Sweet Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by SahraB, Feb 12, 2020.

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  1. BoHoKaren

    BoHoKaren Forum Demigod

    Thanks Shimmer, I can spend my coin on Wonder crates, if the cloud rows will already have earned their fillers??? :) Thanks xx
  2. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Forum Great Master

    If you buy an extra Sweet Sweet Love + that's 80 PF...
  3. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Veteran

    Thank you! After growing enough event crops, with only SG, water, manure, and time-shortening Artisans' Village Products, Amaranth crops gave about 200 drops every five hours.

    OK :):)
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  4. porkchop2

    porkchop2 Active Author

    Is anyone else having trouble getting enough vouchers? I have plenty of crop but no vouchers. Have taken to longer crops at night to try and finish. I hate these events where you get crops on only one field​
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  5. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Baron

    If you're having trouble getting enough vouchers, you can plant longer crops on your main field not just overnight but during the day as well. The crop requirement is low enough that it's not really necessary to grow event crops on both fields unless you're going for extra prizes.
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  6. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I switched to longer crops yesterday, Orange Pansies (wonder why I chose that one!). Yesterday it gave me over 100 Chocolate Vouchers and this morning it gave me 89, so an average of about 100 making 5 games. I think I was getting about 30ish from event crops. :)
    If the balance swings back the other way, I will plant a few more event crops. :p

    Edit: Just finished the individual challenge and started adding to the Global! :music:
    Another Edit: Global is nearly halfway! :inlove:
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  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Commissioner

    Yes, longer crops on the main field helps with drops - I've been putting onions with water and poo in at night. I think I have enough vouchers to get the CR on this farm. Growing a few more crops to do a little extra. Sewinglady's farm has 35 extra games to play (ugh) but hoping it helps toward the global goal.

    Anyone else that has multiple farms, are you noticing that the global goal thermometer is not the same on all of them?

    And after 3 days of cloud row hijinks, I think BP fixed the bug and my plant rows aren't moving around by themselves overnight.
  8. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Commissioner

    Refined Raspberries (10.23 h) overnight gave me 100% vouchers this morning. 198 plots and 198 vouchers! With "Berry Effect" and "Septemberfest 2018 CRs + "Aroma of Love" crafting product, time can be reduced to about 8 h. Great way to get more drops! Best of luck everyone :D
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  9. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Baron

    Completed - CR up and running
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  10. kookykoala

    kookykoala Forum Apprentice

    dumbunny, I've noticed quite a difference on the global goal thermometer between two farms ... does anyone know if we are only contributing to the market we are on?
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  11. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Baron

    I finished shortly after SahraB, but I'm planning to do an extra 79 games to help out with the global goal. I've also decided to go ahead and do the event up until the 1st cloud row on my other farms, even though I have no real use for any cloud rows on those farms as they're mostly abandoned. Hope all this effort won't be in vain because I really want that 2nd cloud row. :inlove:

    With 3 gifts requested, I'm down to 2 seconds for request and 11 seconds for delivery using the snipping tool. Doesn't get any faster or easier for me than that. ;)

    Yes! I've noticed this too and was wondering what was going on. o_O

    No idea but I doubt it because the numbers just wouldn't make sense. Maybe different servers are receiving updates at different times?
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  12. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Veteran

    For 4 different farms, global thermometer pictures: What are the differences?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] <---> [​IMG]

    This event smells like a trick. :music:xDxD
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  13. kookykoala

    kookykoala Forum Apprentice

    Thanks zerodegrees that makes more sense:)
  14. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Baron

    Now that you mention it, I'm seeing the exact same pattern here... Global progress bar on my main farm with the 1st cloud row unlocked is much lower than on my other farms that don't have the 1st cloud row yet. What the... o_O
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  15. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    My global bar raised after I refreshed the game :) I have had the browser open all day so it needed to update visually and now I show we are approaching the 3rd giver :) Maybe we will make it after all.
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  16. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Baron

    Took all the usual steps recommended when experiencing a display glitch before posting, and again just now. The global progress bar remains low on my main farm. I don't get it...

    Edit: BP says it's a display error according to German mods.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2020
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  17. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Veteran

    Is it a display error? Sure we have to belive on German moderators. Who cares if we don't believe them anyway?


    The easy way I found for myself to make these gift chocolate boxes is to code them in my mind.
    The codes that I can keep in mind in the easiest way for all three pieces of gifts. (colors, shapes, etc.)

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  18. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I'm sure the Global bar was higher the last time I logged in! :eek:
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  19. kookykoala

    kookykoala Forum Apprentice

    I think it was! The global bar on both my farms looks to be the same now.... unfortunately on the lower level:eek:

    Edit - On a more positive note I've now got my CR up and running and am continuing in the hope of the 2nd CR :D
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  20. clonahmon

    clonahmon Forum Veteran

    Display error... haha .. they just don't want to tell us :D
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