Wild About Animals XIX

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by Nordais, Jul 10, 2024 at 2:13 PM.

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  1. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Veteran

    This is a bird and fish breeding event presented in three seperate wheels:

    Left Side: BirdsMiddle Side: BirdsRight Side: Fishes
    90 Bird Badges
    750 000 worth of birds
    and coloured birds
    170 Bird Badges
    1 000 000 worth of birds
    and coloured birds
    70 Fish Badges
    650 000 worth of fishes
    and coloured fishes
    715 Season Reward Points
    1 Padovan Chicken Coop II: orange
    715 Season Reward Points
    1Crate O'Neon Stables II
    1 Seagull Nest
    720 Season Reward Points
    1 Pleco Fish Lake

    1 Pleco Fish Lake II: Orange

    At the start of the event, there will be a Baby Boom + Farma-Coin-A-Palooza-Days goin on for only 10h.

    Needed in total 330 badges = 660 Power feeds

    As of now there's no indication of a Discount Day over the weekend.

    May your skip be good this time around!
  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks, Northy, for starting this thread. ;)

    I am in and I have more PF than usual (having bought one of the deals last month) but I am thinking of waiting till the weekend just in case there is a Discount Day ... but can I resist? :music:
    Good luck all and may the skips be high and plenty! :inlove:
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  3. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks again Northy, for your great strategy post! I have plenty of PF so I will attempt to do it all Thursday!
    We do have the same numbers, I always use here as a fact check for me xD Good luck to all and looking forward to getting
    the new pen and up grades for the others!;)
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  4. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    Northy, thanks for starting the strategy thread!

    My breeding huts are full and ready to go. Birds and fish...ooookkkaaayyy. Remember - parrots and sharks count as birds and fish.

    Honestly, I don't have room for everything they are introducing to the farms tomorrow. Only SL's farm has that corner field open, and just the first segment.

    Ugh. No place to put all this stuff!
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  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    My breeding hut is full of scorpions so no badges at the start tomorrow.
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  6. rivak

    rivak Forum Baron

    I'm skipping this. I want to focus on breeding turkeys to finish the quest, not to donate the extras. Plus I can use the field space to grow white lilies for the Theatre of Crows quest. I'm on step six and determined to finish!
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  7. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Wow, I missed this completely, had to look at the prizes again - another new pen, what is going on? xD
  8. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Veteran

    There's a second new pen (a dog of some sort) that is unlocked by main farm level too with 2 workshops for the protest pig and shire horse. I didn't expect the seagull to be a baha stall but there it is... Space for baha crops is shrinking fast! -.-


    here's the link : https://board-en.farmerama.com/threads/mainland-high-level-content-update.46306/#post-303449
  9. Nala777

    Nala777 Forum Overlooker

    Thanks @Nordais, for the strategy thread. I am in but will be waiting for a discount day. Fingers crossed.

    You can do only the middle part to get that new Seagull nest.

    Let's hope so, @illy1996.
  10. Flower

    Flower Padavan

    Thanks, Nordais, for the math and info. I missed the new pen :oops:-.-xD I would do the event anyway, the only decision is when.

    Good skips to all those participating.
  11. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    It's not, it's a mainland critter. Keep hold of your chips! xD

    Edit: I couldn't wait, that PF was burning a hole in my pocket and I saw the prize ready for the taking! :inlove:
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  12. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Veteran

    Maybe my subconscious wanted it to be baha.... now the seagull stall + 2 orange upgrades for padovan & pleco + new bernese dog all have to fit on the main land! :eek:o_O:wuerg::cry:

    Are we meant to materialize new land plots to use all of that... -.-

    My main farm jumped through the breeding hoop, cannot resist to be done right now... xD:p Lets hope the skips are worth it!
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  13. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    All done and trying to get feed for the newest animals (and evict all my other critters to make room!)! :p
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  14. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I also have completed Breeding event! I love to breed BUT really don't like parting with my barn things
    when we have to turn in the BV!:music:xDxD BUT I always do it! Yes I am now going to go find a spot for this
    very cute Sea Gull pen! Good luck and I did not get and good skips BUT I don't look for them anymore!:sleepy:
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  15. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Veteran

    I got the seagull as I did that section first. Had to feed him PF as my mill is still grinding out PF! :D Still working on left and right sides and somehow didn't use any pheromones for the fish so fishing is taking the full time...oh, well. Should have the left side finished soon.

    Working on the beach event, and did left and right sides; not sure I'll go all the way with the main bar. Seeing how drops go, but I'll not make any extra effort to my harvest schedule - RL comes first. Anyway, happy with what I was easily able to get this morning and wish everyone success.

    Give a shout if you need drops and I'll be happy to send. Sent yesterday's gifts this morning, so have another set after my game resets at 17:00 local time.
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  16. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Overlooker

    You can add pheromones afterwards. It just takes a lot of clicking.
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  17. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Veteran

    Thank you for that tip...I didn't know that! You're right, it takes lots of clicking and my game lags, so the selection area didn't register, but after a while I noticed the timer under the hut showed time reducing. Just finished! Thanks again :D
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  18. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    @MeadowCrossing, I too sent yesterdays gifts this morning after event started and will then send again tonight after 6pm my time in the USA! Glad you are able to get some of the events done!;) Reminder to all: If you want the New Bernese Dog Kennel
    go to the RED basket click on animals and scroll to the end and you can buy it for 240,000CC's each!
    I bought 1 and then milled food for it and the Seagull!:music:
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  19. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Veteran

    Thanks for reminder about the kennel...off to the market go I :D
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  20. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    My other farms also finished this - I knew they had accumulated enough PF but no idea where all the animals came from! They do an occasional event if the prizes are attractive and they have the resources. I did have to buy some chickens on one of them to breed but no problem. :inlove:

    Seagulls patrolling all farms in search of careless chip owners! :D
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