Send seeder away from wheel!

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by rivak, Jul 11, 2023.

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  1. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I really wish the "seeder - 3 hours" would go away from the regular wheel. I have literally twice as many hours for the seeder as anything else, and it's all from hitting those darn things with my daily spins.

    Could it be replaced with "harvester - 3 hours" or "turbo mill - 12 hours" or something like that? Something new, and at least to me more useful?
  2. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    This farm has over 13,000 hours of seeder. Barely a month of everything else, but I have enough hours of seeder that I'll still have some after I'm dead.

    That said, it would be lovely for newer farmers if that was changed out for a 1 hour coupon or an hour of all helpers that started immediately. Because we generally spin the farm wheel(s) before we farm (well, at least I do).
  3. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Duke

    The whole wheel should be upheaved! No more croissant as the top prize from the normal (green) wheel that we can get from the market for 500CC or less nor 7000EP prizes when we we're at level 240+... If I get another XL maple tree I'm gonna scream! >:( Same from the party (blue) wheel, still getting orange donkey/bat/crow/beaver and I can't convert them in Edelweiss Valley fast enough!

    I now open my crates each 4 days or so, spin the wheel-press esc-spin again until I'm done with the 99 green tickets and be done for another 4 days. Instead of expending EV, BP should have reviewed the crafting section for products, recipes and crops' refinings...
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  4. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I do too. That way if I win a 3 hour EP bonus from the wheel I get the most out of it. :)