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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello Farmers,

    This is the section where you can post any suggestions you might have for Farmerama! All the ideas are welcomed. Please keep in mind that moderators will interfere with your ideas, but this does not mean that your suggestions are ignored - this section is constantly reviewed, and your suggestions are forwarded to the game team on a regular basis! However, we cannot promise that you will see your ideas implemented in the game, since many suggestions are made from players across all the communities, so the developers cannot make all your dreams come true.

    If you have a suggestion, please check the other threads to see if your idea has been posted before. If your idea has been already brought up by another player, please reply to that thread - otherwise please open a new one.

    Posting Threads:
    • Please choose a relevant title for your suggestion thread, and raise other players' interest;
    • Please explain your idea in the most clear way possible;
    • Follow the Forum guidelines.

    Replying to existing threads:
    • Please post constructive comments, and bring arguments to support your statements; If you like an idea, please show your support by saying why do you think it's a great suggestion. If you disagree with a suggestion, please explain why it would be a bad addition to the game, in a nice and polite manner;
    • Posts which just say: "I love it", "I hate this", etc, will be considered as spam and deleted. All suggestions are considered and acknowledged, so please show your support if you have something to add;
    • Off topic posts will be treated as spam and deleted;
    • Full quoting is not necessary and will be removed.
    We are looking forward to reading all your amazing ideas!​

    Your Farmerama EN Team
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