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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by shooger.sweet, Sep 28, 2020.

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  1. mfing_farmerama

    mfing_farmerama Forum Apprentice

    Regular sloth now looks like a classic sloth
  2. saturnia22

    saturnia22 Forum Great Master

    I just checked mine and it's jumping from 3-50%. closed everything to see how much. What's with that? hogging the power. I won't be playing at all past December 31 if at all, this takes upwards of 40 minutes to get through maintenance clicking, Buffs run out by the time you get the fields loaded, spent 46 minutes yesterday trying to harvest with white boxes all over the place where the game didn't load fully, and refreshing the page was a joke. Then another big crash. the second one. Big fish games are retiring their online games section due to no alternative platform after flash.
    We're playing for relaxation not stress, Unity has to get better than this painful exercise of trying to play. Maybe farther out I'll come back to the game I played since 2014, right now it's awful. Considering the moment we are in, having to battle for an hour just to clear fields isn't a good way to unwind.
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  3. [​IMG]
    The owls are now flying even when no owls have been harvested.
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  4. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Old Hand

    I forgot to switch to Flash today on my phone and it worked in Unity! So thank you, for whatever changes you are making that make it playable on mobile devices!
  5. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Veteran

    I've been playing exclusively in Unity for days now, until today. Unity loads up to the news page. When I click on the "X" to get to the main field, the screen starts loading again, gets to 100% and never goes any further (the sheep bouncing in the barrow). Switched to Flash & all is well. Switch back to Unity and can't get past the bouncing sheep.

    EDIT: now into day 2 of not being able to load Unity beyond the bouncing sheep. As of this morning, Flash won't load either (the screen inside the "wooden" frame is black, no amount of refreshing and reloading makes any difference). There is no game to play.

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  6. RowSie

    RowSie Padavan

    I am trying people. Today was a new low! o_O :( :cry:
    Farmerama doesn't seem to be working in any system, shape or form this morning. It is taking so long to load each page and so many tries that many of the pet boosters ran out before I could do 3 fields. 30 minutes are gone and all I could open was the pet field, lighthouse, and park. Problems are repeating in both Unity and Flash at this point, I even installed the Farmerama client and tried different computers. Some even led me to bad gateways (???!!!).
    Anyway. I do not play this to get stressed! -.-
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  7. I had a day off and some harvest bonuses going on but Unity has trouble loading at all, Flash worked for a while until it didn't anymore. The client is very unstable too, I had to close it a couple of times. when it stopped reacting and additionally it has shut itself down twice today, and I don't mean just crashing, it simply shut the whole program off on its own.
  8. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I have to say the start of this event is terrible:

    Continually getting the spinning flowers/lagging
    Unable to do change fields - specifically getting into Moonlight fields
    Appear to be gifting but no gifts sent
    Info missing
    Starter candles missing
    Refreshing didn't really help

    Generally unstable on Chrome, Edge and Firefox (using laptop). I tried reverting to Flash and it was just as bad. Client wouldn't load at all.

    What I would normally be able to do in about 15 minutes took more like an hour.

    All above issues getting gradually better and, if I may say, it is very much like it was when we started having more than an occasional event. Most events had glitches at the start, not usually drastic but this is what I am reminded of. :p

    I would also add that I am not complaining, I really do understand that this will take time to get the game working as it should - this post is purely to let you know what is happening. ;)
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  9. Noelle20001

    Noelle20001 Board Analyst

    I am complaining. Today I've tried to gift to my neighbors/friends in both Flash and Unity and in both, when clicking on a gift to give, the name list comes up but never propagates any names in it. Things are getting worse, not better.
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  10. Oops-a-Daisy

    Oops-a-Daisy Someday Author

    Farmerama has been (at least for me )unplayable on UNITY the download and flash for most of the da!yWhen it eventually loads it lets you do one thing then either freezes or makes you dizzy watching the spinning flowers.It is not any fun to play just stressful which is the last thing we need at the moment!
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  11. SeaCrescent

    SeaCrescent Forum Apprentice

    I have noticed. Slows down other stuff that's also running.

