Real Deal: UNITY experience

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by farmer_broke, Nov 24, 2020.

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  1. saturnia22

    saturnia22 Forum Great Master

    When is the 48 hours up? I seriously doubt I'll continue with the choppiness; it's wearing me down. it takes 15 minutes to cover the farm with clicks and the loading time is that of a Commodore 64 with 64mb. I log in twice a day now whether it needs it or not, I don't fuss over details anymore because it takes so long. My mill script ran out and I've been using coupons for the last 3 months to harvest.
    I won't spend a dime more here until I'm sure it's a game that I'll enjoy. Right now this is not joy. After 6 years it's come to a 1974 colorized pong. Don't get me wrong about knowing their effort; I know they must be awake at night wondering if the whole platform will go kaput since they have several multiplayer games on their plate each one racing to be ready for Dec. 31st. I've used two browsers and both are painful exercises in paint drying. Good ol' flash r.i.p.
  2. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Nobody in their right mind is going to continue to play this game like this.
    BeePs must solve many of the issues we are having and immediately or players simply will not play.

    But let's continue to give BeePs a reasonable chance to solve concerns here.

    I cannot say with any certainty that switching animation ON will solve the ready to harvest issue permanently.
    Switching it on has changed the graphics temporarily (as long as I remain on that field)

    Sometimes merely switching fields and returning to another changes the graphics.

    Also harvesting is slow. I have found no temporary solution.

    The manure total is NOT immediately accurate. Switching fields will immediately correct the total but not solve the problem.
  3. escalonilla

    escalonilla Forum Commissioner

  4. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I'm really calm.
    And my last experience with UNITY was awful to say it nicely.

    FLASH is still available as UNITY. Today I plan on signing the baby farms in using UNITY. You bet I'm still going to give BeePs a chance to clean up the mess.

    Be certain to read the damage control posted by teddy.bear.

    ---- edit after one baby farm experience today ----

    No way will I sign into abuse.
    Among the problems leading to dissatisfaction with UNITY and therefore this game:

    Mill could not be set accurately if at all
    Most of a field of apple trees showed not ready yet in fact they were.

    No more UNITY experiences for the broke empire at this time!
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  5. perika222

    perika222 Forum Greenhorn

    Unity is sooooo slooooow, everything takes loads of time. I start losing my patience soon. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but seeing feedback in this thread shows me that it's not the problem of old computers or weak internet connection, right? My computer doesnt have performance problems and my internet supports far bigger processes than farmerama game, yet I get lag.
    Violent games dont make people violent, lag does. Because a once peaceful farming game makes me furious. Thinking about leaving the game..
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  6. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    Hang on, things will hopefully improve as the time goes. I'm still playing in flash, and just checking Unity occasionally. If things keep being bad after flash is gone, I'll just reduce play time. But things should get stable in the future.
  7. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Count Count

    A month ago, I was scared
    Unity seemed so ill-prepared
    Flash was still my go-to thread
    and thoughts of Leaving! filled my head
    The compulsory days seemed so low
    I Want.My.Flash. Unity is Slow!
    But gradually... Oh That's nice and new!
    Why am I getting in such a Stew?
    This has been forced on Farmerama
    And I now won't make it a Drama
    Each day seems to be getting better
    other way.. I will soon forget her...
    Thankyou, developers, for your Hard Work.
    I should have known you wouldn't shirk
    Unity now is the way for me.
    and I'm as happy as can be!

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  8. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Ambassador

    Pray to god what are you smoking David ???
    Unity is a second hand joke being shoved down our throats by some benevolent band of data dinks.
    As soon as the christmas calendar is finished I am out of here and onto more stimulating things ... like a life
  9. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Count Count

    I agree, Banjo, especially after being locked out for five hours at the start of MMania..... phewee!!
    and I got back in with flash.....:wuerg:

    anyways, who told said anythink about smoking man....
    :music:sing us a song, you're the piano banjo-man
    sing us a song tonite...
    for we're all in the mood for a Melody...
    and you got us feeling allrite...:music:
    I'm feeling real hungry man..... (got the munchies...):wuerg:
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  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I have several farms which are checked and my experience with UNITY has remained awful
    I read the dissatisfaction most express with UNITY.
    Yesterday I did not sign into this game at all.

