prices reflect old players and few new

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by Lea2191, Jun 5, 2022.

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  1. Lea2191

    Lea2191 Forum Inhabitant

    The prices of animals have come down about 80 percent. This indicates to me that there are a lot of old players in the same boat I am, that I have animals that I've raised and nothing to do with them. I don't want to throw them away trying to be the top 3000 because I'll never be in the top 3000.

    It's getting a. little boring playing because what I raise isn't really ever used. I have a goal of 1000 animals each because you never have an event that asks for more. However, a lot of these Neon stable animals, basic animals mostly, it would be nice to have events that require 5000 animals instead of 1000. It would require I change my goal of how many animals I need in the long run.

    The prices would obviously have to be good. A new neon animal or new animal that isn't available elsewhere would be good prices.

    I don't know why you can't have events for people at level 150 and higher.

    I see the game fizzling out if a change isn't made because what is the point of trying to raise these animals if the price is so low there is no point in selling them, and the animals have no possibility they will ever be used.

    I recall a recent quest you used a very few snails and players responded that younger players might not have the snails to finish the quest. What is the point of having snails if you are prevented from ever using them because some players are looking out for new players.

    If there are very few new players, and I believe that is the case, you need to shift to make the game more interesting for older players that are still here.

    Some players, I think, are adding new farms because farming a mature farm isn't that interesting. However, i don't have any interest in developing a new farm. I would like for the game to be adjusted to make the game fun for older players.
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  2. Brookeham

    Brookeham Forum Freak

    I completely agree!
    I've been losing interest in the game....which is very disappointing since I've been playing daily for over 10 years.
    There are really no new challenges....especially on Baha.
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