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  1. *WisdomTree*

    *WisdomTree* Exceptional Talent

    Yarnspinner Nights Magic Stalk Row
    Rewards: 10 x Stars, 1 x Crate O' Farm Supplies XI, 1 x Crate O' Kung Fu Tiger
    Cooldown Time: 320 hours
    Requires the three event items


    Event Crops:
    Twine Thistle (5 hours and 30 minutes Plantable on the Green Meadow only!)
    Teaflower (5 hours Plantable on the Magical Glade only!)
    Cakeflower (4 hours and 30 minutes Plantable on the Bahamarama Plantation only!)

    Drop: Cozy Blanket
    You will get these drops when harvesting your main field and green meadow from crops and trees only.
    You will receive 1 x Cozy Blanket with each breeding process completed.

    Mill Product: Knitting Basket (Ingredients: 285 x Twine Thistles + 119 Cozy Blankets)

    8,000 + 2,280 (For Knitting Baskets) = 10,280 x Twine Thistles
    9,925 x Teaflowers
    13,395 x Cakeflowers
    952 x Cozy Blankets (For Knitting Baskets)
    8 x Knitting Baskets

    A total of 1460 Gear Coins can be earned from the event.
    Cloud Row can be buy from the event shop for 1110 Gear Coins.
    Giver items are available in the progress bar.
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  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks for starting this thread and doing all the sums *WisdomTree*. ;)

    I will sit this one out, a lot of crops to grow and not much that excites in the prizes. A CR that takes 13 days! Not to mention using the Magical Glade! :wuerg:
    Good luck all those who participate. :)
  3. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    Illy, are you sure you want to sit it out? The cloud row gives a crate of farm supplies XI twice a month. That's the crate that offers jumbo trees!

    Sewinglady's farm is definitely doing this event. I think this farm and PM23 are participating as well, but I, too, hate clearing those fields and then having to put them back - they are FULL of TREES and animal pens! Ugh.

    And thanks, WisdomTree, for starting the thread!
  4. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Thank you for starting the thread :)

    I am also going to skip this one. 3 crops with all different harvest times, 4 fields, 34k stars already, adjusting to new meds that make me groggy and can't think/remember, upcoming appointments and a funeral all make me tired before we even start:sleepy:

    Best wishes to those who decide to go for it!

    Edit: just saw dumbunny's post. I would love a jumbo tree from a crate but that has not been my luck so far. I will just have to Suzy spray the ones I do have. But thanks for mentioning the possible content rewards as that is a good crate :)
  5. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    I have a plan. I have to move some things off the rainforest fields on all 3 farms. Will have to move them to the crystal falls...oh this oughta be fun.

    The main baha fields are fine the way they are.

    Green meadows just need a few animal pens moved to main field. And the magical glades, will also move animal pens to main field. Oh my, these farms are gonna be a mess. I think I will take pictures with my phone to help me put things back when I'm done and I'm not moving trees if I can help it.

    PS - this farm got an XL super grow jumbo tree from an XI crate last time I opened them. Now I'm saving them up again in the hopes of finally getting this farm a suzy's SG tree.
  6. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Baron

    Thank you *WsdomTree* for the numbers.

    We can get 1 set of givers from completing the 12 steps in the progress bar, a second set can be obtained with the gear coins. I cannot understand givers that are 16h long.... the Blanket Hog giver is a great one to get tho, no question asked there!

    I do not like the fact that the 3 event crops have 3 different growth time and why make one grow both in baha and main farm.... so complicated and not enjoyable at all!
  7. Flower

    Flower Padavan

    Thanks *Wisdom Tree* for the numbers. They are a little too high but I'm in. Hope nobody has any trouble with drops.

