Valentine's Day 2023

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Chevrefeuile, Feb 8, 2023.

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  1. Chevrefeuile

    Chevrefeuile Forum Greenhorn


    I think this is fairly straight forward and the mini game is an old favourite, albeit in slightly different guise. :p

    We will all receive 7 tiles to begin and 475 Fabric Tiles are needed in total to finish the game so to make the remaining 468 tiles, we need to mill Seed Bags:

    468 x 48 Valley Roses = 22,464
    468 x 3 Work Gloves = 1,404

    Valley Roses can only be grown on the Main Field and Green Meadow and drops will only come from Crops and Trees on the Main Field and Green Meadow.

    If you are aiming for the CR, only 410 Fabric Tiles need to be placed, minus the 7 given to each player that makes 403 Fabric Tiles needed:

    403 x 48 Valley Roses = 19,344
    403 x 3 Work Gloves = 1,209

    I think my figures are okay but please feel free to correct me if you spot an error (any mistakes I will blame on illy1996 as for some reason, when illy goes to the Forum today, it shows her alter-ego - Me!) :D

    After doing all the maths, I (illy1996) have decided to skip this one as, apart from the Piccolo Boxes which may or may not give something exciting, the rest doesn't really do it for me. Wow, this is getting easier and easier to resist events!

    Have fun everybody! xD
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  2. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur

    xD its because the effort is getting greater..and the rewards are getting worse.
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  3. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Ambassador

    I've read through that FAQ twice and I still can't find out if we need ONE or TWO seed bags per flower tile. Lately games have been wanting TWO to make one mini-game item. So the big question for me is do we need the number of crops that Illy has in the OP or do we need twice that many?

    Anyway, Illy, THANKS! for starting the strategy thread. I am on the fence about this one. Two fields so growing the event crops needed is possible. Drop rate is the big unknown at this point. And time. We need TIME to play the mini-games! And I remember this one as a bit wonky the first time out. Placing the tiles was odd and not always wanting to go where we wanted them to go or which way we wanted them to go.

    I might do this on SL's farm only. Or pass it by altogether. Not sure yet.
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  4. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Active Author

    Okay, I've decided...that I'm off my rocker. I've prepped the usual 3 farms - going as far as I can, not going to worry if I don't get the CR or the piccolo box at the bitter end.

    I wish everyone that decides to participate the best of luck. May we all get loads of star coins...
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  5. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I will give it a try also and see how far I get! Thanks (illy) Chevrefeuile, for starting the thread and number crunching!
    Good Luck to all
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  6. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    According to the Italian FAQ, it's one seed bag per flower tile, dumbunny.
  7. BlackCaviar

    BlackCaviar Forum Overlooker

    I think I will skip this domino tiles event.
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  8. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur

    im doing this event not for the cloud row but for the mini-game prizes. i find its a great way to top up your orange farm coins, power feed and stars.... just for growing a few crops....seems a no brainer to me:p
  9. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Ambassador

    Thank you for that information, Aluntino!

    I'm getting a late start this morning. Went down the rabbit hole last night and finally went to bed after midnight, ugh.
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  10. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Great Master

    Played 12 years and NOW figured out, that if You have +100% or +200% Party spin prize-bonus, You got lot of more event plants using SG and those "dottet-fields" in same time compare to normal small plots. Just now every round planting gives me +65 so (44+44)x65 = 5720 plants in 5h 11min --> over 32000 plants now, not enough drops for that amount of plants to mill "games".

    Hope underestands me because not using translator this time.

    Now RL-doings (3 womens floorball matches - I´m the referee) in other near-city (60km´s) and back to "sauna" 12 hours later from this time (same place many more matches other referees using same car to trawel and it tooks more time than 3 hours to games).
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  11. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Active Author

    I think Nuubi-Joonas2210 means "comfort fields" (they have little white dots).

    I never think about using them...might have to revisit that.
  12. ag56

    ag56 Regular

    @Nuubi I believe by saying "dotted-fields" you mean comfort fields. I did try this strategy before but found it not working for me. Could you elaborate on buffs you are using. Here is my math:

    Event plant growth time 6hr, on comfort field 6x4=24hr, using SG will cut it to about 8 hr 24min.
    Event plant yield on comfort field 15, 100% bonus 15x2=30, 200% bonus 15x3=45, CAC +2 which makes comfort field 32 or 47.