    Now that we've fully swithced to Unity, the lag time is still cumbersome and the graphics still look funky.
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  12. Frycio71

    Frycio71 Someday Author

    With unity : Pressing enter no longer confirms a purchase; meaning all has to be done with a mouse. This is not good for my hand.

    The Farmerama Unity app takes to much load on the memory and processor capacity of my laptop. It really heats up fast. Please do somthing about this. this is not happening with the Unity websversion

    The gameplay in the app works very fast though, so that is an improvement.
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  13. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    I'm rapidly running out of harvest helper coupons to use to harvest and plant, which I've had to use since it is impossible to harvest with any sort of speed on Unity. Even when it works well it takes me over an hour, compared to about 20 minutes on Flash.
  14. Floridasolve

    Floridasolve Padavan

    Couldn't play for the majority of yesterday & the game is still not fixed. How about not having events that we can't play until you get your act together & fix this game??? Please don't tell me that 3 party tickets is what we are getting for the aggravation of not being able to play. Also, I can't reply to mail from a neighbor - not working. I am getting very aggravated with this game &: the inability of BP to make it work. You should have started this process long ago knowing what was coming or find better staff who can fix the issue. WHEN is this going to be fixed?????

    I and many others have invested a lot of time, effort & MONEY to play this game & we are not getting the level of competence that we should be getting.
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  15. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Forum Apprentice

    Things are going swimmingly for me this morning. I'm dead serious. The game is sooooo much faster and sooooo much more stable than it has been since the beginning of this grand escapade, that I wasn't exactly sure I was playing the same game I was working at playing yesterday or for the past month or so. If it stays like this, I think I'll stick around!

    Okay, so now for the reason why I quoted Floridasolve: The reply to neighbor's mail: click in the middle of their mail to you - it should highlight (pale blue on my farms), then start typing your response. What they wrote disappears. That part can't be helped, but at least you can send them a reply. Had to figure this out PDQ because dumbunny and sewinglady's farms were getting a ton of mail regarding the BFG mess.

    And the really great news! They fixed the search function for sending gifts to neighbors! THANK YOU! A big, huge THANK YOU!!! to the techs that sorted that one out. Now maybe I won't look like such a Scrooge to all my neighbors.

    I am still having to hold my breath and wait every time I harvest a field...sometimes it resolves out (can take up to a minute), and sometimes it just locks up (I do give it a couple minutes). I don't know if it has to do with 1x1 fields or what...but, it's obvious that it's processing the harvest, just sometimes it can't resolve it out.

    And, lastly: things I've learned the hard way: DO NOT CLICK ON THINGS REPEATEDLY. If it doesn't look like it went the first time, there's a really good chance that it did. Just close the client and log in again. This is especially important in the case of buffs...
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  16. ..Jethro..

    ..Jethro.. Forum Apprentice

    Thankyou to all concerned with farmerama, Merry Xmas and a great 2021... Flash seem like an old friend after so many years but hey , heres to good times and the future....
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  17. This morning harvest went splendidly on Unity, I only had to reload once.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
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  18. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Veteran

    I have two (count 'em, TWO!) farms open at the same time and my computer isn't locked up! This is so amazing!

    I sincerely hope that BP gave all the techs working on this Unity issue a very large Christmas bonus check. They did it! They saved Farmerama! (Okay, fun's over, get back to work - there are still a few glitches - but honestly, a week ago, I didn't think I was going to keep farming in 2021).

    PS: I am dead serious about not clicking things more than once (see my "incognito" post up above). I had it happen again last night, but caught myself before I double clicked...reloaded and yup, it had worked, just didn't show it: this was for a harvester coupon on a baby farm.
  19. jnnythct

    jnnythct Junior Expert

    I was amazed that Unity was chosen by BP. I used it for years on another site for some short games and it was never a great player, although it has improved over time. I can only presume that it was chosen for cost reasons because this is a big game for the platform. For me, the game is now slow and clunky and the need for constant double clicking/regular refreshing makes for frustrating play.
  20. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Connoisseur

    I find double clicking complete NO NO in Unity. Double clicking makes it freeze or do something unexpected. Every click must be single click, so it is very slow to play. >:(