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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by shooger.sweet, Sep 28, 2020.

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  1. jolly_roger99

    jolly_roger99 Forum Greenhorn

    Please fix the menus so that they do not revert back to the start every time an item is used or placed on the field!

    Also, the Fuzzles Woolytop giver does not disply properly in the Park. The orientation is off - vertical when it should be horizontal. Removal and replacement does not correct the issue.

    The gameplay has really improved over the last several weeks. Thank you to the developers for all of your hard work!
  2. saturnia22

    saturnia22 Forum Great Master

    It's Febuary 21st and I'm wondering if there's the possibility of a refresh button on the client? If you leave it open to do other work it doesn't update, so you close and re-open to find it's half loaded with white boxes everywhere instead of buttons, the market is blank, in fact most mechanisms within the game are a white blank square. To get rid of it you have to reboot the it resets. Also; trying to buy something is a failure, it won't take a visa giftcard saying it's invalid. So spending is out of bounds. Also;when placing items on the field the inventory box continually resets to default instead of the place where you left.
    Just some things to work on I guess.
  3. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    i'd say that most bugs related to uncomfortable poorly responsive clicking have not changed for a long time now. Players stopped complaining cause they adjusted to slower play which bugged clicking require, or use machinery. I still find the game very uncomfortable and irritating to play unless I am on machinery. "Non-function clicks despite correct position of pointer, empty rings etc. happen way too often. I barely have time to regularly "speed" through all the fields manual way. Certainly don't have time to spend twice to three times longer on that. I don't know what developers are doing, but I certainly don't see any results of their activity, if there is any in the first place. It rather looks like Status Quo has been reached, game is bugged and no further improvements are happening. Well, glad I don't need this software for living, that's all I can say for now. :)
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  4. RebaFC

    RebaFC Someday Author

    Or farmers stopped providing feedback because it just doesn't seem to matter. Not much seems to change. About a dozen "bugfixes, updates & improvements" have been announced so far this year. They're generally about superficial display bugs. None address core performance and reliability problems.
    It seems the Flash version of Farmerama was ported to Unity in a way that kept all the old bugs and added new ones.
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  5. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Veteran

    Or they just stopped playing - I've lost 6 neighbors since Flash dropped out (most long time players), have one in the red now (only a neighbor for 1 week before quitting), and 2 more with thermometers dropping fast (also long time players). It's sad if they couldn't find an acceptable way to continue to play the game. Opera is still working for me, but I miss being able to play on Firefox.
  6. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    I hope the game survives all this outflow of farmers cause it is a good fun game when it works.
  7. nm561

    nm561 Forum Expert

    I hae lost some more neighbors. I think it has to do with the slow game play.
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  8. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I don't know if it is a bug or not, but when limited charge items have harvested the last charge, the 'ready to harvest' icon reappears. When I 'mouse over' the giver item, I see that it has become 'Decoration only.' I hope it stays this way to let us know when the limited charge items are done because it is so very easy to overlook them when they are finished and this certainly helps me to know when to replace them. :)
  9. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Count Count

    Players are not complaining anymore because it doesn't do any good. Game developers don't appear to be doing anything to fix what we complain about. It's really sad.

    That "glow" is the glow that is supposed to appear behind the event timer when there is a new event one hasn't looked at. But it seems to glow in places where it does not belong.

    The "extra" clicks that don't register appear to be due to lag in the game processing. At least that is what it seems to me. It makes it hard to play. I don't want a game that takes forever to play. I shouldn't have to settle for "playing slower". The game is supposed to be enjoyable, not frustrating.
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  10. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    I agree with Pnp. My problems remain the same as reported earlier without any improvement. Beginning to wonder if BP doesn't know how to fix what is wrong.

    The only way I can do events, let alone regular farming, is to keep switching back and forth between normal farm screen and the client. When the problems show up that make one platform unusable due to constantly spinning flowers, market not functioning, inability to change fields, etc. I switch to the other. I never know which one is going to work on any day. Sometimes BOTH will not work.

    The game frustrations are beginning to outweigh my desire to continue. Are you listening BP?

    I have already lost five neighbors from this situation with the game. Four were long time players that spent regularly on the game. Several of my friends have reported similar neighbor losses, so I know you are losing money. I have decided to not spend anything myself - until I see some real changes.

    The ball is in your court BP - what are you going to do about it?
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  11. Clashstrummer

    Clashstrummer Count Count

    I've been playing very minimally the past two weeks due to RL. I however have noticed an improvement in my game as far as gameplay. I'm almost reluctant to say that based on how frustrated everyone else is. I'm using Unity on Firefox and there has been a most definite increase in gameplay speed.

    My farm wheel actually spins now instead of just sort of jerking between a few items. My sign-in seems normal, I have not had to reboot during harvest in some time. Some of my fields take a bit longer to load than others especially the giver fields. If I'm honest though that happened with the flash player as well.

    I do still have issues when using the seeder. It will sometimes stick on a plant and I end up planting something I didn't intend. This does seem to be related to some things still running slow. It is still greatly annoying to have inventory go back to the opening screen every single time you place something. On certain events, I cannot access the event window in Firefox without it causing my computer to lock up. The recent Valentine's day event is an example of this. I have to use Chrome for these events but the overall gameplay in Chrome is still a nightmare.

