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  1. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    If I'm going to post on these boards, I had probably better introduce myself.

    I'm "sewinglady" and I'm an old veteran from other boards elsewhere on the internet. I sold fabric and patterns for 12 years on eBay and was always active on the boards there. I also ran a private board for vintage linen collectors for many years.

    I just started playing Farmerama two weeks ago. And, I've been lurking on these boards since the second day. I want to thank everyone who has posted their wonderful advice and admin for the thorough FAQs.

    I have my own 'one woman show' business sewing and selling totes and market bags (at a farmer's market and craft shows). I also knit and I'm just loving watching those silly chickens knit away in the egg houses. I'm owned by two spoiled rotten pugs, one fawn, one black. I live in Montana.
  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Welcome sewinglady :D
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  3. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    You're my kind of person. Sewing is one of my fave pastimes. Are we twins separated at birth?
  4. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    I suppose we could be, SuzeeRabbit. I've heard it said that we all have at least one 'twin' somewhere in the world. I do know that I have a RL friend who I often call my "other mother" because she and I share a passion for sewing.
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  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Welcome to Farmerama sewinglady! My grandmother was an avid sewer her whole life and there was nothing she could not do. It was not until after she passed that the crochet bug got me but when I use her needles, I feel close to her. I am not very good at it but have great admiration of those who can do it and do it well.:) You will find many other animal lovers here too. I look forward to more of your posts. Happy Farming!:)
  6. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    Well... I would like to think I'm not old enough to be your mother, altho not impossible. And a pug would not be my first choice for a dog, I'm more the soft fluffy type. ;) But I drove thru Montana one time. lol I too find the knitting chickens funny. I guess they are knitting egg cozies.
    Anyone else find it annoying when someone says, "What are you knitting?", as you're sitting there with your crochet hook. Silly outsiders... :D
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  7. farmerlily22

    farmerlily22 Forum Master

    Nice to meet you sewinglady:)
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  8. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    Didn't mean to imply you were old enough to be my mother, SuzeeRabbit...just that it is possible to find people who aren't related that have many things in common so they seem like they should be family.

    As for the 'what are you knitting?' while holding a crochet hook - happens so often that there are tote bags out there that have witty sayings regarding that. I've been thinking about making a couple unique ones up for this summer's Farmer's Market.
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  9. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    Not to worry... :D

    Yes, I've seen some funny totes regarding those of us that like to hook... without a pond.
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  10. penguilnz

    penguilnz Forum Veteran

    Hi sewinglady and welcome to the forum.
    You will meet many wonderful players here. If you need help, ask us.;)
  11. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Welcome sewinglady and happy farming :)
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  12. fifitrixiebell

    fifitrixiebell Forum Veteran

    Hi @sewinglady ..we have already met but I like to do a formal hello and welcome on here also! I love pugs!!! :inlove:
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  13. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    We've already spoken on other threads, but I'd like to join in here and wish you a formal welcome to the game as well as the forum, and even server as we share the same one! ;) Can't sew worth a chicken poo myself, so I'm very much in awe of those who can.
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  14. BeeDance

    BeeDance Padavan

    Hi sewinglady! I'm so glad you're part of this little world.
    My mom knitted forever and I remember many times people asking if she was knitting or crocheting. I guess they must have been standing a a weird angle.
    My sons love to irritate my wife and daughter with their quilting when they refer to quilts as blankets... steam and smoke boil from their ears. One of them still can't remember the term "fat quarters" for the packages of material - he still calls them "fat backs". It would be cute if he were five, but at 35......

    Anyhow, welcome!
  15. daisy

    daisy Forum Apprentice

    Welcome to the forum sewinglady. I also love knitting, crocheting, embroidery, etc. You are one of my neighbours on this farm. Farm name is Doreen1962. Happy farming to you
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  16. TCRooster

    TCRooster Forum Demigod

    Hi sewinglady and welcome to the "family".
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  17. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    Hi sewinglady and good to have you here. Have fun!;)
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  18. betty127

    betty127 Junior Expert

    Hello and welcome sewinglady! I'm a bit of a soft-furnishing glutton myself - always trolling thru ebay looking for fabrics. I could spend hours in a haberdashery, like a child in a sweetshop. Same at plant nurseries. I tried a knitting board for the first time this winter - with brill results, if I say so myself. All thumbs when it comes to knitting and crocheting, and tend to make larger double-knit things like cushions and afghans, so the board is perfect. Much more 'pick up and put down-able' too, which is essential with 2 small children. I've long considered starting a kitchen table business for my homecrafts - maybe when my littluns turn into middluns. Nice to meet you anyway. Betty xxx
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  19. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Forum Veteran

    Hello sewinglady,
    It's good to meet you.
    While sewing and myself do not "get along", I admire the creative talent for those who do.
    I did manage to complete a full sized quilt as a teen, which turned out better then expected and I do still have it today. Perhaps you will share some of your creations with us.
    Happy Farming!
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  20. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Hi, sewinglady! Love reading about your needlework - and love your pictures, too! Welcome!!:D:D
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