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Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by farmer_broke, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I notice you found an old thread where this farm was asking how to make ccs.
    I have always asked and always consider anything of worth. Many have helped me and I choose to give help too.

    One should be careful what is believed regarding making ccs. When rereading the thread I noticed some obviously believe farmer_broke does not know how to hold ccs. Only a few words need be said to prove that belief ..... no good ...
    The few words required: Number 6 TOP cc holder in the game and about level 95 . Holding then not hundreds of millions, billions.

    A few suggest the farmer_broke farm does not farm. Funny to me. The farmer_broke farm ALWAYS is and has been farming something. Again, careful what you believe.

    You mention Market Scavenging. The farm is and has been a market scavenger and a market vulture. We all begin with a very few ccs. One cannot do whatever they wish in a market with few resources. We cannot begin at the top in the markets. So for a few months this farm learned to clean up the market each day. The farm just picked up what it felt was trash. Those who wish to market in the Farmerama markets must begin somewhere. Again, the farm picked up the trash.

    Maybe I have something for you.

    I ask about parrots and you mention the parrot feather tree. I have no problem with that. I know there is more and I will share:

    The parrot itself is a Baha bird. (farm holds 50,430)
    The parrot has been in this game for a long long time now.
    There are other birds for Baha.
    There is no Baha bird a farmer can breed today.

    The parrot feather is the product of the parrot (farm holds 64,124 feathers and this is low for the farm now)
    Both the parrot feather and parrot itself require parrot feed (farm holds 80,794)

    Parrot feed production requires 13.5 minutes, 2 apples (1,172,189 holding) and 3 grapes (809,843 holding)

    There is what I refer to as a chain. The end of the chain is the product.
    All along the way there are pieces of the chain which lead to the end product.

    Any farm may choose to play all parts of the chain or a few or one or none.
    We can grow/produce some or all if we choose.
    And if we go to that market we will finding someone waiting to take our ccs.
    How well we are able to put together the game can help one market and make ccs. (thus that chain)

    Just reading what other farmers write about something often helps.
    Sometimes I will see very bad information and usually try and keep quiet.
    That bad information or thought can help prove to our-self that what we feel is a good investment is really really good.

    For example, in the making ccs thread you found, I build a case for white innocence as a good investment at the time.
    I wrote that an investment in white innocence I could argue good and that it was a long term investment for a good payoff.
    Two years ago, this farm was slowly purchasing for about 650 ccs.
    Good for me I remember thinking because some very experienced players laughed and viewed bad. Yes, I respected them and listened but blindly believed nothing.

    Time passes, I still prove to myself that the investment is good. But I listened and I think to listen is good.
    I even go to the strategy thread and say white innocence is good. And can stand on my own. And no one says anything good or bad.

    Today the farm holds 7,874 white innocence and the market price is 19,475.98
    The price went up nearly 30 times of what it was when suggesting it.

    The suggested market price is 27,930.
    The sliding index price remains fixed at 27,930 and has never moved.
    Even though the market price is now 19,475.98 on this market, this farm may sell for 1,000 ccs and easily will make ccs. Up to me.

    I feel we must prove to ourselves that an investment in some item is good or bad.

    elRe, anybody, please tell me something about apples. I want to think about what to do.
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  2. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    It helped me thank you! I have completely understood now:)
    Don't worry I would never ask for CCs from you but maybe one day I will ask for a white innocence
    haha well I am sure now everyone knows you are one of the best farmers to hold CCs and of course farm.
    Well when you first opened a thread asking how to make CCs I think yes many players thought you might actually be broke. Maybe I thought it too back then:oops: Well 4 years ago my English was not so good to understand everything:p

    I believe it is the Scented tree
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  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The parrot and parrot feather chain were discussed yesterday in post#21.
    And today the faqs of an event calling for Baha products were released.
    The most cost efficient item to donate is parrot feathers when BAHA products are unspecified.

    I was really worried whether or not the explanation was good for you. No problem here with sending white innocence, done!
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  4. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    [​IMG] The Mini-Event « Trans-Seedlantic Express » discussion started in Jun 21, 2018 shows as first contribution and reply date Nov 5, 2013. Thanks to « farmer_broke », I understand how it is possible to start a discussion with an older reply: [​IMG]
    [​IMG] To complete Contest number two Winners’ Information:
    This makes the ‘Scented tree’ related official information appears on the english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum in Nov 2013 and the ‘Parrot feather tree’ related information in May 2014 (the information related to the Parrot Feather-collecting Station appears on the english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum in Aug 2014).
    Does the recent Scented Tree Balancing Update be the sign, that a Parrot Feather Production Tree Update is coming soon (or does the risk exist [​IMG] that we get the Deluxe Flavour Tree first).
    I go and write the Farmerama History; using all remaining language Farmerama Bigpoint forums, it is perhaps possible to know the birthday of the Parrot.
    Is it too late to join « The Apple a day club »?
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  5. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    elRe now I understood what you wanted for the competition. Maybe next time I will be able to find the correct link.

    When does manure has the highest price? In the start-middle of in the end of an event?
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  6. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Yes and I said then that I do not wish to join. Today the farm still has over 600 apple trees. There is a thread which opened shortly after the thread you cite. That thread probably provides the uses of apples at that time. The farm today holds well over a million apples and bought more today. The price of apples is not what it was a year ago. (A baby farm performed very well in the harvest hoedown final competition by producing apples and selling them each day. Today, given current prices, I doubt whether it could perform nearly as well.)

