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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by upa70, Jun 18, 2022.

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  1. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur

    i had a conversation with some players on here some time ago and they were explaining about "instant crops" to me.
    i cant find the conversation anywhere on the forum so i've decided to ask the question again.

    there are certain crops that can be refined, then when you apply a cloud row buff (cant remember the cloud row name) supergrow, manure, water and certain consumables in the buffer bar (white innocence etc) to the said crop, it is instantly ready to harvest.

    could some knowledgeable player/s please explain to me again how it works and what cloud row and refinements i should be looking at....i remember it was an a old cloud row.
    thank you in advance if you can enlighten me.;)
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  2. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Count Count

    You need Super-grow to get instant crops. To maximize everything you use comfort fields, it is fast way to get drops from plants.
    To boost it you need several things.
    There is two cloud rows nowadays, Pharaoh's Herbs Magic Stalk Row and Harvest Festival 2014 Magic Stalk Row. Both give 5% boost.
    There is Growth Boost rune in tree of wisdom, which gives 60% boost.
    White Innocence give 10% boost and Fruit cake give 5% boost.
    There is several different boosts in refinery, you'll need SG love to get instant crops. The percentage of SG love is different with different plants. Rose is usually the one to start with.

    Water and manure speeds up, but they are not always needed to get instant crops, when all the others make 100% together.

    My tip to refinery is: Accept every refinement (even if you do not never need it), you may loose a lot of plants, when you get that again (and again and again). Once you have it, it is there and you can chase just the ones you do not have.
  3. Shimmer

    Shimmer Forum Veteran

    The possible instant crops are anything with a 'SG love' refinement of at least 25%. There are several possibilities, rose is the lowest level (needs 2 SG love refinements active). There are a few possibilities that combine instant crops with 1000 x the possibility of hammers, which is useful, and Crocus has SG love refinements of 25% and 9%. The 9% extra boost replaces the cloud row boost, meaning you don't need one of the cloud rows active if you're doing instant crocus with both of those refinements. Otherwise you'll need 25% boost and one of the two cloud rows active.
    Getting the refinements is really very expensive in terms of crops and takes ages, so plan which crops you're going to refine carefully. I start with the smallest greenhouse until I've got the first 3 refinements, then move up in size. Or do larger refinements if you're repeatedly not getting results. And accept all refinements, always.
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  4. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur

    although i have been playing since 2012...on and off... i somehow missed both of those CR's:(
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  5. Shimmer

    Shimmer Forum Veteran

    In that case, you're limited to instant Crocus (level 145) unless some other super-grow bonus comes out in the future.
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  6. Noelle20001

    Noelle20001 Forum Commissioner

    Even if you don't have those CRs, your refined crops can come very close to instant so it can be worth it when you need those few extra drops.
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  7. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Those who not got either of these two CR, you need at least 25% Effective Refinement SG Love for Instant Drops using SG

    If you have not either of these CR there is Duo Fertilizer Love Refinement in Roses Refinement ;) give 9% more Effectiveness on SG;)
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  8. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur

    thank you all for your help and input:)
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  9. xiop

    xiop Junior Expert

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