Producer's Newsletter: March 2015

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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Farmerama Community,

    We wanted to publish a post immediately to address all your concerns. Unfortunately, this means that we did not have enough time to send it through our translation process. Our forum moderators have kindly offered to translate this message and publish it on my behalf.

    During the last few weeks, your voices have been loud and clear. There were definite moments in the recent past, during which the Farmerama team struggled to keep you, our community, happy. I wish we had listened more and taken a different path.

    We were wrong and we admit it. All of these issues should have been caught earlier and we failed to do so. Removing the stars from the event quests was an unfortunate and poor decision. We also failed to communicate the changes we made to the stable master rune and the new manure behavior. Our recently release mill re-work has also severely affected users who purchased the Valentine’s Magic Stalk Row and the Mill Subscription.

    We know you are disappointed with our recent releases and we take complete responsibility for it. In the past 6 months, we’ve made tremendous progress in fulfilling our vision of making Farmerama the most player-focused game. I want to assure you all that we’re currently working on a solution for the mill. Unfortunately, we must ensure that the fix we introduce is correctly implemented and thoroughly tested. This will take time. I humbly request your patience, while we work night and day to make this happen. I also want to promise you that all users who purchased the Valentine’s Magic Stalk Row and Mill Subscription will receive a fair compensation.

    We really believe that we have something that no one else has – a remarkable game with the most passionate and loyal community of players. The greatest realization for us is that Farmerama belongs to you and we at Bigpoint are only enablers of your experience.

    But enough talk from me. We’ll focus on doing what we say and work towards the path of restoring trust.
    Thank you,
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