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Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by -Mir85-, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Awsome as always David :inlove:
  2. bearbabe

    bearbabe Junior Expert

    [​IMG], or maybe [​IMG]?
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  3. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    I just looked at your second picture on 'full-size' ... Scary !!*?!
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  4. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Ambassador

    I am short of building materials (namely Bricks) for the Manufactories. Has anyone found a refined crop for Bricks?
    My 50 Mythic Cerberus do a good job with wood boards and such but, when you look for a certain tool in particular, it never seems to be in enough abundance that you desire.
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  5. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Malt grain, peppermint and four-leaf clover have brick refinements (x10).
  6. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I need to rededicate my efforts for wood boards and wooden mallets to upgrade the storage facilities. I got discouraged while working on roses and carnations and have made half hearted attempts since then.
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  7. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I got an igm from a Portuguese farmer, ANALU79, who found another gem amongst the new refinements :D Instant crocus with super grow refinements, white innocence and fruit cake, no chestnut cloud row required! Animation by ANLU79:


    For those who are not familiar with "instant crops" I will explain how this is possible.

    • Super grow starts out with 50% efficiency, that is, growing time is reduced by 50% when super grow is added.
    • The growth boost rune increases this efficiency to 60%
    • Fruit cake and white innocence adds a total of 15 percentage points to the efficiency, making it 75%.
    • Crocus has a super grow love refinement that increases efficiency by 25%, making it 75%*1,25= 93.75%
    • Crocus also has another super grow love refinement which increases efficiency further by 9%, making it a total of 93.75%*1.09= 102.2% efficient which in practice is rounded down to 100% efficiency.
    100% efficiency means growing time is reduced by 100% meaning they grow in literally no time at all after super grow is applied.

    What can you do with instant crops?
    • First of all, comfort fields are recommended. 1x1 fields eat up a lot of super grow, and the time difference between normal 2x2 and comfort fields doesn't matter since growing time is reduced to 0 in both cases.
    • If you are short on drops for an event (or want more to get extra prizes) and have super grow to spare; instant crops generate instant drops!
    • Can also be used to get more of regular drops - like artisan ingredients or tools.
    • If you have and are willing to spend the super grow you can grow instant crops to generate instant EP when you have a big EP bonus. Or you can grow instant crop to stock up your barn when you have a big harvest bonus.
    • Other suggestions?

    I think this is awesome news. Instant crops has been a possibility for some of us for a long time. The chestnut cloud row from the Chestnut Festival in 2014 has a super grow bonus. Together with the rune, white innocence and fruit cake it increases super grow efficiency to a total of 80%. Then a 25% super grow love bonus is enough to get instant crops, and we have a few of those. But of course many players don't have that cloud row and newer players never had a chance to get it. So I think it is only fair that instant crops is now a possibility for everyone. The level for crocus, 145, is high, but it can be a nice goal after you reach level 100. For so long there was nothing to work for (except simply reaching a new level) after you hit 100.

    Thanks to ANALU79 for sharing! If you want to read the original post where she also discuss refinements for turnip and foxtail millet, you'll find it here.
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  8. PeepsCA

    PeepsCA Board Analyst

    :inlove: Awesome, ty for sharing Mir! I am one who doesn't have that coveted Chestnut CR, so this is definitely something I will very much look fwd to as I keep leveling up;)
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  9. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Thank you for sharing Mir, and yes this is a motivating goal to work towards :D
    I'm terrible at those refinements so I really need all motivation, prods, pokes, help, tips and general reminder for it. Thank you all!
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  10. PeepsCA

    PeepsCA Board Analyst

    It's a total crapshoot @Moraine, I just keep a double batch of the crop I'm trying to get ALL the refinements for going all the time (I usually try to check on it 3 times a day), and I make sure to keep every refinement it finds, the good bad and ugly (so I don't continually get the bad and the ugly lol)... eventually you will get the refinements you want/need. Sometimes I'll alternate to trying other crops if I just keep getting no refinements at all, but I have no idea if it really helps break up the monotonous crop eating losing streak I get stuck in or not lol ;)
  11. baw815

    baw815 Forum General

    Mir, now that is awesome news. I didn't get that chestnut cloud row, at the time the donation of breeding animals seemed steep. Now I would do it in a heartbeat, not just for the usefulness of the row but it's in line with other animal donations now. This is definitely something to strive for. :inlove:
  12. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    Thanks Peeps, it is a matter of remembering, both to use and to explore. Boring part of the game imo, but nice when I actually remember it.
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  13. BillyJoeBimmBob

    BillyJoeBimmBob Forum Apprentice

    Indeed... I was very disappointed to see there were no new Refinements for Baha crops at all.... Doesn't make sence, the Saguaro is 24hr grow time, enough competitive grow time to be added to refinements.. Especially when Main Land Carnation crop is only 18:54hr grow time, as a fair comparison.

    Whats the point of Baha fields anyway if BP isnt gonna treat the fields in retrospect to their Main Land foundation which the whole game is based upon... What, to give us the illusion Baha is suppose to be harder... .....and what about everything else contiguous to Baha that identically reflects Main Land... so... no refinements to Baha because Baha is suppose to be harder? Other than events, why do we have the Baha fields?

