the game. While I do appreciate Farmerama team asking questions from us, there are a few points I wanted to add and had no space to do so within the survey itself.
    • From the type of questions asked I understand that fixing game performance and issues connected with port to Unity have not been priority. Which many of us suspected already seeing the lack of progress in this area, hardly anything being improved for 2 months or longer. It was clearly expressed that the game team are aware the game is still broken, faulty, basic performance bugs not smoothed out etc., and they are actually considering what level of effort they should put into fixing it. With this in mind I really despise being told repeatedly how hard they are working on it while nothing is visibly moving. It clearly is not truth. So please cut the slack and give us honest info in the future.
    • I gave very low rating to questions related to how the company processes players feedback. This is due to massive drop in quality of service in connection to above point, while general service related to other issues (not related to Unity mess) is usually very good. Due to the structure of the survey I could not indicate this difference.
    • It seems this survey is coming a bit too late to give a representative picture after half (?) of the players left the game thus making massive statement about what they think of Unity port progress and how important functionality in this area is to them. So I guess check your data about how many long term players left Farmerama since Unity mess up started and then add 10 points for Unity performance for each of them to your data pool to get maybe a bit more realistic picture of how important this issue is.
    Unrelated to the survey, but related to the topic: Yes, the game still has all the same bugs making the game slower and less comfortable to play which have been reported before and no factual improvement happened over the last 2 or so months.

    Note: This is really not a chit chat but rather feedback to game team, but for the lack of better option I'm placing it here. If moderators think this thread would better serve it's purpose in another forum category feel free to shift it there.
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    Shall we get any feedback on that survey?