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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    We are happy to announce the arrival of two new upgrades in shop:

    XL Peach
    Gives: 4 peaches + 50 EP
    Cooldown: 18 hours
    Price: 100 BB

    XXL Peach
    Gives: 4 peaches + 100 EP
    Cooldown: 12 hours
    Price: 250 BB​

    The following rare trees have been added in store:
    Chestnut – 60 BB
    Christmas tree 2011 – 50 BB
    Mirabelle plum tree – 55 BB
    Gold leaf tree – 55 BB

    New rare stables in shop:
    Butterfly – 75 BB
    Squirrel – 75 BB
    Kangaroo – 60 BB

    Also, some of the trees prices in the Shopping Center have changed:
    Apple tree XXL – 25 BB (old price: 30 BB)
    Walnut tree XXL – 40 BB (old price: 45 BB)
    Plum tree XXL – 70 BB (old price: 80 BB)
    Mulberry tree XXL – 95 BB (old price: 105 BB)
    Pine tree XXL - 215 BB (old price: 232 BB)
    Olive tree XXL - 225 BB (old price: 240 BB)
    Almond tree XXL - 235 BB (old price: 255 BB)
    Maple tree XXL – 250 BB (old price: 275 BB)
    Magnolia tree – 50 BB (old price: 60 BB)
    Gingko tree – 40 BB (old price: 50 BB)
    Peach tree – 40 BB (old price: 45 BB)

    The changes went live on Wednesday, 26th of June.

    Your Farmerama Team
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