    I won't know until we get to the next Renzo's fair if those mini-games are now playable, which would be my other main issue.

    Edit: I spoke too soon. Today has been a nightmare of constant reboots. My game freezes in the middle of tasks with just the whirling flower. Just to get through my initial harvest this morning I rebooted 3 times followed by another 2 while attempting a variety of tasks. I had it freeze during the mini-game, which means I lost one game. I don't know what you did but it was the opposite of improvement.
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  12. bluedragons

    bluedragons Forum Greenhorn

    I am having a similar issue as Clashstummer with constant rebooting. I cannot plant even simple items like carrots without having to reload the game when it is time to harvest due to the spinning loading flower of doom. I am playing through Unity and have tried all the normal things like clearing cash, trying different browsers and restarting my computer. This is really making it difficult to continue to enjoy a game that I have been playing since 2013. Please fix this.
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  13. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Count Count

    Ditto to that. I was planting lettuce and could not harvest in four or five minutes without getting the Revolving Flowers of DOOM !! This is a gigantic leap Backwards in a period where we have had no significant improvements in the last three to four weeks.
    Are you listening Big Point?
    Or do you just Don't Care!
    Your continued apathy is disgusting.
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  14. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Veteran

    Add me to the list of rebooters. It really makes breeding interesting: thought I'd filled my love shack only to discover nothing took - it was still empty. Reboot and refill. Want to change a field? reboot -- Harvest a crop and think you'll go mill some animal feed? think again, then reboot - and on it goes, all day, all evening - every field, every function

    EDIT: made this post while waiting for breeding to finish - went to harvest the love shack and -- anybody?? -- right, wouldn't harvest - REBOOT
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  15. jnnythct

    jnnythct Junior Expert

    I am also having problems and having to reboot. It appears to be that after a certain amount of actions, the game stops functioning. So, for example, when I was manually redeeming my magic stalk rows I got to number 58 and nothing else would work. As I have around 200 active stalk rows, this means that I gave up on the stalk rows after the 3rd reboot. There was also lots of waiting for each 3 pages of stalk rows to load.

    All very frustrating, especially as most of us play the game for relaxation!
  16. I have had to use Unity with Edge a couple of times lately and I hate it. The mouse cursor disappears from view whenever it's on a clickable button and it makes for very tentative and hesitating gameplay.
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  17. nortonc

    nortonc Forum Inhabitant

    Oh bless me! I have not been in the game for 2 or 3 days. Looks like I missed the Bug Party, hehe. :) So it was one incomplete harvest in several days. :) And have not played a single event in several months. Looks like the game is loosing me. Today it seemed at first that the clicking torture was less "painfull", but the feeling swiftly vanished when I relaxed and started speeding up. Yeah, as crap as ever. It shows how we were conditioned to drag through fields due to poor click response. I read a "confirmation" from mods how hard devs are working to improve the game. Really? I chose to not believe that. Cause if they do, they must be very unskilled programmers. Gosh work hard and no improvement seen, felt, smelled? It's been bad for too long. My patience is being exhausted. Game no longer attractive. I'm giving it big Thumbs Down. See you in a couple of days, if at all.
  18. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    So today is March 7th, Here are the problems I still have:
    Today using Microsoft Edge browser the game still "freezes constantly" I still can't use "Firefox" which worked perfectly until flash left and so did "Firefox", not only for me but 2 of my family members who also play the game can't use "Firefox" either, we can't be the only ones having this problem! So being forced to use either Google Chrome (which works awful for me) or Microsoft Edge which is the lesser of 2 evils!
    Still having trouble "saving lands" using premium, as all I get is the daisy turning my cursor into a daisy and then following me to where ever I go! :( I have to log out to get rid of it!
    Still can't properly answer neighbors and friends using "igm" We keep getting told that the "team" is working hard to fix problems and I am sure they are BUT seriously nothing seems to be getting fixed as the people above me here are having the same problems and we all have for awhile!
    I am sanddollar15, using a personal PC and windows 10 and "YES" my browsers are all up to date and cookies and cache cleared when need be! I forgot to mention that when you want to harvest your brown crates you keep going back to page 1 the same with planting a tree or anything in the brown crate or trying to mill feed this problem is more than annoying as it seems we are "clicking" our lives away!
    Thank you and I hope you can fix something soon!:oops:
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  19. RebaFC

    RebaFC Someday Author

    I have seen a major improvement in speed and reliability of the game recently.

    At the start of the Snake Eyes event there was a large negative change in game performance. That has now been more than reversed and this farmer is generally happy.

    I usually play on a Windows desktop computer using the Edge browser. The performance improvement may not have come until after I deleted the enormous amount (3 GB) of data the game had saved in the browser's IndexedDB.
  20. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Connoisseur

    I had most frightening sight yesterday opening my crates. Those crates which I opened stayed in my inventory, but they number were 0. I do not want see them again in my inventory, I want them to disappears from list, when they do not exist. Luckily they had disappeared later.