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    Only way is use translator, if we Finnish use it, MANY more countries use it, so use it or this is great way to learn English. Yes, no learning in gindergarden here, "lot over 70" years old man from finland, now used English forum 2 years I think and finf my self THINK in English also in REAL LIFE ! Every event is done for me, even 2 years a go, understanf about 20% of FAQ-pages with using translator. Now even this text is written without translator, using my new skils! Go-ooooon, you CAN do it!

    Here is the opener, almost 1 year a go to push me forfard! under:

  2. EdynohE

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    Hello, I have thought a lot about this issue and I think there should be a Turkish forum. Even if a separate link/forum cannot be set up, there should be a main topic in the other languages section, under which we, the members, should be able to open our own topics.

    That's what they do in another game I've played. We have our own mini moderators, they supervise, this is the only authority within the forum.

    We play this game purely for fun. I quit the game when the first Turkish forum was closed. I have been visiting the forum since I recently returned, but it is not enough. It seems like a deserted place to us, with no one I can discuss and talk to.

    This is not only valid for the Turkish forum; all languages should have their own main topics and people should be able to speak in their own language. I think this will win you over a lot of people. Because obviously we won't have our own separate forum
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    I am a Turkish Actor and Turkish friends can add me :)
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