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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by -Mir85-, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend


    The cloud row is a prize in the permanent FSQ Jack's Back. The quest will be visible every Moonlight Mania (and the rest of the time too it seems).

    Effect of the cloud row: 10% reduced growing time on MM crops for 24h & 1.500 Bahamarama - EP & 1.200 Farm - EP.
    The cooldown time is 48h.
    The info is from the German FAQ, I hope I got it correctly. Hopefully our FAQs will be updated soon as well.

    Items needed for the cloud row:
    • Skull candle
    • Cauldron cat
    • Dracula bunny
    • Spooky spider
    • Cerberus (new item)
    All the items are available in Jack's shop, you will find the info about the old items here. CJAT has also listed all the requirements in her post (thanks).

    The new item Cerberus can be bought for:
    3.000 potion plant
    2.500 Moondew
    1.500 Glow mold
    2.500 Dracula orchid​
    It gives 450BEP every 14 hours

    The Jack's back quest offers an item Field of fright, this is purely a deco item (no EP). This has nothing to do with the cloud row.


    New MM crops (source):
    Potion plant: 4h; 24EP
    Moondew: 6h; 36EP
    Glow mold: 8h; 48EP​

    Note: I didn't have much time this morning, so I have edited the post quite a bit, to make it more informative :)
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  2. belindamotion1

    belindamotion1 Active Author

    Is this the Halloween Event...? Not one that gets repeated in FSQ...? Sorry I usually just glance over the Events lately as everything(prizes) is Cloud Row and EP orientated ...:oops:..but the BEP section you posted caught my eye..:p
  3. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    The New Spooky Cloud Row will Give us 10% Reduce Growing time of Spooky Crops, which can be used with Terror Bouquet which is gold slot craft that gives us Reduce Growing Time of Spooky Crops an Additional 20%

    I will be using the Minimum Requirements of Spooky Crops to Unlock This Cloud Row. Then start to Make Kerberos Item which is needed for cloud Row. I have already got skull candle and spooky Spider in My Barn, Just Taking it out of my self made Halloween Cloud lol Ready for this new spooky cloud row But i need to make cauldron cat and dracula bunny too.
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  4. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Thanks Mir for posting the info. I asked the question yesterday about clarification for this event and the response was they were working on updating the FAQ. Still this morning there is no more official information so your post is most welcome. I like the cloud row being something different than EP. It will be a long time for me to open it though since I have none of the EP givers required to place on it.
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  5. Arrouquelas

    Arrouquelas Forum Inhabitant

    Don't forget to plant the new starter seeds in 2x2 plot! I was forgetting that...

    Pnp, being a 72 hour mini-event this time, maybe is it possible for you to get most of the items if not all? Fingers crossed!...
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  6. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    My strategy - first wake up, engage brain and before I feed all my animals, check the start time ... twice!* :music:

    So I am working four consecutive days after today and thought I would not be able to do much for MM but at least I would be home tomorrow for the start. Then checked out the FAQs for the second time and see that the event starts today so, on one side DOH! on the other side, an extra day when I can make a very small dent in the MM crop requirements! Still working on "Clean for a Spell" too but I am so tempted by that Cloud Row! :inlove:

    Have fun everyone and ... BOO! :D

    *Of course, forgot to say that this would have been my strategy if I had started by waking up before committing fields ... xD
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  7. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    Thanks Mir for starting this thread! :D
    Things have been busy here, but I couldn't resist stealing some time this morning :music:to calculate crop numbers needed for this cloud row as well as the cloud row items! xD Then I figured, I should be nice and bring them here to share... ;)

    First I figured crops needed for each cloud item, then I figured the number of crops needed to do the minimum of the Jack's Back quest (for opening the cloud row), then I combined the totals needed for both of them. So hopefully this helps some farmers to plan their crop strategy a bit better...

    Crops needed for each individual cloud row item:
    Skull candle: 500 Killer tomatoes, 500 Monster Pumpkins, 500 Bonetrees, 400 Tombstones, 100 Ghosts
    Cauldron cat: 1000 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees, 1000 Tombstones, 2000 Ghosts
    Dracula bunny: 250 Killer tomatoes, 500 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees, 1500 Tombstones, 1750 Ghosts
    Spooky spider: 1500 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees, 250 Tombstones, 100 Ghosts
    Cerberos: 3,000 potion plant, 2,500 Moondew, 1,500 Glow mold, 2,500 dracula orchid

    Add those together and you here are the...

