The plant refinery: A strategy guide to time reducing, tools and artisan drops.

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by Arrouquelas, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    Thanks Poppy for enlightening me. Think I shall be posting here quite a lot! xD
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  2. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    When I do refinements I hope I Get the ones i really want maybe 3 or 4 of them out of 9 Refinements. The Ones I really like is Water and Manure Boosters. Also Supergrow Enhancements and Boost Tool Drop Rates. I do not really bother with other refinements. Pot

    When I do Refinements on New Crop I always goes for the Middle Pot for First Few Refinements than After That it is the Large Pot, until i get all of the needed refinements i want for that crop.

    Saltypixel Never Discard any refinement once you keep it you cant get it again but if you discard the refinements there is good chance you get them again ok ;)
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  3. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    This farm got the SSG refinement this morning. Think I am working backwards on this one! Illy got nearly all the roses back. I am quite happy to have something new to work on with both farms. I still haven't touched the Artisan workshops here but I find I don't really need them at the moment and my supplies are building up in readiness whereas I can now (at long last) see some use for refinements. :)
  4. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    Yes, that's exactly what I said...? ;)
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  5. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    Illy just got Duo Fertiliser Love for Roses, only need two more refinements (Water Love and Dropper SSG) and I will be finished with the Roses on Illy's farm. :inlove:

    Just got a refund of most of my Roses on this farm. :)

    Edit: Got Early Bloomer on this farm and Water Love on Illy. Really loving this new aspect of the game! :D

    Another Edit: No refinements on either farm, just got some Roses back and a bit of EP (never unwelcome!). I never realised we got compensation if we got no refinement, obviously didn't read the small print! xD

    Edit 31 March

    Been trying to get the last positive refinement on Illy's farm but without any luck, tried different numbers of pots. So decided to change to Mushrooms. :)

    I now have Early Bloomer and Brain Food on this farm so slowly but surely, I am coming along. :music:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2015
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  6. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Hello Arrouquelas !

    Just now stumbled upon this thread. I might take several days to completely understand refinement process.

    Like you said, I initially tried refinement with low level crop and found it unfruitful. Thereafter didn't even give it a thought till today. But going to concentrate on it hereafter. Your thread is very useful to me. Thanks a lot
  7. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    That is incredible - I was just going to come here and update my last post, only to find you have postd 12ss12! I have been playing with the refinements over the last few weeks and am really enjoying it. When I first had a dabble, I thought that there were lots of crops required but that's not the case. If you don't get a refinement, 9 times out of 10 you get a fair proportion of your initial crop outlay back - so really worth having a go. Been doing Sunflowers - you need to give 200 Sunflowers and if you get no refinement, and no other compensation, you get 180 Sunflowers back. So the attempt has only cost 20 Sunflowers - well worth the gamble. :)

    I started off just with Roses but I now have two or three on the go - I tend to try with those crops I have more of so they won't be missed. Thanks again Arrouquelas for all the information contained in this thread. Priceless! ;)
  8. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    I've been trying for the last three Rose refinements for years now with no luck. All I get are 390 Roses back or some CCs...

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  9. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Are you only using the small pots? If so, try the bigger ones, good luck :)
  10. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    The Largest pot available. About 1,300 Roses at each go. Still no luck...
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  11. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    :oops: That is bad luck Bhodho :cry:
  12. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Count Count

    This is an amazing thread. I will honestly say I don't completely understand the process and it's going to take some time before I run some trials on the refinement process but I'm wickedly impressed. You guys are obviously the smart kids in class, huh?
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  13. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Well, the last time I mentioned that my account is 'fixed' you thought I was being negative. But the results speak for themselves. Don't they???

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  14. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I am having the same results as Bhodho...using large pots (1300 roses) numerous times and get 390 roses back. It has been EP or CC but lately just roses. While I am glad the entire 1300 is not lost for trying the refinement, over time it does add up to thousands lost with no result. Just one more frustrating feature of the game right now so I will put refinements on the back burner and focus on what I do like about the game before all the frustrations add up and I decide to shut down shop next G/T.
  15. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    I've done okay with medium pots. Small pots, not so much. I don't have the inventory to do large pots.
  16. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you Illy, With all your encouragement I am going enter the field and do a through research.

    With Arrouquelas ! guide, its going to be easy I suppose. I do not know how many months he took to study refinements and how many days for the write up. How long was it, Arrouquelas ?
  17. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Latest from the refinery. Will post more of these failure as they mature...


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  18. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Bhodho I really Feel Sorry for you as it must be so frustrating it happens to you like this. I do refinements all the time. So crops can be much harder to get refinement you are seeking.

    Try Small, Then Medium, Then Large. If This Fails Try Refinement of Another Crop. Then Comes back to this one as that what i do, when i cant get the refinement i am seeking. You will get it eventually ;)
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  19. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    When the greenhouse was intruduced I chose to try some low level crops. So I have one refirement for lettuce, wheat, carrots and tomatoes.
    I see many of you have a lot of refirements for high level crops. Can you suggest me a crop for the greenhouse?
    I am on level 86
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  20. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    It depends what you want Arielh :p

    If you get the super grow refinements for roses, that can help if you are desperate for event drops and can use some super grow. If you have the super grow refinements, and use white innocence and fruit cake, then roses only take 7 minutes to grow with super grow, 32 minutes on comfort fields. That way you can get extra drops if you really need them :D

    If you want more tools, take a look at Arq's post to see which crops have refinements for the tools you like.

    If you want to reduce growing time, you should first think how long crops fit your schedule. Like how long crops can you usually plant when you are at school or overnight. Then we can try to find some crops that fit ;)