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  1. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Forum Veteran

    Hello & Welcome JioCash
    It's nice to meet you, Some how I think you'll fit right in.;)
    WTG with your leveling, Happy Farming !
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  2. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Welcome JioCash! Looking forward to your posts and the interesting new thread you mentioned! Congratulations on leveling up so fast! This forum is Farmer friendly and lots of fun - I think you'll love it here.:D
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  3. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    Dang, a little late on the level updates, I turned level 50 (yesterday) :D and now almost level 51... Yahoooooooooo... and thanks guys, keep an eye out as I shall be soon posting more updates and creating (finally) a few new threads with hopefully some good stuff. ;)

    Alright guys it tis "Official"... :D My new thread is in Gabfest and it is titled "The Music Center", click "ME" to view it. ;)

    EPIC!!! I have advanced 2... not 1... but 2 Levels :D :D :D *victory dance* :D :D :D
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  4. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Congratulations ^_^
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  5. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    "New" Level UP-Date: I am now level 55-56, Yahooooooooooo :D :D :D
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  6. penguilnz

    penguilnz Forum Veteran

    Hi JioCash and welcome to farmerama and the english forum. I hope you will have lots of fun here and I am looking forward to your posts. Enjoy!:D
    I think you earn 100,000 ep everyday, which is more than me.:oops::cry::p
    I would like to hear your strategy...

    (please forgive me for my bad english)
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  7. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum Demigod

    Welcome to EN forum, come on in, unpack your things, and get comfortable!
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  8. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    No problem at all friend,

    I would just like to say, as far as tips go... do quests. That is where I get most of my experience, is by completing quests. Some quests are harder than others, while some are pretty easy. For eggsample...

    Let's take the "Fresh Eggs" quest and "Gertrude's Organic Eggs" quest as well. Both these quests are super easy to complete because... all you have to do is get product (eggs). This is not one of the "timed" quests as all you have to do is get product from your inventory and fill the order.

    One of the best ways to get eggs fast, instead of producing it yourself (extremely time consuming)... you buy it off the market. However be CAREFUL. You must watch the prices of eggs, and determine what is the minimal amount you should pay and still retain a profit. One way to do this is first... calculate how many eggs you need.

    #Eggs: 779 (make that 800 to be on the safe side)

    Next... calculate how much CC you will make if you complete the quests, essentially you are calculating your "budget".

    Budge = 270,000 CC

    Then calculate the min. value you would need your eggs to make it withing that "budget". Do this by calculating 270,000/800= 337.5CCp ((Country coins per product))

    Min. Price: 337.5

    Now you just need to watch the market and if you find that P(price)≤337.5 then you either just make it or you may gain a semi-large profit on the money you spend.

    To sum the steps up you must first...

    1. Calculate total number of product you need to by to complete the quest
    2. Calculate your budget
    3. Calculate CCp to discover min price value of that product in market (Country Coins per product)
    4. Watch, wait and buy from the market staying just within that "budget" range, and or gain a decent profit in the process
    5. Reap the rewards and ENJOY

    Note: This strategy does not work on ALL quests

    So that is just one strategy of completing quests that require product and once completed... the EP you earn from that all adds up. If I recall the "total" EP you get from both those quests combine is... 50,450ep. Now back when I was under my "20's" that was a HUGE amount and I literally leveled up to approximately 7levels in one hop.

    Stuff like this enables me to level up fairly quickly (my average has been 1level per day) however that is slowing down a bit... but just the other day I went from level 52-54 in a single morning because of completing quests....

    Hope this helped.... :) :D ;) :D :)

    Aye thanks there pal,

    and now... *drum roll*

    Level UPdate: I have now turned level 56 going on to 57 yeehaa :D :D :D How is that for a "Bayou Billy" ;)
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  9. farmerlily22

    farmerlily22 Forum Master

    So nice to meet you Jio! Love your spirit :) WELCOME !
  10. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    Why thank you, tis a pleasure it meet you as well. Out of curiosity... what level are you in farmerama. So far everyone else I have met are pretty high up and I am curious as to how you accomplished such feats. This being as every new level I gain... the harder it becomes to fore fill that "within 24" time period which then again... I guess it kinda figures. :)

    Still... and this is a question to all the high levels listening, ;)

    what was your strategy (if you are willing to share) of getting a "TON" of EP?

