any success running on a tablet or smartphone?

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by sunshineaz, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    We travel quite often and a laptop is a pain to take on some trips (too much stuff like cords, mouse, power protection etc). Farmarama doesn't work on a cell phone but I was wondering if some have had success running on a tablet. Our current tablet is not able to run it and I was thinking about upgrading the tablet. What type of processor do you need? Any other features that I should look for in being able to run the game?
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  2. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    The game requires Flash Player which Tablets do not have...
  3. heidels

    heidels Active Author

    There are flash issues with tablets, but you can install a flash enabled browser on your tablet (not all of them, I'm sure, you'd want to check about the specific one you are looking at). I use an iPad Air and it works great with the Puffin browser installed. All harvesting, planting, etc. The text is a little challenging with a virtual keyboard but I can use the market. Just not quickly. The only trouble I have is when I need to move something on the field. Better to delete and replace...the "dragging" of items doesn't work well. Everything else is great. I know there are others that use different tablets/browsers with some success.

    Good luck! :music:
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  4. Jools

    Jools Forum Pro

    depends on your tablet. Whatever it is you need flash player.
    If it's an i-pad, you need to get a flash enabled browser.
    If it's android you need to either do the same, or get an old version of flash player, as adobe have stopped supporting android.
    even the flash enabled browsers struggle to cope with the flash content here, they are only designed for basic flash games really. I tried puffin browser and it won't work on my phone

    I've managed to get it to on my LG phone, (Android jellybean 4.2) using firefox and flash (an older version - current one won't work with android), but doesn't run very well. It just uses far to much memory. I've had to tun off animations, harvest animation and reduce graphics to the lowest setting. even then I have real difficulty, can just about get it to harvest using harvester, and sometimes replant / water too, but it takes the patience of a saint as is it constantly crashes.

    I did post this suggestion Access via smart phone, so maybe the devs will listen

    Good luck
  5. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    LOL, I saw that post Jools, that is what got me thinking about a tablet. I was able to run it on my android phone 3+ years ago, but it started crashing and being very laggy about the fall of 2011. I then tried dragging along the laptop, but some hotels that advertise wifi, don't actually provide a decent wifi and I have trouble playing then. I am searching for something easy to take along that would play the game. I really don't want to go spend an awful lot of money (thinking some tablets in the $600+ range) just to play the game.
  6. SuzeeRabbit

    SuzeeRabbit Old Hand

    I have Nexus7, which I love, and have tried Puffin. Same experience as already mentioned plus the screen is too small for this game. Lots of moving the farm around to get everything done. Harvester/seeder is a must. I gave up on trying to play Farmerama on a tablet. Instead I play other games that are designed for that platform. Lots more fun. Playing Farmerama less and less as a result. BPs loss...
  7. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    thanks for all the suggestions. Since being on the road more is what we have to do and many times with just a phone and a tablet, I guess I will just do no Farmarama and other BP games at that time.

    I used to play on my Android phone but it hasn't been able to stay working long enough to use the machinery harvest and plant before crashing. I quit during the French event in late 2011 I believe. The one with the sage and lavender.
  8. snobunny333

    snobunny333 Junior Expert

    My husband was gifted a Windows Surface about 6 months ago. We didn't have big hopes of it running the game but it turns out it works! It uses a version of IE and doesn't seem to have the same problems with flash as the other tablets do. It even runs Hulu without a subscription and without an app - something my Andorid can't do. It's all done through the browser, just like your laptop.

    It is a bit laggy and if you decided to get one I'd highly recommend taking advantage of the full sized USB port and plugging in a mouse, especially when farming. Tapping on the screen to harvest confuses the tablet and it resizes the screen instead. It works MUCH better w/ a mouse. If you want to cut down on the wires get a wireless mouse with the tiny "dongle" that doesn't stick out of the USB port. We actually just got a wireless keyboard with an integrated touch pad and it's been working great.

    I know that the Windows Surface isn't usually the first that people think of when they want a new tablet. They also appear to be quite expensive, but if I had the same needs as you (farming being a priority) and could swing the price I think I would get one. I'm not usually a Windows fangirl but the things it Can Do have impressed and surprised me.

    Good luck in your research. :)
  9. .FarmerArchie.

    .FarmerArchie. Active Author

    I am having problems getting Farmerama on the new ipad I bought yesterday primarily to play when traveling and abroad. Annoying! Any advice would be appreciated. On the App list Bigpoint only offer 5 games and not this one. Any advice how to get it would help me, please bear in mind I have only had the ipad a few hours and not au fait with it yet! Thank you
  10. birdiesaunt1951

    birdiesaunt1951 Active Author

    I have Puffin web browser to access the farm on my ipad. There is a free version you can try before you spend money for the full version. It's not super fast, but it gets the job done. I would also say that having the farm machinery is really helpful on a tablet.
  11. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    Someone told me about Photon. I tried on my Android phone and it didn't work. It will work on a cheap tablet as long as I have the machinery.