    Total crops needed for the cloud row items:
    750 Killer tomatoes (500 +250)
    3,500 monster pumpkins (500 +1000 +500 +1500)
    3,500 bonetrees (500 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000)
    3,150 tombstones (400 + 1000 + 1500 +250) (~edit~ I can't add lol! o_Ops!)
    3,950 ghosts (100 + 2000 + 1750 +100)
    3,000 potion plant
    2,500 Moondew
    1,500 Glow mold
    2,500 dracula orchid

    The minimum needed to open the Jack’s Back quest cloud row:
    Silver 1: 50 potion plant, 25 Moondew, 5 Glow mold
    Silver 2: 75 potion plant, 50 Moondew, 25 Glow mold
    Silver 3: 100 potion plant, 75 Moondew, 50 Glow mold
    Silver 4: 200 potion plant, 150 Moondew, 100 Glow mold
    Silver 5: 400 potion plant, 200 Moondew, 150 Glow mold, 300 Black Bat flowers
    Silver 6: 450 potion plant, 350 Moondew, 300 Glow mold, 400 Bonetrees
    Gold 6: 550 potion plant, 300 Moondew, 300 Glow mold, 450 Bonetrees
    Diamond 6: 650 potion plant, 750 Moondew, 400 Glow mold, 550 Bonetrees

    Add those together...
    Totals needed to open the Jack’s Back cloud row:
    2,475 potion
    1,900 moondew
    1,330 glow mold
    300 black bat
    1,400 Bonetrees (~edit~ not ghosts as originally posted in the FAQ)

    And finally...
    Complete total number of crops needed for spooky items and to unlock Jack’s Back cloud row:[/COLOR]
    750 Killer tomatoes
    3,500 monster pumpkins

    4,900 bonetrees (3,500 + 1,400)
    3,150 tombstones
    3,950 ghosts
    5,475 potion plant (3,000 + 2,475)
    4,400 Moondew (2,500 + 1,900)
    2,830 Glow mold (1,500 + 1,330)
    2,500 dracula orchid

    300 Black bat (~edit~ thanks mir! I forgot about those too!)

    I too wonder if it possible to grow all these in 72 hours (or 71 in my case as I thought it started tomorrow lol!) :oops: I'm just thankful I saw the change early enough so I didn't plant a crop due to harvest after work! :eek: I will need to build all the items, and not sure of my stocks as a couple of weeks ago, for some odd reason I decided to go kinda crazy doing the last MM quest (lack of coffee/sleep perhaps lol?) xD

    I also updated my crop-growing times spreadsheet, so if you have the link to that (or any of my other sheets bookmarked) you can reference those for the new crop terror bouquet times. (I can't post the it here due to forum rules) but here is a screenshot to help out!

    ~ The manure calculations above reflect the activation of the "Growth Boost" rune from the Tree of Wisdom. ~

    ~edit to add (and then to edit lol!) the following chart~


    Happy (spooky) farming all! {{hugs}} CJ
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  8. steph2014

    steph2014 Forum Pro

    Thank you for the great information, Mir and CJ! I just wanted to point out to anyone reading that this is NOT a timed/temporary quest. I'm sure that lots of people want to get the cloud row in this 72 hour MM time frame (so that they can start collecting EP as soon as possible), and it is true that Moonlight Mania is in itself timed, and only comes around once a month. However, if there are people stressing out because they're afraid they won't be able to finish Jack's Back Quest within this cycle of MM, please keep in mind that this quest is permanent. If you don't finish the whole thing this weekend, you can pick up where you left off next month. :)
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  9. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    thanks CJAT, your summary make me got clear brain, I just got confused when I go to
    Jack's shop , which item I need for the cloud row??
    Had I overlook something? where to find cloud row item? I just find nothing state on FAQ
    about the cloud row, Or, my brain got sleep!!
    Better not to bother amymore, :oops:

    What I need now

    750 Killer tomatoes (stock on hand)
    3,500 monster pumpkins (stock on hand)
    3,500 bonetrees (stock on hand)
    2,150 tombstones (stock on hand)
    5,350 ghosts (3,950 + 1,400) (stock on hand)
    5,475 potion plant (3,000 + 2,475) (new crop, need to get them)
    4,400 Moondew (2,500 + 1,900) (new crop, need to get them)
    2,830 Glow mold (1,500 + 1,330) (new crop,need to get them)
    2,500 dracula orchid (stock on hand)

