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Dear forum reader,

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  1. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Hi :)

    I'm Meba and I live in Denmark. I'm looking for a new forum and hope I've come to the right place.
    I've been lurking around reading your posts from time to time and I find your forum quite nice with lots of friendly and likable players and MODs.
    I've thought it over for a few days and decided to go for it even though it will take me longer to read and write in English. I do hope I'm a fast learner:oops::p

    I've been playing the game for far too long - I don't even remember when I started, but I still love it:inlove: Especially the market - buying and selling that's fun:p. Time goes so fast when I'm in the market and I sometimes forget all about harvesting:eek: ups

    CC comes and goes. Sometimes I'm very rich :D and sometimes I'm almost broke-.-eek... But that's the charming thing about the market.

    I hope to get to know you guys and have some fun here:)
  2. abubadi66

    abubadi66 Old Hand

    Hello and welcome, you sound like a player here on our forum, his name is broke, also you sound funny like him, by the way we have many non English players on this forum, that's make it rich and interesting, you may be a nice addition to the group.
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  3. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Welcome meba :D I am happy to see you here, hope you will like it :)

    Hopefully you'll get used to the English really soon. I always played the game in English, and you are the only one I know who I can write igm to in Norwegian, but I keep having to look up what things are called xD
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  4. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Thanks a lot for the welcoming :)

    I'm looking forward to meeting this Broke fellow. Sure we could have a long talk about the market prices and the sale of the day and so on:p

    Mir when we write in game it might be a good practice for me to use the English names as I have always played the game in Danish. There are a lot of new names for me to learn:oops:. But now I play it in English so I guess it will come quick and then you don't need to look it upxD
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  5. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Count Count

    Hello and welcome! There are so many nice, friendly and supportive players here it makes the game so much more fun. :)

    I love the fact that there is such an abundance of cultural diversity to be found in this forum with so many people from so many different places. I'm new here myself but the MOD's all seem to be really helpful and friendly as well which is a big improvement over the last game forum I was a member of.

    Happy Farming! :D
  6. abubadi66

    abubadi66 Old Hand

    No need to wait, if you go to (Game related chit chat) thread, you can see his post (I am broke, again ...), he is a market wiz and many players are learning from his market strategies.
  7. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Welcome Meba! We are always glad to have new farmers join the game or seasoned players as yourself join the forum. You will find many people who are helpful, as well as entertaining. Looking forward to your posts. As already noted, farmer_broke is one of our market strategists and is willing to engage in discussions about the market with people who are experienced shoppers and those who are still learning.
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    IVANCICA30 Regular

    welcome meba to forum and wish you lot of luck in market and making cc :D:D
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  9. farmerlily22

    farmerlily22 Forum Master

    Hello meba091:) Lovely to meet you!
  10. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    Hi! Nice to meet you...
  11. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Thanks a lot everyone :)

    I can see what you mean and I've just been there.:p Thanks for the advice :)

    Glad to hear that.:) It means a lot in a forum. Too bad your other forum wasn't good though.

    Thanks I really need that as I keep spending far too many CCso_O
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  12. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Forum Veteran

    Hello meba091,
    Welcome, Glad to have you here :).

    That market does have away of preoccupying ones time as does this forum, many harvests have been forgotten while sharing thoughts with

    Happy Farming !
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  13. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Welcome Meba! Your English is excellent - I don't think you'll have any problem here. So many of our farmers are from non english speaking countries, and it adds rich flavor to our friendly forum!! Hope you will have a really good time with us all!
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  14. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Hi Meba and welcome. Nice to meat you. I hope you will enjoy and have a lot of fun with us.
    Happy farming ^_^
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  15. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Nice to meet you all and thanks a lot:)

    You are so right about the forum - I just can't keep up:oops:. I need to be more selective :p

    Thanks for the kind words farmlily3 :) Ill do my best and most important is that you get the meaning.
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  16. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I really like your avatar :D It is a great movie :D
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  17. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Yah it is. I saw them both (1 and 2) 2 times xD
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  18. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Hi meba:) Welcome to the English forum:D
    One friend of mine moved in Denmark because her mother married a Danish man. It was so difficult for her to learn the language because Danish differ so much from Greek. But she often posts photos of Denmark and it seems like a beautiful country.
    Since you like selling in the market check here to see who else is in the same market with you.
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  19. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Thanks Arielh and sorry for my late answer. I forgot all about it:oops:

    Funny that you have a friend in DK and yes I can imagine how difficult it must be learning danish. We have some vowels æ,ø,å that can be really tough to pronounce. There is a sentence : rødgrød med fløde (stewed red berry fruits with cream) that we Danes sometimes tease foreigners with, cause most just can't get it right:p hehe
    Don't we just sound nice?:eek::oops:

    Well yes its a beautiful country especially in the spring time but I suppose its beautiful everywhere in spring:)

    I have already checked out whom I m in the market with;)
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  20. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Well, spring is beautiful everywhere and not so... Here in spring we have a lot of typhoons. And wind, and more wind. And when wind don't blow, is so hot!! But in rest is a great spring I ques ^_^
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