    To grow crops and trees for Artisan's... So we can use Artisan items for Baha, which help us for quests and events.. ...but when can we actually use Baha Artisan items outside overlapping Events... Extra diamond and gold buff slots perhaps.... Baha refinements..... hummmmm....

    BP, you're on the threshold of a truly awesome game but you refuse to cross that divide... Why? You have all the money making items in place... Perhaps I just expect too much and I'm being completely delusional towards a game I truly enjoy...
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  14. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Emperor of the Forum

    Great post MirxDxD
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  15. Just some additions to your post on Crocus -Mir85-, but not limited only to crocus.
    With instant crops it more or less 'compulsory' to use comfort fields:

    1. Due to productive efficiency of super grow.
    With comfort fields one SG produces a profit of 12 plants, +2 if carrot-apple chutney is active.
    40 comfort fields with 40 SG pump out instantly 560 seeds profit.
    This productivity cannot be matched by normal fields.

    2. Due to drop efficiency.
    While the growth time is instant in both, normal and comfort fields, the initial growth time is used for drop rate.
    Comfort fields have four times the maturity time of normal fields and this ensures an almost certain drop out of each field.
    The enhanced drop rate applies also for artisan ingredients and tools.

    3. Higher EP gain.
    The EP base is higher on comfort fields, actually twice the EP of the normal 2x2 fields.
    All the EP enhancements, pets, cloud rows etc are based on this higher EP start point resulting in higher EP gains.

    Specifically for Crocus:
    - a little additional EP benefit could be gained by using the chestnut cloud row and using only one gold slot for white innocence.
    In the other gold slot Blossom Crown can placed which will give an additional 75%EP on Crocus flowers.
    That would result on an additional 307 EP per SG in a comfort field.

    - Suzy's super grow (for the willing) will give 9 additional plants instead of six due to the Combo Fertilizer Love refinement.
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  16. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Good addition xristos-ale3andros :D

    From what I have heard, drop rate from a comfort field is double the drop rate from a normal 2x2, so definitely better for drops with SG.

    PS. So not to confuse anyone, without SG comfort fields are not good for drops because the growing time is 4x as long, but drop rate only doubles.
  17. I fully agree -Mir85- and it's better that you made the clarification.
    The quest for drops in comfort fields applies only for instant crops with SG.
    In any other case small 1x1 fields are more efficient for drops.
    And now my new favorite refined plant - Valerian - Level 175.
    It is not comparable to instant crops, but it has very good refinements that allow its daily use in 1x1 fields without SG.
    The maturity time of Valerian is 22 hours and 15 minutes.
    Related to time, positive refinements are:
    - reduction of maturity time 4,5%, 10% and 20%
    - increased effectiveness of water 7% and 50%
    - increased effectiveness of manure 15 and 60%
    Related to time, negative refinements are:
    - reduced effectiveness of water 12%

    Only with the use of water and manure the maturity time reduces by almost 60% and the plant is ready in 9 hours and 5 minutes.
    Adding the 'Magic Ticket Stalk Row 1' cloud row + 'source of life' and 'elixir of life' maturity time reduces to 7 hours and 21 minutes.
    I use this as a starting plant for events and as an overnight plant during events, not necessarily with the artesian products, and it provides an excellent drop rate in 1x1 fields.
    As this is a high level plant not available to everyone, I can say that until reaching level 175 I used refined crop square as a drop plant during events for many years, and crop square is a low level plant.
    This is just to remind that good refinements can be found at almost any level.

    -Mir85- do you know if 'Magic Ticket Stalk Row 1' cloud row + 'source of life' and 'elixir of life' reduce time by 10% and 10% or by 20%?
    I never had the need to run them all together. (too stingy)
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
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  18. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Should be 20% :) when using artisan products and cloud row buffs the percentages usually add together.
  19. Moraine

    Moraine Forum General

    I seem to forget to use refinements and never remember to refine anything. Is it rude to ask for a "Players Favourite refinement list"?
    I have Roses and carnations - both for reduced time - enhance drop rate when needed.
    "Working on" Raspberries for the same ? reason. Been so long I forgot why, there is also a special tool effect, but not sure if that's why.
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  20. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    My favorites from the "old" refinements:
    • Crop square - good time reduction, handy for increasing drops without sg
    • Raspberries - same as crop square. The time reduction isn't quite as good, but if the time slot you want to fill is longer, raspberries is the better choice.
    • Any crop with a +25% sg refinement.
    • Iris - +25% sg refinement + 1000x the drop chance for wooden mallets. Wooden mallets have high EV, so excellent for tool donations.
    Favorites so far* among the new refinements:
    • Foxtail lily and gentiana - increased chance for wood boards
    • Wild rose - +25% sg and increased chance for wood boards. This is what I am working towards now!
    • Crocus - +25% sg and +9% sg gives instant crops without chestnut cloud row!
    • Nettle - good time reduction, excellent in combination with melon magic for those that have them.

    * I don't have a good overview of all the new refinements yet.