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    * What is the point of having neighbours?
    As explained in the {FAQ} Green Meadow, 12 neighbours are required to clear the rubble on your Green Meadow. Once unlocked, these parts will remained unlocked.
    * How can I add a new neighbour?
    clicking on the Add-Neighbour Icon at the bottom-right, this will open up a small popup with all the neighbour options:

    The 1st icon: Invite real-life and/or social-network friends to come and play Farmerama:
    Farmerama now gives you the possibility of iniviting other real-life friends to join Farmerama.

    By doing so, you'll get rewarded with a

    • Silver reward: 5000 EP and 2500 CC when the new friend registers!
    • You'll also get rewarded with a Gold reward when 5 of your friends reach level 7! = a Cow Milk Tree, gives 2 cow milk every 20 hours
    • and a further reward, a Diamond reward, when 10 of your friends reach level 7= the Ducky dance item that gives 350 EP every 6.5 hours, size 1x2
    Note: You will receive these rewards, ONLY if invited friends will have registered in the game by clicking the link received in the mail from you!
    These gifts can be changed from time to time, check your game to see the latest gifts available.

    The 2nd icon: invite another Farmer:

    Your friend will see a pop-up on his/her farm informing them that you would like to become their neighbour.
    If your buddy already has all his neighbour tabs filled, you'll get a pop-up informing you that he/she has too many neighbours.

    3rd icon: Advertise and Statistics

    On the Advertise tab you can see the friends incentives. On the statistics tab, you'll see the different real-life friends have accepted your invitation, or still pending, and those that have started playing, seeing also which level they have reached.

    The "invite a friend" button will allow you to invite more friends.
    4th icon: Rent-a-virtual-friend option
    This Rent-a-Friend cost 15 BBs for 30 days.
    Just as any other neighbour, this virtual-neighbour will clear 1 zone of your Green Meadow ( see {FAQ} Green Meadow )
    You can then decide to prolong the rented friend, if you want to, for an extra 30 days for only 10 BBs.
    The 5th icon: Invite a Super Friend
    A "Super friend" is a virtual friend who will send you gifts for 14 successive days!
    You can have as many Super friends as you want!
    This type of added neighbour will not clear a part of your Green Meadow.
    No interaction is possible with this type of neighbour.
    See more details about Super-Friends here:
    {FAQ} Rent-a-Super friend
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    Interaction with neighbours

    * Apart from neighbours clearing the land in the Green Meadow, what other advantages are there to having several neighbours?
    • When your neighbours level up, you'll get an EP bonus.
      When your neighbour levels up, you'll see a small yellow star appear next to their avatar
    As soon as you've clicked on your neighbour's avatar, then on this icon:
    you'll see a bubble float up showing the EPs that you have received.

    The bonus EP that you receive when you congratulate your neighbors for leveling up is calculated by your level in relation to the level of your neighbour.
    • Neighbours can send you gifts.
      You can send them gifts too.
      Just click on their avatar, then on the gift icon, and select a gift to send.
    If you receive a gift from someone who is not one of your neighbours,
    • it could be from a buddy/friend.
      To return a gift from a buddy/friend, you can do so from the Post Office -> Friends tab, then "Send Gift" (on the bottom-left).
      • firstly select the gift that you wish to send
      • then select the neighbour/friend/buddy that you want to send the gift to, and validate.
    • it could also be a gift from someone who has just sent you an ingame message (in the near or faraway past).
    • it could also be from a farmer who has just sent you a neighbour request, that you may have, or may not yet have, received.
    • and finally, it could also be from a neighbour/friend/buddy who has just changed his Farm Username.
    (see also {FAQ} Gifts )

    • Neighbours can write ingame messages to each other
      By clicking on your neighbour's avatar, then on this icon:
    It will open up the Post-Office pop-up, from where you can write an ingame message, or send a Suzy Air Mail
    (see also: {FAQ} Post Office )

    * How many neighbours can I have?
    You have space for a maximum of 18 neighbors (17 plus yourself).
    You can recognise
    your own tab: it's the blue-tab, showing the same Avatar/Crest as the one next to your Farmhouse. (see also {FAQ} Crest Creator)

    * How can I get more than 18 neighbours?

    * Where do I find new neighbours to add?
    You can find neighbours in the Neighbour Requests section of the Forum.
    * What are the small green/red lights next to each neighbour?
    These indicate whether your neighbour is logged into their farm.
    • Green = logged in
    • Red = logged out

    * What is the Yellow Star on my closed neighbours tab?
    This indicates that one of your neighbours have levelled up.
    Check through your lists page-by-page until you find the neighbour who has a yellow star.

    By clicking on their avatar, then the 'person' icon, you'll get an EP bonus.

    * Why are some of my neighbours "faded"?
    This indicates that you have a neighbour invitation pending.
    As long as both parties haven't 'accepted' the neighbourship, the avatar will remain 'faded'.

    • If both parties agree, the "fading" will go, and leave a normal avatar
    • if one party 'refuses' the neighbour, that 'pending neighbour' will vanish, leaving an available slot for another neighbour.

    * Why does one of my neighbours have a flashing red thermometer?
    This thermometer indicates farm activity.
    When it is green, the player is active, logs in regularly and farms regularly.
    If it is red, the neighbour isn't playing as regularly, and his/her thermometer, after having dropped to red, will start flashing.
    Then, finally, he/she will end up dropping off your list.

    * Can I delete a neighbour?
    Yes. Only if they have been your neighbour for more than 7 days.
    By selecting this icon:
    You will be asked to validate this action.
    Clicking on the checkmark will delete that neighbour from your neighbour list.
    However, this will NOT remove them from your buddy-list
    Note: If this neighbour was your Farmerama Wedding Partner, deleting them will only cause a Marriage Annulment. To delete them completely, you will need to delete them again as neighbour.

    * Will I lose land if I lose a neighbor?
    Once unlocked, your meadow will remain cleared of rubble even if you lose neighbours.
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