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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nordais, May 9, 2023.

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  1. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Connoisseur

    event crop: Golden root : 5 hours
    plantable on the main field and green meadow only

    event drop: Drinkable horn
    You'll get the drop from harvesting crops and trees on the main field, green meadow and magical glade only

    milling product: Vicking broth: 15 seconds to mill
    ingredients: 806 Golden roots + 35 Drinkable horns

    One free minigame! (thanks sanddollar) Playing one minigame will reward 15 star coins.

    To get the cloudrow: 28 minigames needed - 1 free = 27 minigames do mill
    total event crops needed: 21762
    total event drops needed: 945
    star coins rewarded: 420 + bonus from hitting bulleye on target (up to 400 star coins)

    To complete the event and get the piccolo box: 34 minigames needed - 1 free = 33 minigames to mill
    total event crops needed: 26598
    total event drops needed: 1155
    star coins rewarded: 510 + bonus from hitting bulleye on target (up to 400 star coins)

    Good luck everyone and may Chance the Lady be with you all!
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  2. Noelle20001

    Noelle20001 Forum Commissioner

    Thanks for starting this thread Nordais! I want the CR and hope to get the Piccolo box if I'm lucky.
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  3. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Ambassador

    Northy, THANK YOU for starting the strategy thread!

    I am so busy that I think I am going to give this event a pass on all my farms save sewinglady's. That farm seems to be the one that I'm still actively playing.

    Good luck to all who decide to participate!
  4. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you Northy for the starting of the thread. I love throwing the axes, so I am In. I think to complete the whole event, we only need to Mill 33 broths as we get 1 free which would make it 34!:p
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  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I'm on the fence about this one....would like the CR but also want to continue to work on the latest released FSQ that asks for a lot of crops and the Season customer orders. If it was only on one field, I would be all in but with 2 fields needed and my Glade full of stables (latest release for those quests), my barn would miss the chance to replenish.

    Still have a few hours to decide before planting long grows overnight.
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  6. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Connoisseur

    Thank you sanddollar, edited the numbers! :)

    Not that it changes much, still a huge amount to harvest... :p
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  7. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    In the final throw, put together the best parts you discovered in the first throws to hit the target!

    I find that this example from the FAQs is how Not to play the minigame. Because columns one and two have found the best five full dot options, then I would select the four full dot option found on the second try in column three, as this will be enough for a bullseye.
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  8. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I'm going to do this event. For some reason I love throwing Ingrid's axe. And I like watching her outfit change as I progress through the event.

    I have no chance of getting the CR or the Piccolo Box, so I'll just play for funsies. W/O using SuperGrow of any kind I'll be happy if I get 10 mini games in. :)
  9. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    I have worked very hard to get enough crops and drops to play 89 mini-games and what did the 'Wonder' things turn into? Nothing. Nada. Zilch-amundo. Just a collection of rubbish. What a waste of time and effort.
    'Wonder'! Should be called 'miracle'. It will be a miracle if I get anything decent. Normally in these strategy threads, I bypass any that start with -"I'm not doing this" but you-know-what? You guys are Right! There is no future in this! The algorithms are set so low that the devil will die of frostbite before I work to get a 'Wonder' again. Forget Grand-Theft-Auto! We have grand-Theft-Farming! Bag Paint are larcenous thieves who expect me to pay for the scant chance of achieving goals. Well, it ain't going to happen. My purse strings are slammed shut. I will play until my vouchers run out. I can count in one hand the number of events I have missed since the first birthday. I am off, now, to play a game that I actually enjoy.

    (The rest of this rant has been self edited to save the lovely Mods a job. You can imagine where this was going.)
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  10. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    hi David Sorry to hear you not had much luck with Piccolo Wonder Boxes we all not get lucky with them from time to time, I think Big Point should give us Piccolo Wonder Box Version 2, which increase chances of more worthy prizes just like opening Crates as some open of crates are far better than others which help us enjoy this game

    it would be very sad to see you go among many others whom already quit this game some only play certain events i still have 13 Piccolo Wonders in my Barn there is a streak when you do not get what you are hoping wow you play 66 Additional Mini Games on Top of 34 Required for this Event

    I agree Big Point needs to Act Fast as we and many others have be loyal the play and pay into this game for many years hardly anything to show for it

    Maybe BigPoint should increase tiers of Mini Games Played to win more piccolo boxes or win piccolo version 2 which excludes less rewarding prizes to make us happy and enjoy playing this game

    I did not have much luck with wonder tree seedings nor wonder animals stables to get what i was hoping :wuerg::oops::wuerg:
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  11. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Connoisseur

    I have played a grand total of 6 events since Jan 1st. I dunno want to rip out my farm again and again, givers now are over 25h long, cloudrows 50h, new stalls in the 30h+ or require feeds with high volume of crops and/or long time to mill. I've slowed down and even found time to play another fun game all by myself. I'll also be streching my vouchers as much as I can now, trying not to spend a dime on this game as much as I can. -.-
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  12. *WisdomTree*

    *WisdomTree* Forum Great Master

    I didn't do this event.

    I've been playing this game actively since late 2015. I've never had an anxiety about playing all events. I am a Government Employee so I have to go to work regularly. And I have a family.

    That's why I consider the time and resource cost when deciding to do the events. I think about what the event will add to my farm and me.

    In inventory

    I didn't spend a penny on these. I did it in enough time to be spent on two or three events.
    This game and the players who play this game are valuable to me. That's why I'm still here. But I can understand that everyone's patience has a limit. I hope changes are made to the Farmerama development team.
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