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  1. teddy.bear

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    What is the Menagerie?
    The Menagerie is the long waited storage quarters feature teased by the Game Team through the latest producer / community letters. After reaching level 50, you can unlock the Menagerie and save more space on your land by placing up to 8 stables under 1 Menagerie (2x2 squares used instead of 8 2x2 squares).

    The EP collected from the Menagerie will be the sum of all the stables you place in it. The production time will be the longest harvest time of the stables placed in this Menagerie.

    Please note: When you place a new stable in the Menagerie, it will reset the countdown, therefore we recommend you to feed the animals only after you fill in all the available slots.
    How can you unlock this feature?
    After reaching level 50, you can unlock the Menagerie with 500 stars from the Tree of Wisdom and/or with 299 BBs from the Shop (animal section):​


    At the moment you will only be able to have these 2 Menageries, one from the shop and one from the Tree of Wisdom.
    How can I use it?
    The Menagerie can be placed on your main farm, green meadow or magical glade. After buying it, you will find it in your Animals stables inventory:

    men4 (1).png



    After placing it on your field, you can select the stables you wish to use in this Menagerie. By default, you have 4 slots, but you can unlock 4 more - by upgrading the Menagerie twice, with 2 slots each time.

    Please note, you will be unable to place Jumbo stables in the Menagerie, you can just place stables and their upgrades​

    Click on the cogs icon to start adding stables into your slots:​


    You can click on the green stable icon to upgrade the stable. If the green icon is unavailable, there are no updates for this stable in your barn.

    Once you fill in your slot, close the menu and go back to clicking on the Menagerie in order to feed or super-feed your animals.​


    The upgraded Menagerie has different graphics as well:​

    To upgrade the Menagerie and unlock 2 more slots you will need regular tools (4 x Wooden Mallet, 6000 x Woodboards), 6 x Power Drills (random drops that can only be gathered from harvesting the Menagerie), and 4 Menagerie Blueprints - which can be obtained by completing the Menagerie quest in the Farmer's Society.

    Then you can upgrade it again for unlocking 2 more slots, reaching a total of 8 slots, by using 8 x Wooden Mallets, 12000 Woodboards, 12 x Power Drills and 8 x Menagerie Blueprints.
    Menagerie Quest

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  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Please find below a few more details about the Menagerie feature:
    • There might be more Menageries available in the future, but at the moment we cannot give you exact details;
    • For the Arboretum and the Manufactory no wood boards will be needed (similar storage houses for Trees and Workshops);
    • The runes in the tree of wisdom can be unlocked independently, and every rune will cost 500 stars;
    • The limit of 8 total slots for the Menagerie is set due to technical reasons;
    • The quest requirements for the Arboretum and the Manufactory will be similar to the Menagerie, but the amounts will be different;
    • The plan is to release the Arboretum and the Manufactory within the next 2-4 weeks (but this might change);
    • Maybe we will introduce Store Houses for wonder stables and wonder tree, giver items or pets in the future, but it's not decided yet;
    • Jumbo Trees won't be placebable in the Arboretum, but the tree auto-harvest feature will work with it;
    • The requirements are higher than usual – but we wanted to offer a new challenge also for our long time and high level users.
  3. shooger.sweet

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    The Menagerie II Quest

    357 quest.png

    menagerie chart.png
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    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    The Menagerie III Quest


    372 quest.png
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  5. shooger.sweet

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    The Menagerie IV Quest


    604 quest.png
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