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Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by shooger.sweet, Sep 28, 2020.

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  1. ag56

    ag56 Forum Inhabitant

    Are the old issues resolved? You are basically forcing us to use Unity but the bugs are not fixed. I cannot paste the images to show you so am listing some basic problems on my farm.

    1. Menagerie, Manufactory, and Arboretum do not show when they are ready for harvest.
    2. The trees also don't show that and the icons are exactly the same before and after harvest.
    3. When harvesting trees and crops some of them are left highlighted.
    4. When planting crops, trees, seedlings etc... the selection window is always reset to the first window in the list. i.e. I sorted crops by level and want to plant white lily, I successfully planted them on Main Farm but when I switch to second field the selection window is reset and it shows me the panel with wheat on it, I have to scroll to the right until I see white lily to be able to plant it on that field. Lots of unnecessary mouse clicks.
    5. Ready for harvest icon (reversed triangle with what looks to me like a pacifier) on the giver fields is smaller then it used to be and since some of the decoration are quite large the ones behind them are now not visible and I don't know that they are also ready for harvest.
    6. Pets are still flying even though I have turned off all automation.

    and so on, and so on. It's too much to list all of them. This is very annoying. I play for 10 years and am getting peeved.
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  2. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Pro

    In latest bug fixes I read the following was fixed:

    [fields] Turning client animations off, makes also plant and tree growing stages to vanish and stuck to phase 1

    Not true. Many trees still don't show maturity level.
    Also stalk rows items remain animated despite anim switched off.
    Working in Unity is still clumsy and glitchy - talking mainly about weird response when clicking, overlap of active area to the frame etc.
    Some trees after harvested keep that misty halo about them.
    ....... plus number of other tinier issues.........

    A few things improved, so some progress is seen, but by far not enough to make the Unity playing enjoyable for me.

    Back to Flash now.
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  3. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I'm playing in Unity now via Microsoft Edge. Some things have improved, some have not. Here are my two biggest current peeves:

    1--Gifting. I can't find some of my friends using the search function, and these are farms I trade gifts with on a daily basis. Scrolling down five names at a time takes freaking forever. Also trying to read the farm names is literally a pain. Black text on a brown background is not friendly on the eyes.

    2--Cloud rows. I like keeping it set to my favorites since it makes harvesting easier. But the game keeps defaulting back to 'all' rows. It never did this in Flash, so I guess it's a Unity problem.

    I've also played via Firefox and have the same problems. So it's not a browser thing. :(
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  4. jnnythct

    jnnythct Junior Expert

    I am using Microsoft Edge.

    Over the last couple of days and on an intermittent basis, when I try to water a field using the harvester I am thrown off the field and have to re-enter the field to water it.
    Also, there are still lots of times when I have to click on items twice while using the harvester for anything to happen and this is getting very tedious.
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  5. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Baron

    Acai Palms graphics will not load. I have been looking at nothing but spinning flowers since December 19, 2020, which is the first time I have placed them anyway (newly unlocked).
    They grow and harvest just fine, however there is no graphic associated with them on Unity. I have tried all browsers, Edge, Firefox and Chrome, deleted them, cleared cache etc. But the graphic will not load. They appear as they should using Flash.

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  6. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    Using Unity Client 1.2.8: There seems to be an odd glitch where things are going along as normal and then the farm looks like it's functioning, but it is not. For instance, this morning when activating buffs, the pop-up window came up, I selected the number I wanted to use and clicked the checkmark. When the window closed, the quantity in my stock had not decreased. The buffs did not appear in the slot. I closed the client and re-opened. The buffs had activated. This can also happen with field harvesting and planting.
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  7. Lea2191

    Lea2191 Forum Inhabitant

    I am having two things I would like improved.
    1. Using a harvester there is a long delay after removing things on a field before you can close the window.
    2. The checkmark works with the return button or mouse click on flash, but it will only respond to a mouse click with unity. Today when trying to open tools, they will only open 100 tools at a time (by design). With flash I can click with a mouse, then return, and it takes a few second. With Unity I have to click, move the mouse, click, move the mouse, click, move the mouse, ect. For 2000 tools it requires the movement of the mouse 40 extra times compared to flash.
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  8. jnnythct

    jnnythct Junior Expert

    Had issues today harvesting and feeding animals by hand rather than using the farm machinery. Using flash, I used to click 4 times to harvest, clean, feed and water.
    • Now clicking twice usually works to harvest and clean but the third click doesn't work. Have to wait a few seconds before clicking twice again to feed and water.
    • On some occasions I have had to click several times to clean the pen.
    • On some occasions I have clicked on a pen and my cursor has picked up the pen and it has taken several attempts to return the pen to its location again.
    Cloud rows - Yesterday I chose just my favourite rows to harvest with machinery, but it harvested all rows meaning that all the buff rows that I was saving were harvested too.

    All very frustrating!

    Farm Level 221
  9. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Pro

    That - one of the most destructive bug still persisting. Have the same thing most of the time I played Unity, just described it in different way.
  10. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Baron

    It's because the graphics haven't caught up. You need to wait for everything to be finished in order for the next click to register. Painful and annoying and really is a deal breaker in my eyes.
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  11. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I've got an ongoing problem with daily gifts. I have some friends that I can't find unless I search the middle of their names to find them.

