Real Deal: UNITY experience

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  1. Lea2191

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    regarding above post. Some players might want to take a break and give Bigpoint a chance to fix some of the problems. The game will always be here when you get back. So in 3 months, the program hopefully will be working a lot better.
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  2. farmer_broke

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    :cry::cry::cry: <------ says it all

    ----- edit ----Still signed in using flash and loving it xD:)xD
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  3. Mooboy

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    I have logged back in unity playing it on my phone using puffin it is very slow,not as responsive to my liking I dunno how much or how long I can perseverance playing this game we have to see how it goes

    Standalone client wont work on android smart phone,on ok those using Windows
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  4. Clashstrummer

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    Holy cow Renzo's fair is a total joke trying to play in Unity. It's basically Loot Shoot or nothing.
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  5. nortonc

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    I remember somebody hollering that Unity is superior software, yet I have not seen a single game feature/behavior which got better with Unity, not a single one.
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  6. farmer_broke

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    well o_O............................................................:mad:.....................
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