    The following caught my attention:
    I still must recommend that we all continue to try and play this game. Give BeePs a chance to work players' issues out before FLASH is discontinued.

    There once was a time when this game was terrible to play. Terrible! The game play has significantly improved over time.
    UNITY performance should increase also.

    NO, I choose not to wait forever for player issues to be solved before going elsewhere. (Some I know have already gone away...for now)

    Please continue and try to play this game.
    I will continue and try.
    My experience now with UNITY is very very very aggravating.
    Whenever I can take no more then I will sign out of this game.

    Whenever I am prepared for more frustration then I will attempt to sign into this game.

    I notice that I am signing in less and less and less now.
    Soon I expect my efforts to go toward identifying another online game.
    You will too.
    And I would expect to periodically sign back into the game in order to see if my concerns are solved.
    If not then I will play another game I would have found.

    Issue for me: My farms spend million, tens of million and even hundreds of millions in the market at one time. I am unable to purchase continuously without the cursor moving. (Speed buying in UNITY is impossible using the return key as it does not work.)

    And I will try and play this game again today!
  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The rules enforced in this forum include that the English language be used.

    Your above post translated using google translate reads:
    I'm telling you ... UNTY is a nightmare ... UNTY has not worked in Farmerama for 20 days ... Farm not working ... I can't grow anything ... Flash won't work after learning this ... Set Up Unty ... Established... Look at them first ... Install the infrastructure called Unty so we can get in here like in Flash .... Solution... Solution. .. Solution. .. offfffff
    My experience today using UNITY leaves much more to be desired.
    The issue which disturbed me the most was that I had to pay very careful attention in order to determine whether my stables were fed and watered, market buying was very frustrating, and harvesting trees (and sometimes stables) required multiple clicks when using the mouse to harvest. There appeared to be no pattern to the need for multiple clicks nor have I found a solution.

    The manure pile total was also delayed as it has been. The result is over harvesting and not being able to sell it all because there was no access to it beyond the limit of the farm.

    On a positive note, I did notice a change which eased the ability to sell in the market using UNITY.

    At this moment I have no desire to be frustrated by use of UNITY tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow though.
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  12. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Count Count

    I don't seem to be having as many issues with Unity as a lot of you are. Don't get me wrong it's sluggish and there are certainly issues but I had many of the same problems with Flash. It's not like the game never froze up on me or took a long time to load or locked me out completely in the past.

    I will say I did just turn off animations and that has helped significantly when moving between fields.
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  13. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    :) I'm having absolutely no problems whatsoever with UNITY and no frustration either.

    This is how I do it:

    I'm continuing to use FLASH and pay UNITY no more mind

  14. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    Lol man, just lol. You surprised me. Surely did not expect that. But yeah, I sort of do the same ....... Unfortunately not for much longer, just a few more days, unless Flash Goddess comes down to protect her child. :)
  15. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today :cry:
    to say goodbye to our dear friend FLASH who has helped us on our way.

    T minus 15 hours and 15 minutes and counting

    Please send all flowers to this thread.

  16. yusufça

    yusufça Junior Expert

    Goodbye dear Flash :cry::cry: :cry:

    Everything will be harder, foggy and slower without you :cry::cry::cry:

    Goodbye friend. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
  17. escalonilla

    escalonilla Forum Commissioner

    I certainly don't wanna start my day getting anxious becuase of this game. So I might have to stop logging in every morning.

    Don't wanna make a decision yet, but I for sure know that my mental health is more important than this.
    Furthermore, I can't go to work worried thinking about the game.
    My students deserve the best of me!
  18. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    Still 1 day 12 hours on my counter. :) Will worry about Tuesday on Tuesday. The day has enough worries of it's own. :)
  19. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak

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  20. ntuncer4257

    ntuncer4257 Forum Apprentice

    Would you please take care ... Unite is not working in the field ... it does not work .... it has never worked .