    So,Just focus on grow new crops, with CAC, & terror Bouquet, I think it can be done in 3 days

    time, even only with 1 field.
    Lucky, only 100 bonetrees need in making Terror Bouquet, other 2 ingredients do not need for
    my target, So, Make some TB & get some CC on market, they are now selling over 60K.:p
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  10. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    TB's are 90k on my market, Venus Fly Feasts 70k! :p
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  11. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    Thanks Mir (both puppiesnponies and me yesterday asked the questions about the items, crops, etc., but FAQs have not been updated since -I don't know if they've already done so-) and CJAT (for summing up all the numbers).

    It's really challenging to achieve this in only 3 days. But I'll try.

    I'm not in the best shape. I need to grow, apart from the new crops, 3,4K Phs and 2,1K DOs to get this done in such a short time-frame (I've been using a lot the newest MM permanent quest to complement activity and get to my self-defined daily EPs quota when I fail to achieve it).

    So, since I have loads of SG I never find a use for -except for initial event crops nuking up-, I've decided to start with WI-powered 2x2s with SG, manure and water, not just for the 10 initial seeds of all 3 new crops but even afterwards -till WI runs out- and also for those of the older crops I'm too low stocked of against what's required (namely, DOs and, maybe, also Phs). I'll activate TB once my current ZAB runs out. (These are the times when 2 Gold slots are too few; I hate this).

    For a second I also considered to use CFs while WI and TB are still active, with SG and manure. I've already ruled that out (I have too many SGs, so I can afford doing it differently) though I may reconsider this alternative. But it could be a shortcut for those who are low on SG and want to boost output a bit, particularly overnight. (Too many new crops at the same time; too many of them required). That is, CFs overnight could be a way of maximizing output by letting not a second in Main Field 2x2s without crops production. Especially, since we have 3 days and 2 nights in the middle.
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  12. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    Hi steph! {{hugs}} It's good to see you around! What a great reminder!

    @Mir ~ steph brings up a good point... maybe the thread name would better reflect the Jack's Back quest? (my 2 cents) ;) (That way it won't get archived and be easier for newbies to find?)

    Hi dnin! (I can't remember if you have a nickname or not) {{blush}} Yeah, it is a bit tricky finding links for MM... Since it is considered a mini-event, it happens to get tucked into this thread: October 2014 Mini Events. :p

    If you click the above link, it also has info on the event run-time/dates, pictures of the new spooky crops as well as a link to the Moonlight Mania FAQ, and also a link to the new Jack's Back quest.

    Hi illy! {{hugs}} I know a day or so ago Terror Bouquets were selling on my market for 69k ea... I usually buy them... this time I made some!
  13. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Hi CJ! :inlove: I never use any of them - the one of each I had went straight on the market: sold a TB for 90k and hopefully the VFF will go soon at 70k. :music:

    I was very rich for about five minutes on both farms after the donkey event (well, for me anyway, two million on each) with a self promise to keep at least two million until I hit the next million - then Illy went on a spending spree to get enough toolboxes to build a second Cookware Forge (little farm got its second and so Illy had to keep up with the Chevrefeuilles!). xD

    As already said, I am not going to be around much from tomorrow till Tuesday so I will plant as many longer term MM crops as possible and try again next time - as long as work schedules don't mess it up again! :wuerg:
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  14. heidels

    heidels Active Author

    UGH, I cannot even blame my coffee for what I didn't do here:

    <face palm> Why, oh why did I forget this? It's how I start every new event seed. Thanks for the reminders. This will teach me not to go blindly forth without first checking in with all the smart folks in the forum. Good grief. :sleepy:

    Thanks, CJAT for posting the numbers! I am so grateful as usual. I am one of the ones who used your prior spreadsheet and will have to update my version later. I do appreciate it so much.

    Well, I am in a sorry state due to previous spotty MM participation. I do love it but it rarely works with my RL schedule so I often ignore it and now, have new crops from the last time and this time to get after. And since I'm off to such a stellar start, should be good. :p

    I'm glad it's going to come back next month! Although, presumably back to the 24 hour time period, so I will try to do as much as possible right off the bat.

    ...Heh heh. Pun intended.

