Producer's Newsletter: April 2015

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Dear forum reader,

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    Howdy Farmers,

    Here is the newsletter you've been waiting for!


    Hi Farmerama Players,

    This newsletter will mostly focus on the Mill redesign and the changes we are implementing in today’s release.

    Unfortunately, the new mill has experienced a few issues. These issues have especially affected users who purchased the Valentine’s cloud row and the mill subscription. By adding the ability to queue crafts in the mill, we implemented a change in the behaviour of buffs to the mill. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been working tirelessly to fix these issues and to arrive at a fair compromise for our players. We also strived to ensure that these fixes wouldn’t negatively impact the game’s economy. This release will see the following changes:

    1. Mill Output

    Going forward, the mill will only grant items once the entire production cycle has been completed. Example: If you decide to craft 5 Power feed, you will have to wait for ALL 5 Power feed to be crafted before they are added to your inventory. If you cancel production, all paid in resources will be returned to your inventory. Inventory caps for Water and Manure will remain. Example: If you cancel production of Power feed, water will be returned to your inventory but it will be limited to the existing cap. You will also see a confirmation dialogue when you try to cancel a production.

    2. Changes to Valentine’s Cloud Row Sale Buff

    The duration of the cloud row buff has now been extended to 12 hours. The cool down has been reduced to 18 hours. The production time in the mill will be reduced only for the duration of the buff.

    3. Mill subscription Compensation

    All users will receive the mill subscription for 14 days. Please claim this compensation through the Bonus code: Mill2015

    4. Unlocking of the 3rd Slot

    All users will receive the 3rd slot to the mill for free. You will now be able to queue 2 additional crafts in the mill.​

    We understand that these changes have been frustrating and sincerely appreciate your patience. Thank you for understanding.
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