The Trail of Lights V2

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by ctindaldavies, Jul 14, 2021.

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  1. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    Me me me! Exactly the same! Open all my crates in the morning and check any that arrive during the day too! Nothing rests for long if it is a surprise thingy! xD I do draw the line at Tooboxes though, Growalot! :p

    Somehow I managed to finish way earlier than I expected - I did get the +1 crop bonus twice on the Wheel this morning but I am sure I needed much more than that. Anyway, checked the trail and everything's ticked so it's tickedy boo! :music:

    By the by, I learned today that if you have two +1 crop at the same time, it doesn't extend the time to twelve hours, it adds together so I got +2 crops for six hours - that's better, get crops done faster! :inlove:
    Good luck all those still following those perdy lights! ;)
  2. Growalot

    Growalot Forum Great Master

    xDxDxD Hey illy, it's all about the anticipation of more bricks so I can finally unlock the last two spots in my baha manufactory... talk about watching grass grow o_O

    Each brick is a precious moment of pure joy, translation...I really need a life, as it is one more brick towards manufactory perfection.

    Piccolos: Bear Buddy, Floral Tunes, and Undead Treasure. No BB tree, maybe next time??
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  3. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Junior Expert

    piccolo box=multitasking genius-leaf dance-jump
    can't find what i'm looking for.
    I guess no one has found it yet.
  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend


    I got a magic hat from one of my piccolo box. I got the box from doing MM FSQ and not from this event. Still one more boxes to be got from FSQ. One, I have got now and put out. Let's see what is the outcome. I can also get one from the present event after 10 hours.
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  5. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Veteran

    I got 5 Piccolo boxes out of this event. One of these days I'll plant them & see what happens - really like those Magic Hats, especially since the cinema hasn't worked in over a year - have to have some way to get BBs
  6. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I love those "Magic Hats" too! I got 3 piccolo boxes. They turned into "Floral Tunes", "Hamster Flytrap" and a "Multi-tasking Genius",
    no BB tree for me! lol Good luck everyone!
  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Count Count

    My usual 3 managed to finish this event. Glad to have the CR.

    Just now starting to open the piccolo boxes...sometimes I save them. Like the crates. I don't know why.

    This farm bought some supergrow during the sale and made it to the next level with the prize genie and got a Jack o' Gifts! So rare these days. Was so happy to get it. Now to remember to use it wisely.
  8. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Duke

    I only managed to get 2 piccolos. I got home from work too late yesterday and wasn't able to grab the fairy lights in enough time to get me another lot just before the event ended. If only I had walked in the door 45 mins earlier LOL. My second Fiery Crate IV gave me a Macau wonder trees.

    Does anybody else have a dud Eerie Farm Shrine? Mine has no animation :cry:
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  9. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I have no idea - I can't even find one. Should I have one? o_O
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  10. racheliz

    racheliz Active Author

    illy mine came from a Fiery crate II or III. Mine has no animation either but they do give a nice lot of TEP (though I wish it were EP!)
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  11. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I too have one, I got it from one of my crates. And it is just sitting there, looking pretty, and giving good amount of EP's BUT not moving in any way, I even went and turned the "animation" back on for a few minutes and still nothing! :) I put mine on "Lighthouse" so I am getting EP's!
  12. _Zebr_

    _Zebr_ Forum Greenhorn

    My piccolos turned to Hamster Flytrap (adorable animation), Magic Hat and Light Festival and I was really hoping for a magic tree :(
    But from the crates I got a Pink Shark Lair and another Socotra tree so all in all -- me happy
  13. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    I won Piccola Wonder Box, It has won me Jack O Gifts, which gives +2 Crops for 10 Hours Including event drops :D:D:D
  14. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Duke

    I've put mine in Haunted Manor for EP :)
  15. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Veteran

    My Piccolo boxes yielded a Multitasking Genius, an Ingrid's student, 2 Eternal Treasure Hunts and --- a Magic Hat!! So happy for the BB givers in the group