    Good luck to everyone!
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  15. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    CJAT, you may call me dn(in short)
    I read FAQ for MM & also the new quest (Jack's back) but I can't find anything on the new
    cloud row item. Maybe my eye got disconnect with my brain.
  16. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    No, don't think it's actually been shown yet DN - mind you, with my spectacular history for reading (or not!), perhaps I am not the most reliable source for information. :p

    And Heidels - glad I'm not the only one. I also couldn't get my head round why we needed to use 2x2's but I did it anyway, cos these guys are way smarter than me! :inlove:
  17. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    thanks illy, So, my eye & my brain got nothing wrong, It's just some farmer are
    smart enough to get those information before our Mod had put out the update FAQ.

    I just finished the inital planting for Glow mold & potion plant both get 90unit
    however, it's the bed time for my time zone, So, I put out 10 2X2 field for Moondew
    (it's 6 hr crop) other all change back to 1X1, I plant 95 Glow mold(just find I got 5 extra
    from system when I wait for the crop mature), remain field all grow Ghost.
    next morning when I woke, I could harvest all of them before my CAC run out.
    Then I could start with full field Glow mold plant,
  18. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Hi all :D

    Thanks to CJAT for posting the numbers, that's great! Very helpful :) Just the tiniest detail: you forgot 300 black bat flowers in complete total numbers.

    Thanks to steph & CJAT for the reminder & suggestion to emphasize that this is a permanent MM quest. Have edited my first post, to make it a bit more informative. I was in a hurry this morning and just wanted to post the most important facts :)

    I was also wondering how long this will take. I don't have any of the items, and very little crops in stock. The short answer is that it is going to take long xD The longer answer is in the table below. The columns are showing the total grow time using 200 1x1 fields with water and different buffs.

    Formatting of the numbers: 02:17:42 means 2*60 hours+ 17 hours + 42 minutes = 5.7 days


    I will grow some of the 8h crops with super grow, and I will see how far I get. Haven't decided what to aim for first. Will definitely not make all of it :wuerg:

    Good luck every one :D Spooky farming!

    Edit: Updated, I had forgotten 1000 tombstones in the totals.
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  19. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    I won't make it in these 3 days, but I'll try to do most of it. I'll most probably SG both the 8 and 6 hours crops during the day until I get to some 200/300 SGs (I now have, after having used some already, around 1,1K units), use some CFs (watered, manured, SGed, w/TB and WI) overnight (for the 8 hs crops, it means 06:38; it'd yield a little bit less than with just CAC and 1x1s -05:07 w/water and TB- but, given the fact it's impossible for me to do everything in 3 days, at least I get more EPs and no idle time; 5 hours is too short and 6:38 is just right for planting before going to bed and harvesting at breakfast).

    Good luck to everyone.

    (Time also to have some pens in the other fields for manure production, either for sale or use with the longer spooky crops; orange chicken pens would do if you can constantly be around; but I hate one must have CAC active to get the most of this, which means space used up by pens gets CAC under-squeezed....; choices.... LOL).

    EDIT: Everyone should ask themselves one key question: why, if it is, it's important for oneself to get this cloud row, and if it's worth the effort to get it done as soon as possible.

    I'll give you my own answer to myself:
    * the 1500 B-EPs/48 hours are OK, and worth the effort up to a certain point (Farm EPs are a cruel joke); they translate into 0,75K effective B-EPs/day -if cloud is perfectly harvested on the dot-; thus, for me, at my current Baha level, 228, that needs around 800K B-EPs/level, it means 1 Baha level every TWO years, or, just 5 GBs/TWO yrs; in other words, it's worth the effort but not too much; instead of wasting CCs-fortunes in manure, think twice, and buy cheap Red Punches and/or Langoses instead and allow you more time to get this cloud row at a calmer pace;
    * the 10% reduction on spooky crops growth time interests me more; it effectively means one can get, with perfect sowing/harvesting, 10/11% more output from every MM session; but, again, it can wait.

    Conclusion: Don't give it TOO much effort and/or resources: it's not worth them. Do as much as you can without worrying on how far you actually progress. You'll get it in time......

    That's exactly what I'll do: as much as I can, but I won't lose my sleep time for this..... LOL
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  20. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I have updated my first post (again). The item Field of fright rewarded in the quest is a purely deco item (no EP). This item has nothing to do with the cloud row.
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