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  1. Reza.Aktamasyandy

    Reza.Aktamasyandy Forum Apprentice

    Well well. Greeting to all e-farmers in Farmerama! xD

    Finally I'm back from my retirement (again, and this is the third time) after I stopped for 5 or 6 months from playing! And I'm glad that I can play this great farming game.

    I guess I should re-introduce y'all again. My name? See my ID. I'm from Indonesia (Hello Indonesians! Add saya ya!). I'm stuck at level 75 (I should be at least 90 if I didn't stop playing for long) and I'm the member of market 10 (kinda forgot how to see it, but luckily I wrote it on my signature lol). I'm currently a student who will graduate soon (hope so xD).

    I played this game since 2013 or so (I kinda forgot since time has passed by so much and also almost every year I decided to stop for at least 4 months). Every time I'm back from retirement, there would be a change. Whether it was the graphic, additional menu, new missions etc. And that made me wanna play even though I stopped for quite long.

    And this time's changes are just too much for me. Especially in missions' display menu. It's kinda pain for me as an old player somehow (sorry bigpoint, not to offend you, but it's just too hard for me lol). And I saw some new features or rather mission in Tree of Wisdom which are I don't know anything about it (hope someone wants to explain those :p).

    Well somehow, I found it interesting. I mean new missions, new problem, new rewards, and such. I've cleared 7 tasks so far after came back from retirement and the rewards aren't that bad. Really worth it.

    But yeah, I was surprised with one thing. Since when there is an Inflation in game???!!! I mean I was used to buy lettuces for 5 CC each. Now it's 15 CC each! And yeah not only that. I think almost all stuffs prices have risen up at least 300% (except Apple 100 - 120 CC* and Parrot Feathers 1200 - 1600 CC*).

    Well let's put that aside. Since I've stopped for 5 or 6 months, it costed me on losing Farmerama's friends. So I also wanna promote myself and hopefully you guys add me Reza.Aktamasyandy

    Well thank you very much for your attention. Hopefully we can get along. See you at farm!
    Best regard

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  2. shellhappybj

    shellhappybj Forum Inhabitant

    Welcome back Reza All the new features I am sure you will find easy to use ;)
    Happy Farming
  3. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    Welcome back Reza:)
  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Hi Reza !
  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Welcome back:)
  6. denizgözlüm

    denizgözlüm Forum Greenhorn

    Welcome back Reza:)