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Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Sep 28, 2020.

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  1. oceangopher

    oceangopher Forum Apprentice

    Using Firefox, User ID: 879215. I posted this in general technical issues, but reposting here for Unity bugs.
    1. acai trees never load. You get the little rotating sunflower when they are initially placed, and same thing if they are already on the field. Once grown you can harvest all you want (they continue to just appear as the rotating flower) and they seem to appear in your inventory, but are gone when you reload.
    2. classic sloth looks like a regular sloth.
    3. today when harvesting, my fully grown trees appear as regular trees, this was fixed for a time in Unity, but it's back now.
    4. when using cntrl key to repeat the last action, it only works twice then you have to let up on the cntrl key and hold it down again to repeat the action every time. In flash you can hold down the cntrl key and repeat last action as many times as you want (works well for placing large amounts of same tree or st
  2. ag56

    ag56 Forum Inhabitant

    Not sure if that was reported yet but Unity doesn't keep track of user selections. When I plant crop, trees, seedlings etc.. when I switch the field everything is reset to some defaults and I have to search and select what I want to plant again.
    Browser: Edge
    ID: 49717499
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  3. morva

    morva Forum Apprentice

    I have just tried to gift neighbours as a test - the layout as in neighbour name then level below takes up so much room and scrolling down is a pain every time one tries to send the next gift I do not understand why the neighbours/buddy list is set out in this way, the way it was done in flash is so much simpler to use,
    it is taking ages to gift and as I have more than one farm it is becoming impossible.
    I am finding the screen very wearing on the eyes as has already been mentioned, and the dummies seem smaller to me ?
    I realise there is a lot to sort out (before it can become similar to playing with flash ) I feel many are just going to give up playing with so many issues.
    morva id 55427047
  4. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Count Count

    The biggest obstacles are now that I cannot see the state of trees and crops and jumping back to beginning of inventory. It is like doing everything blindfold. Especially trees are problem, I fertilize several of them by hand and I must check everyone individually, are they ready, are they picked, do they need fertilizers and did I miss to fertilize one. I just cannot take one look to see all that.

    I have no problems to gift neighbours, but I do it different way than through that terrible list. I had to take a look after what I read here and I agree, it is unusable. I send most of my gifts using Your gifts-list, I click name on that list and Give a gift-button after that - that way you don't get that list. The last gifts I send using neighbour pictures on right side of my farm.

    There is also a lot going on in cloudrows, eventhough I have animations off.
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  5. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    This farm has been using Unity exclusively for a week now. I use Opera web browser (Version:72.0.3815.400), running Windows 10 (64-bit). User: dumbunnyID: 53265435

    Specific issues: there is something on Haunted Manor field that is causing the game to lock up. The little loading flowers start and then stop rotating and the only way to fix it is to close the browser and start over. Once I do that, Haunted Manor is harvestable, but two of the deco items are invisible and one is 'odd' looking.

    Additionally, the farmer's market is glitchy. Specifically when making purchases. Sometimes it works as intended. Sometimes it locks everything up when I click on the green purchase button and I have to close the browser window and start over.
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  6. SaSuz

    SaSuz Someday Author

    Keep trying unity and even did the download client thing this morning - all trees and crops are still showing as not ready to harvest when they are. Impossible to do the farm when it is like that so had to go straight back to flash
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  7. Gloomymonday

    Gloomymonday Forum Greenhorn

    User: Gloomymonday
    ID: 39243008
    Microsoft Edge - Unity
    can't harvest the upper right fields in the Park, because the display window won't move. On all other fields it slides to the left.
  8. lottidah

    lottidah Forum Great Master

    I have too many problems to list. Here are a few now, My breedings are ready but won't let me open, just get spinning flowers, when I switch between game and forum it bumps me off, have to keep signing in again and again. The event won't open. ID 28811415

    Finally got on and was able to harvest breeding but missed out on baby boom. I had tried to open them during it but system wouldn't let me!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2020
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  9. gr_6153

    gr_6153 Forum Apprentice

    there are too many problems. daisy are spinning. Very slow.
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  10. Pumpkin333

    Pumpkin333 Someday Author

    There are way too many problems to list. The game is no longer fun to play. here are just a few of my issues

    I can't do a complete harvest of all fields without the game hanging and I have to log out and log in again.
    It keeps getting stuck while I'm trying to play wintertide lollapalooza so I've lost winter decks.
    If I use the download I can't get full screen on my laptop which is a real pain.
    I can't see when fields or trees are ready to harvest.
    I have strange white streaks across the fields in the rainforest.
    I'd love to go back to playing on flash but I can't find a way to get through all the unity/client download crap

    Really regretting all the money I've spent on the game over the years
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  11. peterparker

    peterparker Someday Author

    In unity I have a problem with the mill. I have animals bookmarked but the bookmark section doesn't work so you have to view all animals to produce the food you need.
    I'm just not happy with the over all appearance of the graphics. Not as crisp as the flash version.
    On shipwreck bay some of my givers are just pink blobs.
    On the stand alone I don't get a full screen on my laptop just a small window.
    I appreciate you guys are working hard on the problems. Hope they all are corrected by the end of the month so we can get back to enjoying the game.
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  12. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Baron

    Just had an issue after coming out of the Winter Calendar the Baha Plantation took over the Main Farm. Took 2 more refreshes to correct itself. Hadn't been in Baha for at least 20 mins prior.

  13. kethryangel

    kethryangel Forum Apprentice

    Paint factory II: Orange, on my main farm is a pink rectangle.
  14. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Duke

    Game running smoother then ever when using Unity! Crops show when they are ready and the wheel behaves normal. Keep up the good work, we'll get there in the end!!
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  15. minnoş62

    minnoş62 Forum Apprentice

    I was able to collect my fields, but I cannot sow manually with a combine harvester. my news page does not open. I can not buy from the market. products name does not appear expired. I can't get an answer from anyone :(. I was able to collect my garden only with a combine harvester. I can't pick it up manually. It freezes 100%.
  16. damla-68

    damla-68 Forum Greenhorn

    l have the same problem l cannet transplant neither by hand nor with a machine
  17. Nadiinee

    Nadiinee Forum Greenhorn


    So i just downloaded the game on my desktop, however the screen is a quarter of my total screen size at best.. Wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem and if theres any solutions available?

    Thanks a lot
  18. lottie80

    lottie80 Forum Apprentice

    I can´t use the harvester in unity, it´s frustrating when you pay money to have the helper and it doesn´t work. And all reported problems is the same for me. I want to play with flash until it stops but I can`t choose. Why???
    I have also downloaded the client but there is the same problems there.
  19. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Duke

    Of course you can use Flash! Just click the bottom right blue link:
    Of course you can still play using Flash! In the far right corner of your login page there is a link "Use Flash web" or something. Click and your back in heaven :)
    But we must be aware that in less than 2 weeks Flash is no more. But I try to make the most of these two weeks; never have I logged in that often, never have I spun the wheel that often, never have I visited ny farm this often.
    I can hopefully live with a slow farm on my laptop but that we will not be able to play on mobile devices using Unity is sad :(
    Come on in 2020 this must be achievable!
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
  20. Polonya

    Polonya Forum Greenhorn

    Unity. it is a kind of torture.:eek:
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