    The windows surface that snobunny mentioned does sound like an option. I will check those out too.
  12. heidels

    heidels Active Author

    Just wanted to give an update - with the last Puffin update on iPad, there is now a "trackpad" feature (maybe it was there the whole time and I am just now finding it?). It allows you to drag things across the browser (like to re-position items, if you are tearing down/setting up your fields), as though you had a mouse. Before I was mostly able to just harvest and plant by touching/selecting one item at a time. Now can take some stabs at re-arranging. Not super fast, but as birdiesaunt said, it gets the job done. I do use farm machinery, so this is probably part of why I feel it works well and is "doable." If I didn't have that, I probably wouldn't play this game on my tablet.
  13. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    Hi Peeps. I have a Smart Phone Puffin Browser Works a Treat to Manage and Harvester While i am out and about as I can get 4G or 3G on this phone at times can use Wifi if i cant get 4G or 3G. It Handy to Have when you farm is due for harvest while you are out or away.

    I was away on Holiday few weeks ago was able to use my smart phone to play farmerama daily was able to have full access to the game but is smaller screen As I have an Android Phone....

    There are some browsers who no longer support Flash Player, But There are about four Browsers that can support Flash Player. As Puffin is the best Browser of These. It has a trail Version and Full Version which you pay a small fee for

    I always have a Harvester and Seeder Running as it cheaper to get Harvester / Seeder during harvester Sale it is cheaper than Harvester Subscription. The other option is to have harvester and Farm Machinery if you got Animal Pens and Trees out.

    Just to Point out there use to be an App Called Harvester App which you can use on ipads and Tablets this have been withdrawn about 18 months ago due to lack of funding and support for it. I have done some testing it seem that Puffin is the only Browsers that works well on ipads, Tablets and Smart Phones.

    There are Windows Phones like the Nokia....I was wondering has anyone Managed to play Farmerama on Windows Phone !!!
  14. -MacD-

    -MacD- Someday Author

    I have a windows phone, and it is not possible, unless you install a flashplayer, haven't tried to install one as yet, but screen size on the phone, would render it practically useless anyway, unless you constantly enlarge the screen to scroll through, or use a magnifying glass!
  15. FLOWER59

    FLOWER59 Forum Apprentice

    I bought a Windows Surface 2 about 4 weeks ago and it is working very well for playing Farmerama. The touch screen works fine, but I also find it easier using a wireless mouse. I switch it up, because too much clicking with the mouse causes my hand and wrist to ache alot. I use this tablet for games, but mainly for work, etc.
    Happy Farming!
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  16. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    We just bought a tablet with windows 8 on it. It works like a small computer and since it is IE as the browser, the game works great. The only problem is, I need wifi to use it. Much better than a phone, but not as convenient as a phone with the internet built in.
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  17. lottidah

    lottidah Forum Great Master

    I have the first Ipad and it use to run on puffin and suddenly it stopped. Someone told me about photon and now I am able to play when I need to.So photon does work . You just need to remember to activate flash each time by hitting the lightening sign.
  18. solotime

    solotime Count Count

    I have checked into this to see if it makes sense buying a tablet for Farmerama but I don't it is.
    The problem is, tablets are very powerful small PC's but for some strange reason the markers aren't adding flash!
    This is why you can't play Farmerama.

    Now think about this, the iPad is around 300 USD, other name brands are 200 USD and up.
    For that much, you could buy a Laptop or Chromebook which both got Flash.
    In case you don't know, Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday will be around the corner soon
    this means discounts will happen.

    Some tablets are supposed to be getting flash added but haven't head about it yet.

    I see that @sunshineaz said they got the Windows and it got flash.
    But I hate IE and like Google Chrome... so if you can put up with IE...
  19. cleverclog42

    cleverclog42 Forum Greenhorn

    If your tablet runs windows 8+, farmerama seems to work well enough with IE. If you have the full version (not RT), you can use the desktop, therefore you can use browsers that you would normally use, such as Chrome or Firefox. Personally, I would recommend using a stylus to play with your farm, I find that it speeds things up.

    In my opinion BP should really think of making mobile versions of this game, or they will lose even more players, but that again is jus my opinion.

    Hope this helps :)
  20. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Am running Puffin on an ASUS tablet. But Puffin's flash only works during the day. The beauty of free software. Now I am convinced that 'Everything has a price tag attached to it. Only fools think it's for free'...

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