    Good luck everyone!
  8. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    If we complete the event, we'll have 1460 coins. Barely enough for the CR. So no way to get that second giver at 700 gear coins. The CR plus the entire second set of givers costs 2160 gear coins.
  9. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Veteran

    Thanks WT for numbers and clear, easy to understand info. I shall also sit this out. Last of family leaving Friday and my focus still isn't on the game. Nice prizes, but wow, long wait time. I have a CR that gives that crate and won a base and upgrade for the SG tree. Atm, I'm content with that and when I remember and have extra resources will give it some SSG. I'm not as tempted by wonder crates now as in the past. Early on, I won nice trees/critters, but lately they dole out items I have or just one SG/SSG/mulch. :)
  10. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you so much *WisdomTree* for starting the thread and number crunching! I will attempt to do this event, although I feel using 4 lands and jumping around with different times takes the fun out of the game for me. I hope the drops will be what we need to get, Good Luck everyone:)
  11. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks, dumbunny, but I am sure - though I appreciate it when someone points out a prize that I may have missed (I have you to thank - or one of your alter egos - for steering me back to Season events!). I just checked my Barn and I have a couple of Jumbo Trees gathering dust. One of them is a Jumbo Super-Grow! But I haven't got any more room in my Glade. :p

    One of the main reasons I am not doing this event is that there are no "definite" major prizes, just a chance of something with Wonder Trees and Stables. :D
    Good luck all! :inlove:
  12. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Baron

    Changes have been made to the event and numbers are:

    10280 Twine Thinsles (8000 + 2280 for milling Knitting Baskets) Green Meadow only
    9925 Teaflowers Magical Glade only
    13395 Cakeflowers Bahamarama Plantation only

    8 Knitting Baskets
    952 Cozy Blankets (for milling Knitting Baskets) drops from Main field and Green Meadow only from crops & trees

    Is it me or 13395 Cakeflowers from 1 single baha land seems almost impossible to do without SG & SSG?

    Good luck everyone!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2023
  13. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Overlooker

    Information for those who skip this event:
    There is miscellaneous section in Yarn shop, where goodies cost only drops.
  14. rivak

    rivak Forum Duke

    I'm going to skip this one. The crate the cloud row gives is good, but the 13.34 day wait between openings is too much for me. Plus I'd rather concentrate on some work foo that popped up this week, and just relax with the game. I'll need a 'safe and easy' space for a couple of weeks.
  15. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum General

    And here I went and moved all my stuff around for what?


    I don't know if they made this easier or not. Still going to attempt it. Now I have to figure out what goes where and when and how. Ugh.
  16. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    Thanks for this tip, clever-rabbit! I was going to not-do-it because I need stars like I want soggy-toast, but a jumbo or three, that is for me!xD
  17. *WisdomTree*

    *WisdomTree* Exceptional Talent

    The time of the Cakeflower is 4h30m . With water and manure 3h15m So, it can be harvested 4 times a day.
    188 x 3 (with CAC) = 564 Cakeflowers
    564 x 4 = 2256 a day x 6 days = 13,536 Cakeflowers
    That means the event can be completed without using SG or SSG.

    Needed 9,925 Teaflowers.
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  18. Raelyn

    Raelyn Forum Apprentice

    I dont know who comes up with some of these ideas for events/prizes. Im not happy about not being able to earn more Gear coins that 1450. That means we could get the cloud row and then have only 340 coins to spend on something else... disappointing
    I am still doing the event though, the Tiger crate gives chance for Piccolo box

    Wouldn't it be nice if they come up with a way we could "spend" or "trade" stars and bananas? I need stars still but have an overabundance of bananas.
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  19. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Board Analyst

    for ME, the trick is.... tadaa, trumpets! Only 40 small plots of land in MG
    , that sounds impossible and my 23 JUMBO trees and +6%-pizza-machine and all other givers that not have place in PETS-area, they also give "their" place in Magical Glade...

    But "to-me-good-amount" of SG and 6 JOG-loads -> have to try something and/but:

    Number of available Gearcoins and Prizes in the shop, nothing to say... but so, SAD-POOR-BAD! <---> even to get CR & Crate O Buffs = impossible !
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  20. EdynohE

    EdynohE Forum Apprentice

    I will definitely do this activity for the hanging row. I've had some Suzy trees but i wouldn't say no to more
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