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Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by gardengal, Jul 2, 2024.

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  1. gardengal

    gardengal Board Analyst

    I understand that the drop rate for this is low but can it be please be raised a little or give us the option to buy them? Better yet, let it be a drop from fields instead of from manufactories, menageries, arboretums, etc. The drop rate is not just low, it is abysmal. I always have arboretums out that I harvest daily. I have menageries out too here and there as well, sometimes manufactories, when space is not needed for events. I can't upgrade any of these that I have worked very hard on to build because of extremely low drops on power drills. We work hard to build these things, that's enough, we shouldn't have to also wait for "low chance" drops to get what we need when it's already hard enough getting these store houses and upgrading them with other drops we must wait on.
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  2. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Veteran

    Hello gardendal,

    yes it is frustrating waiting for power drills to drop. To maximize your chances of getting one, concentrate on the menagery first. They let you save up more space on your farm (up to 8 stalls in the space of just one), put in it your longest harvest stalls you want. Before harvesting, manually put out your Howie Donut(s) if you have them.

    If you have arboretums, put in your longest trees (the free arboretum you get from the Tree of Wisdom) should be filled with your Honey tree, Cow Milk & Goat Milk trees with your Pheromone Tree (if possible). This won't help you save space (4 trees in a 2c2 building), but it will give you a chance of winning a power drill. Put out manually your Howies too. I know it's tedious but it will work.

    If you purchased menageries/arboretums/manufactories with BBs, just do the same. This will require tons of bricks, wood planks and roof tiles and of course those blue prints.

    If you have the golden bananas for it, get them too in Bahamarama. Same with Moonlight Mania. That's what I did and at some point I had more power drills than any other materials needed for the upgrades (the blue prints FSQ will eat out your tools!!!).

    Hang in there! ;)
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  3. gardengal

    gardengal Board Analyst

    Yes, I do all of the above already. Thank you. @Nordais
  4. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Veteran

    I forgot to mentioned, if you end up winning bonuses on both spinning wheel for stalls or even luckier with 100% or 200% on everything, nuke your menageries with power feeds. You'll have better luck with a stall that gives out a higher number of animals than a stall that just hands out 1 animal.

    Not to rub salt on your open wounds, but I have sitting in my inventory 5342 power drills that are worthless (they cannot be used in tool FSQ nor any kind of donation). So at some point you'll be rolling yourself in them.

    Good luck, sending you positive vibs!
  5. gardengal

    gardengal Board Analyst

    Omg please send me some. :) @Nordais
    I do follow all of that advice already with the exception of when I need space for events/quests/goals. What I'm working on right now is adding more slots to my menageries but I can't without power drills; so I just removed all my menageries to work on a different goal but also because I'm sick of not being able to add slots to them lol. I have arboretums out always though, even during events, in both lands and they are fully slotted/stocked.

    Thank you!!!