Producer's Newsletter: November 2014

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Dear forum reader,

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    Howdy Farmers,

    Here is our wonderful Producer's newsletter for November 2014. We hope you will enjoy it!​


    Hey Farmerama Players!

    November is almost over and it’s time for another update from your Farmerama team! The weather in Hamburg is getting really cold but the Christmas markets have started and the mood within the team has been really good. We’re working hard as always but eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holidays. My German classes have started as well! ;)

    Topics I’d like to discuss today:

    We received A LOT of good feedback on our Halloween releases and we’re really proud of the content we released through October. As I mentioned in my earlier newsletters, we’re working hard to provide good content to our elder players and it’s really encouraging to hear your praise. In addition to our Halloween themed events, our game design team did a fantastic job on the chilli day quest. You can expect similar content in the upcoming months... especially with regards to seedlings. :)

    Coral Reef
    We recently invited some of the board admins to visit us in Hamburg to playtest coral reef. The initial feedback from them was extremely encouraging and we’re happy with the progress made so far. I know you’re all eagerly waiting for this release. Believe me, we’re working hard to complete development but at the same time we want to make sure we ship this feature with the highest quality. We’ll continue iterating on it and hopefully you’ll be able to play it early next year. Here’s another sneak peek.
    I’d like to thank the admins for visiting us again! We got some ideas from them especially with regards to balancing and I can’t wait for you all to play coral reef.

    Future Newsletters

    Going forward, one of our ideas is that our board admins and community managers will open threads and invite you all to raise questions so we can talk about community specific items. But we will inform you about the final idea in one of the next Newsletters.
    Lastly, I want you all to know that we take your feedback seriously. We appreciate your feedback and we’re constantly trying to improve the game. The recent issues with the comic event were unfortunately and we’re constantly working to improve the quality of our releases. Our response time to these bugs were instant and I’m relieved that we could fix them as soon as possible. The game designers and I always make time to read the forums. I unfortunately need a translator app to read the non-English forums ;) and especially enjoyed the ‘Highlight of the day’ thread! :p Over the next few weeks, We’ll be working on the finalizing the roadmap and vision for 2015 (community wish list will be highest priority). Exciting plans for 2015 and we look forward to sharing them with you!
    We have some exciting content for you in December, so stay tuned!
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