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Discussion in 'Gabfest' started by 12ss12, May 29, 2020.

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  1. kibsnfebs

    kibsnfebs Forum Baron

    Dearest 12ss12, please know that your friends here at farmerama are always here for you!:inlove: Thoughts and prayers that you can and will keep strong and do what is best for you and your safety, and piece of mind! Please always remember you are a bright, smart woman and don't let anyone take that away from you! Please take care and keep safe, hugs to help you feel better!
    You may go through very difficult time where you feel like a failure but remember one thing struggle and hard times are the most inspirational thing in the world! Stay strong dear
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  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you sanddollar, zerrodegree & kibsnfebs for your support & kind words.

    I realise what you all say. Thank you for all your support. They make me more stronger. I am trying to lead a normal life now. Forgot the past 11 months. I faced death and came back. But they were not there to support me or help me recover. They were not even by my side. Not even for me to contact them to ask for help. It is just money, jewels and property which is worth their consideration. Not me. So like willow said, it is a burden on me which I have let go. I have saved myself including my life. That's enough.

    I will be happy. I am very much trying to get back to normal life. I think I will succeed. Thanks a lot once again. You all made me realise that I am person of some worth and a loveable person.
  3. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Hey 12ss12, I know you will succeed! Please try to remember that you are a Human being with feelings and to the "non greedy" world you are far more valuable than Money, jewels ect! I have found in life to "never" love or care about someone who does not
    love or care about you too! Those people are not worth your time or effort! I hope you will be able to put this horrid experience behind you and go forth to have a wonderful happy life! Your deserve nothing less! Hugs!
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  4. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Count Count

    Didn't realize we were so close to losing you, 12ss12. Thank goodness you're still with us, although my heart breaks at the thought of you going through all that alone in an unfamiliar place. What sorry excuses for human beings you have in your life. Toss them to the curb like the trash they are and don't look back, because they definitely don't deserve you.

    It's good to not dwell on the past but remember that grieving properly (not just over the baby but also your hopes and dreams) is a necessary step in the healing process so don't try to rush it - cry if you need to and be kind to yourself. But don't shed another tear over the people who treated you like property because they're so not worth it.

    Please stay safe and always trust your instincts.
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  5. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks sanddollar & zerodegrees. I think I am slowly gaining balance once again. I am glad I had the courage and sense to make such a correct decision and to prevent further cruelty. Everyday I make emotional progress. I was thinking, did I do any wrong even unintentionally or hurt them ? But when I calmly looked over all that happened, I found I have been very tolerant, accomadative and over sensitive to their needs & wants. And I have been abandoned and disregarded.

    I am going to stop thinking about what went wrong. It takes efforts on both to make a relationship grow. So one sided from me is a waste.

    I will keep going and try to push this back as a bad dream.


    I am trying to play the event. But still cannot. So when I start doing the events, I know I am back on the track. :DxD
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  6. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    As a woman, I am angry to think that you were treated so a piece of property or an object to be discarded when
    not needed anymore! You are a woman, and a human being who should be treated with respect by those in your life NEVER settle for anything less! Women need to STOP blaming themselves for men acting poorly and being allowed by society to do so!
    Looking forward to your coming back to play on farmerama! Hugs my friend!
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  7. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Count Count

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  8. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you both and to others too. I am recovering good. I am more of my former self. But sometimes I feel sad about what I don't know. Moreover its lockdown here and we cannot go out of our house. So I talk with my friends over phone sometimes. I think I will overcome the little bit of unknown sadness too. I am trying to. I am spending my time playing this game, doing small small household works without taking responsibilities, reading stories online etc. How can I get rid of this sadness which I feel now and then. Its general sadness. I don't think of anything particular. May be will it last till I heal completely. Give me some advice or tips.
  9. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    One-Two, who knows why we sometimes feel sad without having any particular reason for it? It happens even when things seem to be apparently going well. But when you have had difficult times and overcome them, as you have recently, it may just be that the sadness is a by-product of all the stress and anguish you have been through. I don't really know, I do know that this will pass and soon you will have your old joie de vie back and can put all these cares behind you. :)
    The main thing is to look after yourself and let yourself mend. ;)
  10. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Count Count

    Many people are struggling with their mental health lately because of the limited opportunities for social interaction due to the pandemic. I can only imagine how much harder it must be for you after having been through so much.

    I don't know enough to say whether your general sadness is just a natural reaction to your circumstances or something more serious. But I think you should be patient with yourself and give it a bit more time. If it doesn't go away on its own or gets to be too much to deal with alone, you might want to look into getting professional help like talking to a therapist.
  11. lottidah

    lottidah Forum Great Master

    I know the feeling! I find if I get some exercise that it helps a lot. A nice walk in a park or anywhere outside, if I can't get outside I will walk around the house for a half hour. Just anything, It helps. Just remember this too will pass. We are all thinking of you and wish you the best.
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  12. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    Here is a simple but very effective way to boost mood - sit where the sun can reach you. Hope you have windows or a balcony where you can take advantage of this. Lack of sunlight is a proven cause of low moods, but many people aren't aware of just how much it affects them. Blessings to you as you find new sources of joy and love, dear friend!
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