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  4. Jazac

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    Ok four more letters and game will be over. I will check for the winners.

    T N E Y is whats left. Thank you ;)
  5. sanddollar15

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  7. illy1996

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  8. sanddollar15

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    Y :)
  9. Jazac

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    Sorry everyone I had put this off. Not gonna bore you all with details. I did how ever screw up with making 2 threads this time around. I do not know what it was. Let me go through this and I will make my answer. The prizes was set up for one round only. I do remember that much. I will be making a new scale of prizes soon. Thank you all for playing. I will be making another soon.

    EDIT: I may go 5 level winners instead of 3. Depends. I may just keep this and go through. I first have to see how many played. Then I will go from there. Till then stay tuned. What was set for prizes has NOT changed.. just so ya know.
  10. EagleMax

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    Sorry back to back postings is NOT allowed. I do obey the rules. So I am using my alt to list players in the game. I need you to let me know if I did NOT add correctly.

    @squigglegiggle 35
    @007Farming 33
    @illy1996 15
    @baw815 13
    @sanddollar15 10
    @Nala777 7
    @harry011975 3
    @12ss12 2
    @morris111 2
    @purplebeet 2
    @rivak 2
    @ag56 1
    @farmerumf 1

    That is what I have for each of the 13 people who played... If I have it wrong let me know ASAP. By the way all is winners here for my lack of not being here... Not sure yet on levels on prizes and if I will keep it 5 levels. Hang in there as you all will be winners..
  11. Jazac

    Jazac Forum Baron

    Ok names been linked... DO NOT INGORE this post if you want your winnings. Winners and the posts you made is above this post.(my alt @EagleMax made the post) The number by your name is what place I put you in. If I miscounted you get doubled the winning of your place.

    1-1 get 2
    2-2 get 3
    3-7 get 6
    10 to 15 get 8
    33 to 35 get 15

    Please make sure you IGM me for your winnings of CAC. If you all 13 players feel I should change the levels and number of prizes please by all means let me know. I want no one to feel shorted and my lack of not keeping up..

    No one is saying I miscounted.. GREAT. Now to pay out... Please if you or i never in game mail each other please send me a message.. This thread needs and will be closing soon... And I would like all but a few paid in full before hand... So Please send me IGM.. If even you have and on my friends list and need that CAC.. send me IGM asap and your winnings will be paid asap. Till then it is first come first serve as my CAC is short.. but do not worry. I can make just short of sugar... I got close to if not 100 CAC saved... So send me that mail and lets close up this thread... I do not make new ones with threads opened...

    EDIT: I have a pending payout from this thread to @zerodegrees. I must post it here so I do not forget.. :)
    I have started to pay a few already from this game alone. I also been paying 2 people already before this post. One wanted me to pay it forward to a newbie I had forgotten about. I was making up for lost times with that..
    So if you not got a CAC from me yet send me mail please.. name is the same. I also do not have 100 CAC saved like I thought I did.. But I still have enough to pay out..PLEASE I do have another account I been sending CAC to use to help with paying you all...That was main reason for my delay in paying back.. I only can gift to so many in one night. My other account has 5 free gifts each night with no one and nothing to send too.. lets get er done... lol
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  12. zerodegrees

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    Replying here as the other thread was closed.
    Thank you, Jazac. :) I would've forgotten myself if you hadn't reminded me. :p I've been so preoccupied with COVID-19 news that I'm having a hard time focusing on the game and keeping up with this forum. :sleepy::wuerg:

    Thanks for going out of your way to make sure I got my prize, and taking the time to find another item I would be happy with since the item I originally wanted was not giftable this time. I'm very happy with the gift I received, and your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. :inlove:
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  13. 12ss12

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    I got your CAC, Jazac. Thanks a lot. Don't strain yourself too much. I don't mind not getting a prize. Congratulations for the great effort.
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  14. 007Farming

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    Thanks for the CAC Jazac!! I wondered why you sent it to me as I have been gone for the past few months....thanks Jazac for staying true;):)