    Also, apples are used in parrot feed as discussed in a previous post above. Parrots are called for in the event beginning today (total of 110) This farm listed parrots at over 11,200 in a single lot over 175.

    As well as buying more apples, the farm cleared all parrot feed from market (now holding 81,901). Grapes (another parrot feed component) were purchased up to a limit (farm holding now 811,714). Have no concern with sales at this time.

    Again, today there is no bird which can be bred on Baha. This farm will err of the side of safety (holding 50,001).

    If only a single event working, I have found manure highest when about 2/3 of the event has passed. This does not always hold true.
    • event sequence
    • number of events working at the same time
    • chicken price
    • parrot price
    • number of manure offers
    Sometimes this farm will not play manure.
    That .90 computation is often used to find where to one must place an offer if buying to resell.
    There always is a way to make ccs by purchasing manure from another. But it can be time consuming or effortless.

    Personally I like to know whether or not the farm is riding manure prices up as they are going or is riding the overall price down.

    The profit and return on a manure invest can be very good. Even when good, there is a limit to what one is able to sell and hold.
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  7. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Thank you Farmer_broke! But what does have chicken and parrot price have to do with the manure price?

    Well I am not ready yet to buy and sell higher in market so I sell the manure my farm produces. But you encourage me, one day to buy and sell other goods that I am not the one who has produced them!
    I fell ashamed revealing this.. but it is true I have earned 46 million by selling my own goods, having a good stock to do events and earn CCs from the events' rewards and also from the cloud rows' rewards.
    Before coming to the EN forum I hadn't even thought of using the market like that, I was good with my way of playing. But coming here players have inspired me by their way of playing and I want to try something new. The most CCs I have made were selling animals during breeding events I didn't participate but in my early years of playing I made CCs by selling products but afterwards from posts like players like you I understood that products are not a good idea to sell(because to produce them you use animals and feed).
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  8. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The manure must come from somewhere. The animals quickest to generate manure are chickens and parrots. Sure some use the manure during and event and other are producing to sell manure. The more manure there is on the market, the lower the price becomes and vice versa.

    Some will also attempt to sell the chickens and parrots produced at the same time as the manure. Generally, the greater the number of anything on a market, the lower the price becomes. This is basically part of Supply and Demand. I said generally because there are a few exceptions we are able to see. For instance, at this time, the supply and demand relationship still holds but at this time there is also a demand for both chickens and parrots. Parrots are demanded by the event and chickens are needed for the anaconda feed in order to produce the anaconda demanded by the event.

    I, personally, have no problem with this style of game-play. This farm will sell the goods it produces also and has cloud rows too. No problem with understanding this here.

    I will continue to sell my own good produced ................ and when I find another farmer that is NOT listing there goods for a price I believe can be obtained,.............. then the farm will buy their goods and resell them too. As quiet as it is kept, those farms listing poorly are actually working for this farm. LOL And as long as the farm can obtain a profit from others work, the farm is always hiring. :)

    I am very sorry if indeed I have contributed to that understanding. And I do not agree with players giving that advise although opinions are nice. Just as in real life, producing something and marketing that something are two different activities. At this time and for the last 9 months now I have a farm which produces 88 products a day on two fields. Some use two animals and feed and some use a single animal and feed. Animals produced for any of them -0- . From the sales of the products, the farm has been able to generate nearly 1.4 billion in exchange value of tree fruit. And that farm will throw all 1.4 billion ev of tree fruit away in any harvest hoedown final competition and easily survive.

    Now I would be out of my mind if the farm were to produce an egg using an egg farm (takes 3 chickens and feed)

    But I did not hesitate to purchase 8,000 pigs at 5,500 each, mill the feed from the daily seeds, produce the truffle and sell it for 47,000 ccs. And then sell the manure to the crop-growers too. And the farm does not even buy water. Water tanks are in the park. Producing and marketing are separate activities. up to you and up to me

    And stay flat broke with exactly -0- ccs. Impossible in this game.

    And when the farm goes to sell the truffles and sees bad listings by others .... real simple .... you're hired and thank you for your hard work to resell. 24 hours later another 88 are ready and on and on.

    I think it is fine that others think the way that they do about products because I do not have to worry about them competing with me in the marketplace. (returned back to my barn in 9 months .....maybe....maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe 20 at most)
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  9. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Thank you Farmer_Broke your reply was really helpful! And it made me feel so good about selling products. :)

    The ongoing event is a great chance to practice my skills on the market. Well I am not sure if I am gaining the most CCs that I could but I earned 12 milllion CC selling goods that are the event's requirements. That's a record for my farm to earn 12 million in less than a day! I have reached my goal of having 50 million and I am near 60 now. I think I should continue selling.

    edit: Ι had 46 million today morning and now I have 64 so I made 20 million in one day! This is the best event ever!
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  10. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    An error occurs: several days ago I said « AD.12.20,24 », but I mean « AD.11.20,24 ».
  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Current demand in the event has caused shortages in supply.
    The shortages cause farmers to raise their price.
    In the event the supply of an item does not exist on a market, two actions may be taken (given several markets):
    1. One market is combined with another in an attempt to increase supply and/or
    2. Balancing in the game changes drastically
    Thus far, a detailed exchange value analysis indicates that everything is relative to one another. There is a lag as usual in some areas of the market.

    This statement is now fact: Those holding massive amounts of ccs have lost ccs. (They have little choice other than to allow the market to rule their cc position.)

    I find many in the markets clearly indicate they know little about turning their stock. (Thus the Lessons of Lettuce should be reviewed.)
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