    Example: I want to give AnastasiaRasputin a toolbox. If I search "Ana" I don't find anyone. But if I search "sta" I can find her. Huh?

    A related problem is if I click her name on the list of givers, sometimes I can send her something directly. Other times the game acts like I don't have a friend by that name and tells me to search for a giftee.

    I'm assuming this is a Unity issue since I never had a problem gifting to friends with Flash. Does anyone have any advice or information on a fix?
  12. peterparker

    peterparker Someday Author

    Wish you guys would remove all the sparkling lights it is very annoying to the vision. Unity is awkward with too many issues to describe. Also would prefer to play in stand alone it operates better but wish it was a full screen instead of window mode.
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  13. Dystopian_Crest

    Dystopian_Crest Forum Apprentice

    Some more things that need looked into:
    1) please, please, for Heaven's sake, make the Enter key work again! please make the Enter key work again! pleeeasee..... there are sooo many clicks everywhere to confirm stuff!!! just let me hit Enter and be done with it!

    2) the market is utterly impractical, slow loading, with multiple clicks needed to load one thing or find it and multiple times that i need to type in the search function before it takes. The market is needlessly complicated with too many options to click until you reach what's needed (why do i have to click twice in the animal section in order to find the feed? just let me click feed the first time i open market and be done with it). Also, we still don't have a buy-in-bulk option. it is frustrating to keep buying 1 item at a time when it comes to fruits and feed. And it's sloooow....

    3) sometimes clicking on map places won't load. I have to click a second time. Other times, i have to load the entire game again to refresh it.

    4) acai trees will not load at all, be they empty or with fruit. They show loading flower.

    5) i could use an option to reduce animations even further in order to improve performance. everything loads too slow in general map. why do i still have animations in the cloud row section if they are turned off?

    6) make an option to send the same gift to everybody possible (5-7 friends). i don't see the point to click 7 times to send the same gift to 7 people.

    7) buttons look a bit funky as if they are "soft" or "wet". Could use less animations, a better "grip" on things.
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  14. howk01

    howk01 Padavan

    I have been having 2 major problems.
    When I go to buy manure in market nothing happens. I wait & finally it will confirm. When I click on that my cursor disappears & I am unable to buy anything else or to exit. Have to refresh game & restart. The manure does show up as bought but find it frustrating that I have to restart after every sale.
    The second thing is that when I am harvesting manually there are 2 areas that I am unable to harvest - one on the Lighthouse field & the second on the Park because of the information bar blocking them. I have 2 Magic Trees on the Park & I have tried harvesting, moving & deleting them with no luck.
    I am happy that you have improved gift giving. Getting rid of the levels & listing by neighbours first has really helped. It would be nice if we did not have to keep clicking on the gift then back to the list of names each time.
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  15. strikoroba

    strikoroba Active Author

    With all graphics tuned off in the additional settings all stalls on the field have animated graphics in motion.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. From the field full of fed stalls click the map arrow.
    2. From the map click back onto this same field.
    3. All animals start jumping and running.

    Please turn off the animations when the setting is off. I have them off for a reason, even though they are cute.
    Additionally the animations on the cloud rows are not affected by the Off setting, and the pets keep flying without respect to the Off settings. Please fix.

    It would be helpful if Devs provided an approximate timeline when each bug is going to be addressed. Please pass this on to the Devs.
    Thank you
  16. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Pro

    Anything that needs to be done in the Mill is like wading through mud, slow, slow, slow, lagging, waiting. It's always like that, unlike farming, which is at least sometimes fast, this thing is lagging nonstop.
  17. skkkkk

    skkkkk Forum Greenhorn

    When using the mill to create feed, the favourites button does not work, so I have to scroll through all the feed items including ones I do not have. Appears to have always been this way on Unity, even via the client.
  18. Dystopian_Crest

    Dystopian_Crest Forum Apprentice

    Issues to be urgently solved:
    1. The Mill. Favorites button does not work at all.
    2. The Market. It is utterly broken, it crashes all of the time, loads slowly, works slowly and has too many useless buttons and it misses the most useful button: buy in bulk. If it has a search function, it does not need a million categories buttons to get where you need. Please make animal feed a separate button than animals as it used to be, not a sub-category of animals, it's a useless added click.
    3. The Enter key. Please restore functionality to the Enter key and make it work for the ,,accept/ok" green button. Too many clicks everywhere!! Restore the Enter. Doing Season quests is a drag when you have to click ok everywhere rather than hit Enter.
    Please see to these problems as soon as possible. Unity already works slow as it is.
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  19. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    Where do I begin! Whether I use the client or run from regular opening screen there are problems. Sometimes I can't use the mill, sometimes I can't do an event game, sometimes I can't seed a field (or a different seed gets planted from the one I select), sometimes I can't access the left sidebar. I have to constantly refresh the game to get anywhere, and have to switch back and forth between the client and the regular screen to complete tasks and everything is . . . . so . . . . slow. I am fast losing interest in continuing.
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  20. roger_jolly

    roger_jolly Someday Author

    PLEASE, you really have to fix the menus so that they do not revert back to the front every time you place an item or open a crate!

    Also, former Bigfish players still cannot make in-game purchases for premium, harvester, etc. I want to give you my money - but you just will not take it.

    Thank you
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