    What am I missing? Thanks for help.
  13. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I have played the 475 mini games and although this is not my favorite type of game I enjoyed it! I only got 297 of the Star coins
    BUT we can play on if you have the crops and drops to mill more seeds. That is what I am doing as I finished rather quickly! I did get 100% for 24 hrs and used a Jack-o-gift with Green water to speed my crops along!;) I LOVE the CR we got, as it gives us EP's (for me 3,003,000) also 2 Super Grow, 1SSG, 1 Turbo Mulch, and 1 Power Feed every 48hrs I think that is great! Good luck everyone!
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  14. WallawD2

    WallawD2 Junior Expert

    Is there a way to rotate the tile? If so, how do I do that? Thanks for any help.

    Never mind, figured it out.
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  15. arun6789

    arun6789 Forum Greenhorn

    if you dont have lots of manure at hand then comfort fields can be a good way to go...but if you have access to plenty of manure then single plots will give you a better return....slightly.
    the maths:
    comfort field (1x4fields) uses 3 seeds and returns 15 seeds but takes 4 times the growing time.
    4 single plots use 4 seeds and returns 8 seeds..then times that by 4 to match the growing time of the comfort field (you get 4 times replanting) gives you 16 seeds used and returns 32 seeds...a net of 16 seeds compared to a net of 15 seeds with comfort field.
    this was explained to me during events where cac and other boosters are not activated so you can only use the water, manure and sg.
    it can mean the difference of 202 seeds/crops per field/screen.
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  16. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    I'm not really sure of my figures but I find Comfort Fields really good for getting more crops especially when combined with a +100% or +200% bonus - or if you are really lucky like Nuubi, both together!:D

    I know that I get 23 seeds per plot if I use SSG*, minus the 3 needed to plant means a revenue of 20 per plot.

    * SSG gives 7 extra seeds on Comfort Fields

    With a +100% bonus, this becomes 35 less 3 = 32 per plot

    Now this is where my maths becomes hazy as I am sure that I have had results of 50+ per plot but with a +200% bonus, this should become 43 less 3 = 40 - I shall have to remember next time, (if it ever happens again!) to note how many I get. :music:
    With water, manure and SG, the times are about the same as ordinary fields without SG.:)
    BUT the downside of Comfort Fields is that you can only get a possible quarter of the number of drops. :oops:
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  17. mateiavram

    mateiavram Forum Apprentice

    am i wrong for wanting to get the neon stables instead of the picolo box?
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  18. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    It depends on what your farm needs! The piccolo could turn into some good prize BB Tree or The Magic Hat that give BB's (not very likely) or one not so good! Neons are always good if you need up grades for your pens. Good Luck!
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  19. upa70

    upa70 Forum Connoisseur loose out on drops...but if personal time is taken up with real life..then comfort fields can give you the crops whilst you are away from the game. i used to use them a lot until i was shown the way with 1x1 fields for events..especially those on the event field.
  20. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Great Master

    Comfort or not comfort, problem or not... but I get with my all bonuses that 66 back = winning 65 plants, using SG, SSG, water, manure, Gold-place +100% crops, Diamond place +200% all and maybe there was a crops +1/6h or +100% from Party Spins. And 5h 11 mins. Not arguing this any more, getting under 48 over 30000 crops and "needed amount of drops", so now milled 550++ pieces, using 211 pieces to get first Piccolo, I´m very Happy about that, so everybody has his/her own opinion, in THIS event, it worked to me with all those lucky bonuses! I´m not saying that is good with NO bonuses at all, then I use CAC+water+manure and small plots.

    Little OT but not... when spending time with Farmerama when waiting it to start...
    Now 1 hour sleep, then Super Bowl begins in TV here in Finland (too) :)so if you like American Football even ones a year, so have nice game Day, or Game Night, in Finland there is TV-time from 01.30 to 06.55 AM about 1 hour a go!
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