    thanks all ya'll for your support, :D

    ~JioCash, the Horticultural Hero~
    :D :) ;) :) :D
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  11. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    At first it seems that you just FLY through those levels! It starts to really slow down around the 60s, and it feels like I have been stuck at 76 for a long time (probably because of the anticipation for 77 and the tree I need to finish M6 FSQ). I also read somewhere that after passing level 100 that the levels come a bit faster once again. I just play, I don't buy much, I get what's coming to me for EP quite naturally. I started playing on 10/3/2014.
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  12. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    Aye that is totally understandable, and reasonable at the same time. I shall honestly say, that by the time I turn 60 (level that is) :p lol anyway... that shall be the point where I just kinda tone it down and start instead of focusing on ep and more on cc. Also I have some own projects I would love to do eventually and not have to worry about leveling up so much (as tis that the main goal right now) but soon... I shall be able to do more things and spend time a bit more "relaxed" if you know what I mean. :D Well... that's the plan so far, I just may change my mind... later on. But... as they say... "Only time will tell."

    thanks for sharing LabMommy30, (is that how you like to be addressed, if not... what is your preference?)

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  13. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    Well, if you get hooked watch out! I started wanting at least 1000 of everything. Then realized that 2000 would be better. Then noticed that if you play the market- buy low and clear to high to sell back the same item... It just keeps building. And before you know it you are flying through events and FSQs and then you've caught the bug and start setting even more goals! LOL
    You can call me Labmommy, everyone around here does! ;)
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  14. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    *Jaw Drops* :eek: NO WAY Labmommy, that was totally the exact type of thing I had in mind/envisioned doing... :p

    and aye totally can understand the need to want to expand that goal to "greater heights", so ya... wow cool 8)... so if you don't mind my asking...

    what is the highest of "everything" you have gotten?

    got me intrigued, :)

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  15. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    Highest of everything? Like numbers or specific crops and animals?
  16. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    Hmm... let's start with crops and the total "inventory" you were able to collect. :D Or do you do more animals then you do crops? Or by now you have an access of both hehe ;)
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  17. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    I'm still working towards my goal of 2000 of everything. That's really low considering some keep more like 20000! Animals, I like to keep around 100, with 100 feed milled and ready to go.

    On Baha, because it is just one field, I tend to grow what I need for each FSQ as I go. I do keep a pen for one animal or another animal out as I look forward and see how many I will need later. I keep all of my trees out on Baha too. Eventually as I get 1000 of a tree fruit I will take out the trees for crop space. The highest crop, tree fruit, and animal I have unlocked there: Bamboo, Cocoa, and Panda Breeding.

    On the mainland I keep one area for trees and the animals I am currently consuming for FSQs. One field is 1x1 ALWAYS and is dedicated to FSQ when there is no event. The last field is dedicated to my "stock numbers". I generally keep a few hundred extra of particular crops as they are consumed in feed milling. My highest crop, tree fruit, and animal unlocked there are: Artichokes, Almond (and then maple is the last!!), and I have all animals unlocked with Beaver being the last one.

    I also, of course, have many items (trees and animals) that cannot be unlocked or bought. The wonder trees and stables are a good investment as their products typically sell high if you need cash, and you certainly don't want to buy them when needed for FSQs! I just bought all of the platypus and some of the kiwi I need. I went from rich to nearly broke for them and still need more! LOL I'm not the best farmer out there for sure, but I get it done with my own playing strategy! Everyone here in the forum has been very friendly and super helpful in making a working plan to level up and be successful!
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  18. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    Wow... that is totally AMAZING... I must applaud you on all your accomplishments, that is just totally inspiring. :D So cool... 8)

    and EPIC xD at the same time... again well done *round of applause*

    Thank you for sharing Labmommy :D

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  19. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    I'm level 80. Honestly, I didn't stress to much about leveling or... anything else. But lately I want to go up too. So I started to plant a lot, and trees and animals, and sell in market and make events a lot to finish them all. I'm still working at that but seems that will take a wile due to all this new events :p. After I will finish wit events I plan to increase my inventory.
    I have to say that I don't spent real money and buffs I use sometimes (I always forget to use them. Luckily I remembered about my teror bouquets in the last days of MM :wuerg:) And this days I will level up to 81 on mine farm.
    Probably this will not help you at all o_O
    Anyway, good luck! ;)
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  20. JioCash

    JioCash Someday Author

    New Level-UPdate: Shoot, I forgot to "update" this yesterday... but oh well... anyway, I am NOW level... *drum roll*

    59-60 oh ya *does the dougie* and that also makes me... a "Grand GreensKeeper" Whatever that means, (strangest title yet) anyway... awesome... soon will be working on something new, so keep a look out all ya'll ;)
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